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I accepted a job on a PCU. The requirements were simply, willing to train Med Surg RN w/expereince. I have my ACLS and passed their telemetry exam, not just a simple version either, with 96.6%. I... Read More

  1. by   2BSure
    This kind of situation can be extremely difficult to come back from. To some extent it doesn't matter if these people are being unfair or not. The question to ask yourself is "what is the best thing I could do to look after myself now?" My opinion is you should leave as soon as possible with as much grace as possible. The conditions you are working under are unacceptable but you are the one suffering, as are your patients (I mean no disrespect but they are). It seems you won't change the circumstances but you can change your job.

    I would love to tell you that these women are all terrible and poor you, but I can't. For sure they sound awful but you sound as though you were a little full of yourself too. A BSN from Oregon H & S, used to using newer this and that. Also, quite honestly why on earth would you tell someone your religion? It is nobody's business. I abstain from a number of things including alcohol but I just say no thank you. You really need to try that. I do not mean to diminish your academic achievements but is it possible you might have "dropped" hints about your high score in this and your pass at that? Also, are you certain you have no judgement about those who were drinking coffee and going out to drink alcohol? Did you feel better than these women in what you described as a "rural" community. It sounds as though you had a lot to learn when you arrived at this place yet felt you had a lot to teach. It is OK to feel you have a lot to give but you will not get to give it if you cannot put it in a palatable form. When you get your next job you need to go into it with some real humility...I mean at depth. This is not about confidence.

    I am sorry that you have had a bad experience and I don't say these things to upset you because I know how upset you must be right now. Only you know the truth of what goes on in your head and whether you have an edge when you make remarks. I will say that I have been in difficult work situations not very different from yours and learned some very hard lessons from them but I am glad no that I had that experience because it pointed out my flaws. I get that you know you are not Snow White in this and that is very much to your credit. Be well and good luck.
  2. by   ®Nurse
    Get off the internet right now, open up Microsoft WORD and type up a letter of resignation NOW.

    You will thank them for their time, and let them know that you've learned a lot during the time that you've been in their employ. You will tell them that you have decided to grow in your nursing role and seek a position that gives your nursing skills more of a challenge.

    Drive over to your employers office and turn in your letter of resignation with two weeks notice.

    You will be calling in sick for the next two weeks while you look for different employment. ( I normally wouldn't recommend this step, but you've described an untenable situation, should you return to work for that 'appointment')

    Don't ever let yourself be fired. It is much easier to explain why you left a facility than why you got fired from a facility.

    Just my two cents...........
  3. by   RN1982
    I agree with Plane. It's so much easier to explain a resignation than to explain a termination.
  4. by   keithjones
    quitting means no unemployment benefits while you look for another job let them fire you. be sure to bring up the religious hostility asap possibly with the BON then firing you would be seen as retaliatory. good luck to you.
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  5. by   Valerie Salva
    Quote from Babzuptown
    I brought in nice snacks every night and set them out for everyone. I sympathized when someone was having a rough night. I jumped into help. I am standoffish when it comes to clique stuff. I just started getting picked apart at work. I remember, conversationally mentioning that I loved Nancy Grace. She is such a crusader for victims. They had real (mean spirited) fun with that. "How can you stand listening to her voice?" I was like, "What?"

    I just don't know how to fit in with women.

    Yeah, if they fire me, great. If not, I'm resigning. Any thoughts on the license part?
    I love Nancy Grace, too. She gets so over-excited about things, and has a lot of passion.

    I don't think you have anything at all to worry about from the BON.

    I also moved from a city to a rural area, and was shocked by the small-mindedness, provintialism, and just how closed-off from newcomers the cliques were. I never did fit in, and frankly, didn't want to fit in with those mean-spirited, rediculous people.

    I'm wishing a better job and better co-workers for you.
  6. by   ohmeowzer RN
    hi !! i just read your post and i'm sorry you are going through this. sounds like nurse rachet is making it hard for you. i am LDS just like you , so i understand the not wanting to go out drinking !! i have heard mormon ugly comment" s but i just ignore them and just be myself..

    you know the saying " when one door closes another opens" just keep that in mind. you are not a incompetent nurse. you were not in a ideal learning situtaion , and i would write a exit letter expalining exactly what happened. they gave you a nasty time when you should have been learning and every dog has their day. you sing like a bird at that meeting and then write a letter.

