QUESTION: Are we the only one's?

  1. Hi I work in Michigan...Metro Detroit. I've worked at 2 seperate hospitals. Both hospitals have eliminated L.P.N positions. The L.P.N's I used to work with either...quit...retired early...took P.C.T positions or L.P.N positions in psychiatry.

    I see a lot of L.P.N.'s listing. I'm thinking other hospitals haven't eliminated L.P.N positions? Right????

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  3. by   beano
    We still work with LPN'a in my hospital in Maryland. The way I look at it, it's the ultimate compromize with the "higher-ups". It helps them with the budget (b/c LPN's have a get lower pay than RN's) and we get another nurse on the floor to help with the staffing issues.

  4. by   JenniferD
    I'm an LPN in Georgia and it is true that a lot of hospital settings are little by little staffing fewer LPNs. I know it is not due to our education or capability. LPNs are highly skilled nurses. I know in our community, we are weak in representation of our voice. Unfortunately, the LPNs have no one to blame but themselves. I'm not sure of the number of LPNs in Georgia but lets say there are 20,000. Out of those, maybe 200 are registered members to thier professional organization. I am mainly speaking to those in my area but, if you don't represent yourself don't complain when democracy votes you out. If I have angered anyone with this comment, GOOD. The first time I was told these same words I was offended. Then I realized, if I'm not voicing my opinion someone else will voice one for me. I'm gonna get off my little soap box now but please remember if your opinion on the direction of health care does not agree with the current trend use your resources to voice and stand up for you point of view.
  5. by   Nancy1
    In the Milwaukee area, I have friends that are LPNs working in hospitals. In LTC there are alot of LPNs. NA
  6. by   Darlene Jones
    In reference to Jennifer D's comment. RN's don't have much of a voice either. I am sorry to say but even RN's are disrespected and poorly regarded health professionals. Why would you expect LVN's be treated any differently?
  7. by   CANRN
    The hospital I work in hires LPN's to work on a team with an RN. I can't say enough for the LPN's I work with. They are required to take an IV course so all we RN"s do is cover the IV meds and call docs when their is the need. I can't say enough for our LPN's they are GREAT!!!! When I first started at this hospital as a new RN, I learned as much or more from the 'seasoned' LPN's as I did the RN's.
  8. by   monica f
    In the town that I live in they have basically cut the LPN. They now hire an CMA in the LPN's place. The CNA is cheeper so the hospital can save money. I have also seen a dramatic decrease in the number of "nurses" in the office position. Once again instead of a "nurse" you will see a UAP or MA.