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How many of you have ever removed Jackson Pratt drains? If you have never removed them yourself, but have watched them be removed, you would feel comfortable doing it on your own? I would esp like... Read More

  1. by   Cleopatra
    I have removed JP drains too.. What states do you all practice in that you remove JP drains????:
  2. by   zambezi
    Same as code blue chic at my hospital.
  3. by   Chrislynn2003
    Never removed one yet; am a new nurse. But ten years ago I had major surgery; I had 3 JP drains and if I correctly recall i believe it was either the ICU nurse that removed it or the PNP( don't quite remember, was only 13, and just remember it hurt like hell). It was definitely not the surgeon or any resident/med student.
  4. by   renerian
    Yes I have done it in the hospital and in home health. However, I had a surgeon teach me when he asked me to do and I told him I never had before. He was great. Took me back in and told me what to do while I did it.

  5. by   lisaloulou
    I have removed JPs and sutures.
    HOWEVER, you are well within your "rights" so to speak to request training and/or supervision and a policy on this. As far as retention sutures, why doesnt the MD do that on the check-up visit? It would be a fine pickle to do it and have "parts" spilling out all over and the doc hadnt even assessed the wound. (are surgeons getting lazier or is it because the surgical fee payment is global and they dont get any more money to do it....hmmmmm)
  6. by   Jay-Jay
    I remove JP's all the time! We get a LOT of breast cancer surgeries, and they always have a JP or Hemovac. Quite often, the MD gives orders for the nurse to remove them. Even our RPN's (LPN's) are able to do suture to snip, then a steady, gentle pull and it's out.

    Have removed lots of sutures and staples, but never retention sutures. Mabye that's because I've never even SEEN retention sutures in the community!

    We get a fair number of coronary bypass patients, and if you ever want to practise your staple-removing skills, I'll invite you to come along on the day when I remove the staples from their ankle-to-groin incision....the patients often ask me to count as I take them out, so they can brag to their friends!
  7. by   KaroSnowQueen
    I am an LPN and have removed both the sutures and the JP drains. As recently as last month.
  8. by   Gldngrl
    I've never d/c'd a JP drain, the residents do that in my academic hospital. I did work in a community hosp where nurses d/c'd JP's, pulled sutures, even obtained consents, but I was fortunate to avoid that. MMB
  9. by   jayne109
    Originally posted by codebluechic
    At my hospital I d/c JP's, hemovacs, chest tubes, pacer wires,a-lines,swans, introducers. Used to d/c epidurals at another hospital but the CRNA's do it here.
    HI ya'll!

    I work at a very small-47-bed-hospital and we do TKR, THR and numerous surgeries (no heart) We dc the drains on orthos(hemovac) and abdominal and whatever else come through. WE even dc art lines like codebluechic said. This is a skill I actually got to do in nursing school. I dc'd a JP from a Thyroid surgery. Now that was cool. I think we have a procedure manual on this procedure.
    Our surgeons don't use retention sutures on many people so I have only seen those one time and he went home with them in so we didn't actually take them out but I think that is something we can do here in MO.

    Hope this helps!

  10. by   P_RN
    Boy Deja vu all over again. This was from 2001. Anyway I've been doing it forever. Im in SC
    Here's a great policy from the cleveland clinic.
  11. by   jenreg123
    I have never taken one out, but a patient of mine has....she was sitting up in bed after ambulating back from the bathroom...and said...oh by the way...this came out......surprise, surprise!
    I have always been under the impression that is was the surgeon's job to remove drains........but who knows these days! I graduated from school in 1959...and things have changed since then.
  12. by   jax
    We remove our drains with suction still intact. I work Ortho and it's the surgeons preference. Anyone else do this? Not comfortable for the pt. but over very quickly. Our surgeons also like the dressing left intact when we remove the drains, sometimes this is just not possible - especially when the drain site is wrapped under a dressing , sheet wool and bandages.

  13. by   jax
    P RN thanks for the sites. They're great. jax