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  1. Nancy1

    Survey: Are your staff meetings productive?

    Staff meetings can be productive if they are not allowed to become B sessions. I meet with my staff once a month scheduled. If there are other things going on, we may have to schedule another. I do not expect the nonworking staff to come in for a mee...
  2. Nancy1

    Thinking of taking a DON offer

    After reading the posts tonight, I have know I work in a great place, thanks.
  3. Nancy1

    So long Nursing

    I have been away from the boards for a while, but from what I read there is no change in tone. I guess I must live and work in the most wonderful facility in the country because the mamnagement, of which I am a part, does not walk over people. For a ...
  4. Nancy1

    aides that put your job on the line

    I have been away from the boards for a while, so I scrolled through this as the topic intriqued me. First I would like to say about the opening post: Does your facility have a privacy act????? Does your staff get inserviced on it????? And when someon...
  5. Nancy1


    You might want to have your facility look at other methods. We went to electronic charting that feeds right into the MDS and RAPs and it does not take me long to do them because I have the nurses notes at a click of my mouse. It seems to me that the ...
  6. Nancy1

    LTC careplans

    I understand where you are coming from, and I agree that not everyone reads care plans. However, residents need summaries. We made it part of our weekly summary that the nurse needs to review 2 problems on the POC when doing the summary. We also have...
  7. Nancy1

    Thinking of taking a DON offer

    After reading all of these negative remarks, I am almost afraid to be positive. I personally feel the reason many crash and burn may because there is no support within the organization. Many times nurses take a DON position without having any train...
  8. Nancy1

    Need to hear from happy RNs

    I am very happy to read positive postings. I think that nurses need to value themselves. I have read a lot about money. I have to ask the question, How many of us went into nursing for the money? If you did, I guess you made the wrong choice. I ...
  9. Nancy1

    Verbal Orders Signed

    We have tried faxing the order to the office. I will tell you we have not been real successful with that. I have heard of a facility that has one person delegated to drive around to the MD offices to get the paperwork signed. My organization is wo...
  10. Wendy, It sounds like your situation is a perfect example why a person who steps aside should not be active in the same facility. I have been told that after my time a s President of an organization is done, I should not attend board meetings so ...
  11. Nancy1

    To all nurses: Is my life really over?

    Rebecca, I agree with Spitfire 100%. You find a way to schedule yourself some time off. My husband and I started having "breakfast dates". We would go out for breakfast one day on the weekend. No kids. I have been out of school for 6 years and we s...
  12. Hi, I work in a small nonprofit LTC facility. We are fortunate to be able to offer compassionate care for our dying residents. It is part of our philosophy. We are a Lifecare facility and the resident have lived in our apartments until they have beco...
  13. Nancy1

    my first day as RN

    Welcome, I remember how hard it was those first months, trying to fit in and make sure that I did what I was supposed. As others have said, if your not scared, I wouldn't want you either. As an ADON, I am very skeptical of the nurse who knows it al...
  14. Nancy1

    combative pt. HELP!

    All the suggestions here are good. One thing I would add is how well is the sister? Does she understand that taking someone off al the meds is dangerous? Just another sugggesrion.
  15. Nancy1

    pain control

    Pain is a very individualized subject. Many people do not want to use the prns too much, but if you are not using what the MD gave you you are not caring for the pt. I tell my nurses, if Mrs. Smith seems to be in so much pain, try giving her the prn ...
  16. Nancy1

    nursing duties and nurse/pt. ratio

    I don't blame you for the way you feel, your load seems high to me, but if you read my previous posting you will see that not all facilities staff like that. Talk to classmates and see where they are working, and what kind of load they have. Check ...