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  1. maybe this can be made a sticky? i know i'm not the only one who has done it...when going to school to earn your rn, how many credits did you have, hours a week did you work in addition to school, and what was your family life like? (married, single, 2 kids, 2 dogs, etc...) how did you do it all?...besides a lot of coffee and 2am study sessions...
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  3. by   flightnurse2b
    i'm still in school.. but i work 7am-4:30pm and then go to night classes (5p-11p) mond-friday and one weekend class. its hard! im engaged with no kids and thank god my boyfriend has taken over the house cleaning because otherwise it definately wouldnt get done. despite getting about 3 hours of sleep a night after studying, ive managed to make straight A's for the first 4 semesters of nursing school. just keep motivated, look at the big picture for the light at the end of the tunnel, and make a good study buddy friend. oh...and make friends with the barista at starbucks... they might help you out with a triple shot every once in a while
  4. by   nghtfltguy kids.. not dogs... a lot of jack daniels.. and focus...

  5. by   caliotter3
    I worked a full time job and as many part time jobs as I could land, commuted to school which was 70 miles away, and raised my teenage daughter by myself while in school. When life circumstances made a drastic change, I was unable to finish school, like about 8 weeks before graduation. That's the way the cookie of life crumbles.
  6. by   Tait
    I guess I was very very lucky.

    I worked weekends as a waitress/supervisor at a mid to high end steak house.

    I was single (off and on ), once spent 8 months paying for a $735 a month apartment (when I had to kick a roommate out for not paying), cable, going out, loving life, paying for cellphones etc.
    I supplemented with a bit of financial aid each semester to get necessities dealt with, like a new computer or extra scrubs/clothes.

    My credit load was anywhere from 10-12 credits per semester, since I took a lot of my pre-reqs while I was on the waiting list.

    Anything will work as long as you know yourself, your learning and studying style and you find a job that can accommodate both.

    <3 Tait
  7. by   jessiern
    I worked 24-36 hours a week, night shift, as a work clerk for the first 2 semesters. Hated it, but it was great study time.

    Swapped to 24 hours a week on days, became engaged to the handsome physical therapist from PT (we have two beautiful doggies)

    Last semester was intense, so the last 6 weeks mom and dad supported me (I was so embarrassed).
  8. by   BethT
    Married, 1 dog, 2 cats, full time 50 hour a week job, going to school seems like all night.....ALWAYS stressed out...

    I have a wonderful husband who is very supportive. He is training to be a pilot so we are either working (which we work together) or studying.... we sleep in the same bed.... thats about all we see eachother.

    OH, and I am still taking pre-req's.....HHAAA HAAA Yep, this is gonna be grrrrrrrrrreat
  9. by   akcarmean
    I am working on my RN right now. I have all my prerequisite done.
    I am married, work 40 hrs wk., have 3 kids 15, 13, and 4, do grocery shopping, housework, help with kids homework etc.

    I work 6pm to 4am. I am able to get some study time in at work. Then I try to get in a couple of hours before going to work doesn't always work out.

    dh is a great help with everything and will take the kids somewhere so I can study.

    I am very lucky. dh has been very supportive during my years of education. I have done my career in steps: CNA, LPN and now working on RN oh I also have a AA in Business Management.
  10. by   OHRN4Kids
    I started nursing school at 18, I was supporting myself (livingon my own) and put myself through nursing school, (NO help from mom or financial aid). Luckily, I had no kids, but I had to work fulltime and do school fulltime. It sucked, but it's doable.