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This is my first thread so please go easy on me. It is so hard for me to know who is what (it is all about me after all :lol2:) -- RT vs Tech vs RN vs housekeeping vs. volunteers vs. lab... Read More

  1. by   Moogie
    Quote from ruby vee
    i worked hard for my bsn, i worked hard to pass my state boards (which is what they were called when i passed them.) i'm a professional; i get to decide what color i wear to work and whether or not i wear scrubs.

    Quote from ruby vee
    if the problem is that no one can tell who the nurse is because everyone is wearing scrubs, then get everyone else out of scrubs. housekeeping, pharmacy techs, unit secretaries and diet aides don't need to wear scrubs; they don't do direct patient care. if they weren't wearing scrubs, it would be easier to distinguish the patient care staff from everyone else. then add the huge name tag that says "rn" or "patient care tech" and you're set.
    logical. very logical. (maybe that's why the ptb who decide these things haven't come up with that idea themselves...)

    Quote from ruby vee
    if you're doing it for the patients and visitors, it does no good because they don't get it. if you're doing it because everyone wants to look the same, i guess you accomplish that goal. i think administration mandates it because they want to keep nurses good and subservient.
    i think you're right. it's all about power and control and administrators who want to micromanage details like what color scrubs nurses are "allowed" to wear and could care less about the quality of care that's actually being delivered.
  2. by   Kylea
    We don't color code, but the idea that management had is this idea. Anyone involved in patient care in any manner got HUGE badges to go under our name tags that have abbreviation for our title (ie NA, RN, MD, LPN, SW) and each one is a different color. MD's are green, resident MD's are a different color, RN's are navy, LPN's are teal, CNA's are light blue, SW is yellow. It kinda works.