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  1. Complete Metabolic Profile

    It the same as a chem 20 or a SMAC depending on where you work. ]
  2. Complete Metabolic Profile

    It the same as a chem 20 or a SMAC depending on where you work. ]
  3. Suggestions related to issues.

    A-Human Being B-Human Being C-Human Being D-Human Being E-Human Being (Nurse manager's dream I'm sure...but still human none the less!) My point is this, all of these nurses are people, and different people respond differently to stressfull situatio...
  4. brainless comments?

    just to lighten up the mood a bit on this post, I thought I would share another humerous Dr order. The order read hold ASS supository this PM...he meant to write ASA by the way. All the nurses got a kick out of that one!!
  5. bolus heparin i v

    We have a heparin protocol at our hopsital too, but it doesn't mean that you CAN'T call the MD if you notice you're not getting therapeutic PTTs. Like some one else had mentioned, there have been pt's where you give the bolus (always IVP)and increas...
  6. A day off

    Has this every happened to you? You actually have two days in a row off from work. You have no plans in particular, but have a few things to do that you've been putting off all week because you were too tired from work. You go out, get the oil cha...
  7. Hospital Medication Test: Pre-employment

    When I took my med test....I was allowed to use the PDR and other nursing drug references. I'm not sure if your facility will do the same, but it wouldn't hurt to ask someone to save yourself the stress.
  8. Work Schedules

    I hate to say it, but when your are missing 5 nurses the schedule is NEVER going to look pretty. We were fully staffed until recently when we lost one of our full time nurses (we all do 12 hr shifts). The schedule is horrible...and there really is ...
  9. Clinical Governance U.K.

    sounds like it might be the same thing as shared governace...try looking that up instead
  10. QUESTION: Are we the only one's?

    We still work with LPN'a in my hospital in Maryland. The way I look at it, it's the ultimate compromize with the "higher-ups". It helps them with the budget (b/c LPN's have a get lower pay than RN's) and we get another nurse on the floor to help wi...
  11. Nursing Shortage

    Is any one else worried about how pathetic staffing will be when people start taking their (well deserved) summer vacations?
  12. 4 years...and counting
  13. Charge Nurse

    You actually have a charge nurse position?! The staff nurses on my floor rotate running charge, with no extra pay and an equal pt load as the rest of the staff.
  14. Biased care in the Emergency Room?

    go to and take the "how biased are you" test
  15. Biased care in the Emergency Room?

    [i read that article in the AJN and was stunned!!! I'm not sure how they did their data collection, but to me there must be some mistake, some error in the data collection that biased the results. As far as I'm concerned, patients are patients...ra...