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I am coming to you all for some advice here because you have been so helpful and encouraging in the past. As I nurse I know all the signs of depression and at the risk of being accused of self... Read More

  1. by   CATHYW
    Duckie, bless your heart! It takes a lot to be able to recognize what is going on within yourself, much less be able to share it with others!
    I have been on antidepressants twice. First, 10 years ago, after my divorce. I was on Zoloft, and it worked pretty well, but I didn't like the way I felt if I was even a little bit late with a pill. My proprioception was totally out of whack.
    Last year, due to a multitude of situational things, including my husband being dx bipolar, I began taking Paxil. It worked well, but in the last couple of mos., I felt that I had no energy, couldn't sleep well, etc. My MD checked for anemia and thyroid fx, and then increased the Paxil. It has helped a lot. Please give it a try, if it is Rx'd for you. My other recommendation is to try to get a day to yourself every couple of weeks or so. It sure helped me! Take good care, and keep us posted!
  2. by   semstr
    You are not alone.
    Have a physical, have a look at those hormones (all of them!!) and please, go and see a psychiatrist and have a therapy!!

    The antidepressiva will help and are important to improve your mood and take away the panic-attacks, but NOT the reason why they come!
    No Pill on earth can talk to you and find the reason for your situation.
    -take care and go to that doctor, Renee
  3. by   ohlpn
    There sure is a lot of excellent advice and information on this thread. I am on Paxil right now & would like to share a few of my experiences with it.

    I was first given Paxil about 3 years ago when I just started crying 24/7. I began having thoughts of dread & couldn't shake it for about 3 months. Paxil was a lifesaver for the moment, but some of the side-effects were weird . . . I couldn't cry anymore, for any reason. My dad died suddenly . . . couldn't cry, my psycho DON balled me out . . . couldn't cry (whew!) and so on. I tried to wean myself off Paxil & found that I had terrible buzzing sounds in my head, memory problems & a few other side effects.

    I was put on Celexa by my doc & it worked okay for awhile, but my original depression/anxiety symptoms returned. I asked to be put back on Paxil recently & feel much better for now. I can function at home & work quite well now, but I wish I had researched & found an alternative route to deal with clinical depression. This is a yo-yo, roller-coaster ride I'd like to abandon!

    Before you let a doctor put you on an anti-depressant, you may want to consider what mario_ragucci suggests in his post. Good luck, Duckie!

  4. by   fairyprincess2003
    Hey there
    Serotonin Syndrome is basically too much serotonin, which usually occurs when mixing SSRI's, although can develop when a patient is only taking one SSRI. It is often misdiagnosed, but it is a potentially life threatening condition.. Patients usually display altered mental status, autonomic dysfunction and neuromuscular abnormalities.
    My professor actually also desribed it can be like flu like symptoms, or more severe with confusion, shivering, fever, twitching, aggitation, unsteady gait, hyperthermia, and basically what many describe as a jittery feeling inside. You need to stop meds if serotonin syndrome develops.
    Also keep in in mind that SSRI's don't actually themselves make serotonin, but, they make it more available by slowing the metabolism of serotonin and stimulating serotonin receptors. If the receptors become Hyperstimulated, the patient develops the serotonin syndrome.
    I hope this can give you a little insight to the poster who asked about it, and I hope everything worked out well. Remember a mental illness is like another illness, something out of your control(excluding lifestyle factors for some illness, ie smoking leading to certain cancers) In order to fix it if severe, you need medication and treatment just like anyone else. But remember just like meds alone will not treat hypertension, meds alone will not totally treat mental impairments. You need therapy for your brain/mind just like you do otherwise. So as I said previously, if severe enough seek out meds, but don't forget the therapy(bc honestly if you are one meds you should be getting regular therapy))))
  5. by   ktwlpn
    Originally posted by Duckie
    I am coming to you all for some advice here because you have been so helpful and encouraging in the past. As I nurse I know all the signs of depression and at the risk of being accused of self diagnosis, I do believe this is my problem. I went from being a very out going person to wanting to stay at home all the time when I'm not working. Just going to the grocery store throws me into a panic attack. Our family has suffered many problems in the past 8 months. Each situation pulls me deeper into this hole that I just cannot seem to get out of. I have frequent crying spells, have taken to stress eating again and have gained back 25 of the 38 pounds I had lost. I have a wonderfully supportive husband so please don't think it's marriage difficulties. I tried to quite smoking which I think did add to my nervousness. My MD gave me Xanax which I am taking twice daily and it does help the panic attacks but does not lift my frame of mind. It treats some of the symptoms but is not a cure. I do not want to become addicted to Xanax. I have read about Paxil and I think it could help me BUT I don't deal with it much where I work so I am asking for input from any of you that either deal with it on your job or know of someone that has taken it. I don't want to jump from the frying pan into the fire, I just want to ease my constant worrying and anxiety. Honestly, when I'm at work, I experience less stress than when I'm at home, most likely because at work I'm so busy I don't have time to think. I don't sleep well, but am tired and want to sleep all the time. When I lay down to sleep my mind races and I cannot relax. My husband says I worry all the time. He even tried to make me laugh by saying if I wasn't worried about somethng, that worried me because I knew I was forgetting something. He is wonderful but he is asking me to get help. Most of my worries come from situations with my family outside my home, which could explain why I just want to stay here with my husband where I feel safer, I don't know. I'll welcome any input, advice or ideas. I just know that things aren't right with me any more, I went from being the "class clown" so to speak, to being trapped inside my own mind and I don't like it here. I'm so tired of being sad, fearful and worried.
    As you can see you have alot of company...Go to your doctor and work together to find the solution to your problem.Why is it so difficult for us to take care of ourselves? Are we not entitled to the same level of care our loved ones and patients receive? You need to take care of yourself first....meds,diet,excercise all help.Real clinical depression is an insidious disease-not" just feeling bad once in awhile"-and it is not o.k. to suffer...And that is what it feels like-the end of the world and you just don't care....You will follow the advice here and have your hormones and thyroid checked-and if you have to take meds you will do what you have to do..Persevere with it-we all respond differently to the meds and it may take sometime to get adjusted....You WILL begin to love life again instead of wishing for the end....
  6. by   live4today
    I went from Paxil, to Zoloft, to Celexa before FINALLY being 100% satisfied with Celexa. For almost 2 years now, I've been taking Celexa 20 mg./qd for depression, and I couldn't feel better! It's time for me to be weaned from it, so I hope the symptoms I was having do not return. If they do, back on the Celexa I'll go.

