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  1. lisaloulou

    Help with getting pts to accept death

    My humble opinion: this is an internal process, some people never come to "acceptance" Personally, I think you just support the person where they are.
  2. lisaloulou

    Worthless medical insurance

    You can always make a consumer complaint to your state's insurance commission.
  3. lisaloulou

    Inappropriate relationship with pt?

    I generally feel that relationships with patients are a bad idea due to the fact that staff members have "one up" on them during an illness. However, there may be instances where a relationship develops that is mutual. Unless one person is mentally incompetent I dont really think it is necessarily a huge breach of professionalism. In all my years of nursing, I have never had a romantic relationship develop with a patient or family member. Does it happen often? Have I missed something?
  4. lisaloulou

    Medicaid. Is it being abused?

    Is Medicaid abused? YES Can citizens who have temporarily fallen on hard times qualify for it- often not. Can women come from anywhere in the world and give birth and have their child qualify for the best in medical care,PT,OT,medications,home health,DME, transportation to and from appointments? YES My son who made $8000 one year and ended up with a $12,000 hospital bill could not receive one cent worth of "free" anything- monthly RX was over $250. They continue to pursue him to the ends of the earth for money even years later. The hospital has a religious foundation, but couldnt see fit to reduce the bill through charity for a 23 year old male who couldnt work at the moment because he made 8K the previous year. Same hospital,family brings in a non resident alien family member who receives inhouse care for several weeks- they go home with bill forgiven,free meds and DME and home health visits. I see this stuff on a daily basis. If you know the system, it is very easy.Why live in a third world nation when you can come here and live even without official documentation and enjoy what everyone else has to work for for free? Just keep those babies coming......
  5. Unless it becomes manditory to use them, hospitals will not fork out the money to purchase them. (just like the needleless systems) regardless of the fact it will safeguard workers. sad but true.
  6. lisaloulou

    help hep c

    And a liver transplant should be considered because......?
  7. lisaloulou

    NICU nurses resistant to holding babies?

    Back in my Nicu days, I'd always take the opportunity to hold the stable babies. After all the poking and prodding and painful procedures,I felt that contact that didnt involve a sharp object was very therapeutic. I disagree that you can "spoil" a sick child by comforting it. Human soothing is important to growth and development- look at the experiments with the wire mother vs the soft mother done on infant primates. I do not think that infants need to "buck up and take it" or learn to be alone, but thats just my humble opinion.
  8. lisaloulou


    My favorite is the mom dripping in gold jewelry who hands over the baby's script and medicaid card, then pulls out her cell phone to chat while she waits. Wonder if she wants to take the cell phone bill directly out of my paycheck too.
  9. lisaloulou

    Moving to NC

    From a house in Pfafftown that we looked at to work would only be around 10 miles or so, of course it depends on exactly where the house you are looking at is. :) Are you going to be working also? If so, mention my name and they will give me $100
  10. lisaloulou

    Moving to NC

    WELCOME TO NC shortly! Yes, Wake Forest Baptist. I dont have kids in school, so Im not sure about that. Do check out Old Salem, the Ardmore district and the West End for old houses with character. If you want to save mucho on taxes, check out Pfafftown. Here, we are very close to either the mountains or the beach. It is beautiful.
  11. lisaloulou

    Lethal Injection

    I would have paid to "do" Timothy McVeigh.
  12. lisaloulou

    Moving to NC

    Come on over to Baptist Hospital!!!! As a matter of fact I need some help!
  13. lisaloulou

    Hairy Situation

    He should also consider being evaluated for heart transplant.
  14. lisaloulou

    Good or Evil?

    Well, you are right about the "FRUIT" part. As in fruit loops.....
  15. lisaloulou

    Read this and Weep....

    If you save 1 million dollars for your retirement, you will be able to privately fund 12 years of nursing home care,medications and medicare co-pays. For that you will have a semi-private 10x12 cubicle. Your daily meals wills cost the nursing home less than a happy meal. If there is sufficient staffing, you may be turned and cleaned in your bed every 2 hours, you may receive a shower weekly and the medications you pay for may be brought to you. I know that there are nursing homes across the nation where caring staff make a huge difference in the lives of the frail elderly, Ive worked in one. However, the legal extortion of a person's life savings for this minimum care is America's shame. It isn't the staff, it's the big cats at the top who are profiting. God help us all as we age.
  16. lisaloulou

    Cna someone answer this question?

    Another reason for not being placed on the list: not far enough along in disease process, condition not severe. The very saddest thing about Mickey Mantle was that he had cancer at the time of transplant. The immunosupressants caused it to go into wild fire mode and kill him. David Crosby is alive and doing well clean and sober. He got his life back just like all the other transplant recipients who do well. Hepatitis C is the "quiet epidemic" in this country. It can be associated with drug abuse but that isnt the only reason people get it. Lets face it, if we divided sick people into 2 groups- lifestyle sick and out of the blue sick and only treated out of the blue sick, we would not have a nursing shortage or a hospital bed crunch because the hospitals would be virtually empty.