    some nurses are so mean and hateful and i am sorry. i hope your next expirence is positive. just remember it wasn't you it was that evil nurse.
  7. by   RN1982
    You know that's a good idea. You go to that meeting, let' em have it, then resign.
  8. by   comancheshadow
    Being railroaded seems to be the new way to do people these days. I have been an RN since 1985..and was an LPN for 3 years prior to that. I was hired in February at a small specialty hospital, who advertised a 3000 dollar sign on bonus for RN's, by the interum CNO.. she wanted me to work in the SCU with the vent patients and also cross train to being a house supervisor. Unfortunately, this was overheard by a male nurse who doesn't know how to do the titrated drips required, when they do come up, and didn't even recognize V fib on his ACLS megacode. From the 3rd week of my "so-called" orientation...which was NOT any of an orientation at all...this guy would not come when I needed his help to turn my patients..which with a trach..were not to be turned without two healthcare workers present, for risk of decanulation. He got to blantantly taking longer and longer to come and I timed him at one hour one day...in the meantime..he looks as if he is always so busy, busy..yet he never would chart until his shift was over..to pad his paycheck.. I went to the new CNO when the monitor tech, who seems to have the hots for this guy, had a hissy fit on me one day...saying that this male nurse was 'doing everything".. I'd been orienting someone to the unit who barely spoke English, while trying to save a man who was bleeding out, rapidly..needing a transfusion prior to transport..the monitor tech hadn't told me that the blood bank had called to say the blood was available..but she kept coming in trying to boss me around, with the other nurse there as my witness. Well..the new CNO.. listened to me.. made it sound as if she would be taking care of this problem..after making it clear she was thinking this male nurse was intimidated by my experience being more than his.. and..who had appointed this monitor tech Queen of the unit?... I was not told anything about the resolvement..for a month..but was put out to work on the med surg units without ANY prior orientation to where things were kept or how the flow of the unit went..with total strangers, to work with, in addition... then.. about two weeks ago..I was called in for my evalution..4 days prior to my getting my first installment of my sign on bonus.. I was given an eval that made it clear I wasn't good enough to take out the trash...which is ludicrous...since I was told to orient some Cuban nationals this new CNO had hired, shortly after she came... turns out...she was their HEADHUNTER.... Gee...is this not a direct conflict of interest??? I thought so!.... Yes...this woman railroaded me out of MY job...and was sly enough to have the gutless unit manager write her name on the eval...even though I'd had very little interaction with the manager..She's terrified she's going to lose HER job if she stands up for what's right...in the meantime.. these nurses hired in are taking scab wages, can't speak English well..nor understand it...and patients are at risk... I am not sure they know ANYTHING about nursing...they had to be shown every little thing... there's something wrong with this picture.. This woman doesn't care about the patients obviously...she only is after her own interests..and CASH..... meanwhile... I am searching for a job in an economy that doesn't want to hire someone with experience as it costs more to have that wisdom and knowledge...but it keeps people ALIVE!!!...
  9. by   Ginger's Mom
    Quote from Babzuptown
    Thank you NC Girl RN and TurnLeftSide.

    Yes it does suck. And I fully expect to be scapegoated with the bed sore, if it is a bed sore. I pray it is not. And I will sit with the managers on Tuesday to hear them tell me what an incompetent nurse I am. I've already prepared a written response. And if they don't fire me, I'm resigning. It encourages me to know that at least one other RN sees the group responsibility here.
    First of all are you in a union hospital ? If so get a representative in immediately. There is not one nurse who makes a patient get a pressure sore ( unless you are doing private duty in a home and you are the sole nurse on the case) so not to worry about this.

    My last point, perhaps you do have organizational issues, humiliating and shaming you is not the way to motivate you. Best of luck.
  10. by   dayo
    l am sorry you are railroaded at work. As a foreign nurse, l passed my Nclex in Jan. 2009. l am new to america nursing and l was shocked when l started working at a local hospital in usa in March. First, l was only given two weeks orientation. During the 2 Weeks l had 4-5 preceptors. l was confused because each one of them have different ways of doing things. They extended the preceptorship for another one week. After one week with 2 new preceptors. They called me to the office and told me l was not coping well. l didn't want them to fire me so l resigned.

    My question is. Why are nurses mean to each other. Is it because some of them are not happy in thier personal life. My brothers are doctors in thier residency, they get more support and stay longer in thier profession than nurses. We nurses don't support each other. We stab each other and that is why some nurses leave the profession. l will not leave the profession and will look for a better hospital that will give me more training.

    Above all, Pray.
  11. by   RN1982
    Yes, we need to get to the bottom of this "nurses being mean to other nurses" situation.
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  12. by   chevyv
    I'm so sorry you've had a terrible time lately. I wonder why nurses who have worked at places for many years 'eat their young'. I just can't understand it. I try to think logically that maybe they have seen so many come and go that they are just tired of it. Or maybe they have to make themselves feel superior. Or maybe they see something that tells them this particular nurse is going to fail. I just hope that I'm never like that. I always try to help or at least point someone in the right direction if I'm too busy. I have felt beat down by seasoned nurses who think it's their duty to watch me fall and then tell me they knew it was going to happen, rather than help me out. WHY???? I'm always open to learning and never carry on like I know everything.

    Please keep us posted and I'm so sorry that you seem to have been eaten!
  13. by   Vito Andolini
    Quote from Babzuptown
    Thank you NC Girl RN and TurnLeftSide.

    Yes it does suck. And I fully expect to be scapegoated with the bed sore, if it is a bed sore. I pray it is not. And I will sit with the managers on Tuesday to hear them tell me what an incompetent nurse I am. I've already prepared a written response. And if they don't fire me, I'm resigning. It encourages me to know that at least one other RN sees the group responsibility here.
    Put nothing in writing, say nothing until you have heard what they have to say and have taken a few days to process it. I mean it. No response for a few days from you. Repeat: do not respond verbally or in writing for a few days. I mean it.

    do start looking for a new job. Maybe do that instead of going in to see them on Tuesday.

    Write down all the times your aide was off watching TV, too. Shouldn't he have been turning and cleaning the patient? And I don't see how you can be blamed solely for causing a bedsore. There are lots of factors involved in bedsore formation.