    Ask your doctor to consider prescribing Celexa for you. It's the BEST anti-depressant on the market - IMHO. (((hugs))) and :kisses to you feeling better soon.
  7. by   nurs4kids
    As you can see, you are NOT alone. Thank God for your supportive spouse. No psych nurse here, but a little personal experience too. Was having some of the same sx you described, since this past Christmas. Also have had a few rough spots in the past year, but still couldn't really point to an exact cause. Had been to the doc a few times with chronic ear infection/fluid and an UTI. Took about four rounds of different abx and then BOOM, started becoming disinterested..kinda living in a fog. Doc had given me welbutrin for smoking cessation, but I had not taken it because I was waiting for my GI to recover from all the abx. Anyhow, finally decided to take it hoping it'd help my mood. Within two days of taking it (150mg QD), I had the first anxiety attack I've ever experienced. I didn't realize for another week what was causing my anxiety, just thought the depression was worsening. I started getting more and more jittery; felt like I had the metabolism of a hummingbird, but couldn't concentrate on anything. Finally I started wondering if it could be the welbutrin, so I quit taking it. Within a day, I began feeling more normal. Then I FORCED myself to get up and get some exercise, do something productive. I began cleaning and gardening. Slowly, but surely, I'm feeling better and better, more like "me".

    Like others suggested, check out the thyroid stuff. I wondered that about myself, but my sx really don't fit anything in particular. But, if I have another dip, I'll check that too. I'm not but 34, so everyone just snickers when I suggest premenopause..but I've not ruled that out either.

    Anyhow, hugs to you, Duckie..keep your head high and most of all, remember you're not alone!!:kiss
  8. by   ktwlpn
    Several of you have mentioned menopause-just wanted to point out that it is possible to experience peri-menopausal changes in the early 30's-and those hormones can fluctuate wildly for a very long time.....and to get an accurate picture of this levels need to be drawn more then once at different times of the month....This is a subject that many of us ignore-thinking we are too young and the vast range of symptoms can make you think you are loosing your to your doc,read up on it-be prepared....
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  10. by   rnoflabor2000
    Yeah, I kinda wonder if I am perimenopausal. I have bouts of hot flashes even though my TSH is finally normal. I'm 37 and they say it's altogether likely that it could be perimenopause.
    Well good luck, most doctor's should know to R/O everything else before generalizing "depression" as the diagnosis.
  11. by   canoehead

    Just wanted to add my name to your cheerleading squad

    And remember that if you feel like getting out of bed is a chore that you need to give yourself a break, but set little goals. If all you do in one day is take a walk around the block in the sunshine you have done yourself a favor.

    My love and hopes for you.
  12. by   flopmingale
    I hope some of these posts have helped. I know it helped me considerably to know that SO many nurses are battling the same exact monsters. My advice, after being dx at 18, now 38 with severe chronic depression with panic disorder, is to find a good psychiatrist! I went through so many doctors who were well meaning (and some not!) that just didn't know enough about psychotropic meds. I also found counseling very helpful. Often when we are depressed we tend to isolate for fear of others knowing how truly bleak we are feeling and running scared. There is still that old mentality of just needing to "pull yourself up by your bootstraps!" Hopefully, you do not have a heavy genetic predisposition, and maybe this is situational. That doesn't mean that meds cannot help you. I also agree with some other readers, try to stay away from the benzodiazapenes, sleeping meds (Remeron is a new antidepressant med with increased sleep properties) etc. d/t the ability to the ease of habitual use. One doctor had me taking Klonipin and sleeping meds for over 1 yr. and I had a terrible time coming off those. Anyway, try to find people who understand your situation, try to be aware that the darkest parts DO pass. There is light at the end of the tunnel, just hang in long enough for the treatment to begin working. It takes a little time. And, exercise is wonderful also. I walked. It forced me to get up, fix my self up a little to face the world and get out of the house. My heart is with you. I know it is probably of little consolation now, but one day there will be someone who needs your insight and compassion on being in that dark place and how to survive it. Keep checking in. We want to hear from you often!
  13. by   sharann
    Duckie? Are you doing o.k? Just was worrying about you (and I have no idea who you are!). When you can, please check in. Hope things are looking up for you. Hold on to your faith in yourself and family. God too, if you are into religion.