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Hi evryone. I recently was hired at a hospital and I am dreading having to undergo a pre employment physical. Since I am not a spring chicken anymore, I am wondering what happenes if they discover... Read More

  1. by   deespoohbear
    My pre-employment physical was a joke. The doc listened to my heart and my lungs and that was it. Did the drug-screen thing and had a back x-ray. The doc was in the room maybe three minutes. Glad I didn't pay for that physical.
  2. by   nurseman
    I do part of the pre-employment physicals in an occupational setting. I'm not out to try second-guess the human resources department. I'm there to make sure the employee is able to meet the minimal requirements for the job. I don't think that your future employer will have a different attitude especially in a nursing shortage. At the start of the physical ask them what the minimal requirements for passing are. This will set your mind at ease.
    When they come to me I tell them that the pulmonary function test is the one they have to pass. This is so the can wear a full-face respirator. We send them out to do a job demands analysis, which consists of picking up and carrying bumpers. Even those who aren't spring chickens can pass. All the other test I do are just for baseline records.
  3. by   NurseDianne
    As our Employee Health Nurse, we do a pre-physical screening.....baisc stuff......questions, v/s......labs......and of course the DRUG SCREEN.
    If I find anything that may be unusual, I recommend the potential employee see their own physician. If it's not anything major, we go on w/ the employment process.
    The only time I don't recommend employment is.......
    1) hot on that drug test......I did warn em'
    2) No record of MMR's.........and after several attempts to have them bring it luck.
    3) did i say DRUG SCREEN?........

    LOL.......usually w/ HTN, I will monitor, even after they have startred could have been a case of the nerves.
    But I don't hire or fire.......just make recommendations.

    Hang's not bad.......
    I do get annoyed w/ folks that WILL NOT bring in all their information.

    OH YEAH.......I probably get more annoyed because I'm so tired after working my 3/12 hr shifts in OB.......LOL.......Can you say 7P?
  4. by   CaliNurse
    This topic brings several issues to mind .......

    Another purpose of the PRE-employment physical is to establish a history of worker comp issues.

    Everything else brought up should be a clear to work or not clear to work.

    The person who is charge for your physical tell them that you have never hear of such a thing and to your knowledge no one else has. Did they even tell you what the cost will be? Thats like a blank check...... is it 2 payments of $100.00 or 2 payments of $30.00 ? I would fight this one. If this is the type of employer they are ....... this will only be the beginning. You will be paying for your annual physical also. These types of employers charge you for anything they can to keep their cost down. It doesn't matter if you are part time or perdiem. I have worked for nursing registries who send me out for a physical and a ppd skin test. I never paid a dime. They should also accept a PPD skin test from another facility if it has been done in the last 30 days.

    Stand you ground if this job is worth fighting for but my judgement says this is only the tip of the iceberg with cost being past down to the employee.

    Oh, did you have to pay for your background check also???? These are all normal expenses of the hire on cost.

    Take care and keep us informed.

  5. by   sharann
    If you took a propoxyphene or any thing else a few days prior to your drug screen, you MUST inform th person and make sure they write this down on the lab form. They are testing for presence rather than levels I assume, but maybe someone here knows. I take Rx sleep meds at times, so I am upfront with them, tell them they WILL find suchandsuch in my test. Never had a problem with any of my 3 drug employment screens.
  6. by   NurseDianne
    We have a medication sheet that the employee fills out prior to taking the drug screen. If it's a narcotic or such, we require either a fax from the pharmacy w/ the Rx or the person to bring in the bottles. It has to be from their own Rx.
    I don't judge folks by what they take. Only for the honesty....
    It really sucks when they say, "Nope, I don't even take ASA."
    Then when the drug screen comes back, all of the sudden they remembered something. Now, if by chance they were at Aunt Betty's over the weekend and hurt their back, and dear Aunt Betty gave them something for the pain. Well, as long as I am told up front what to expect. It's ok.
  7. by   shabookitty
    Here is an update...
    I do not have to pay for a pre-employment physical...I was told the wrong information by new person...thank goodness. But! If you leave before must pay the hospital the cost of your physical (175.00). So ya better like ya job!

    I agree with Calinurse. The 80% of physical seemed based on workers comp...I was asked by Physical Therp to display balance, coordination, resistance, flexibiltiy and mobility exercises... It was fun though!

    Next week i go for orientation...this newby also told me i would not qualify for any benefits since i will be part time....that's probably true. I 'll find out more this week...
  8. by   mario_ragucci
    This is so interesting. Many question still remain unanswered in my mind, because of the possibilities. When I ws hired to work at a hospital this year, they said my hire was contingent on passing the physical, which included a drug screen. Lol, the part I am curious about is what they did with the two viles of blood. I know they must check for many, many things in your white/red cells. Right? Is there such thing as a "DNA screening" which can be performed on blood? It's not like you get a print out of all the routine/specific tests on new hire blood.

    I'll take a stab at my own question....The blood samples submitted by new hires are screened for:
    1. measiles 2. HIV 3. All HEP's 4. CBG's (?)
    5. gases (?) 6. syphlis 7.
  9. by   sphinx
    OK, I may be jumping the gun, cuz I haven't been hired, only a good interview and a second one tomorrow......and I've had physicals before, no biggie.....but if I am hired, I wonder.....
    I am now taking Librax. It was prescribed by a GI specialist. I know it would show on a tox screen, and of course I would tell before hand when asked for a med list. But my question is, can I be denied employment simply because I take a benzo?
    I also wonder, I take Wellbutrin for depression and Topamax for moodstablization, Trazadone for sleep. Do they screen for those, and if not, do I have to reveal I take them? In the past I've had problems when my employer knew I sufferred from depression, and I hesitate to let a new employer know. Or is depression and meds for depression so common now that no one would blink an eye?
  10. by   KeniRN
    I start a new position on 10/21, I don't have to pay for my PE but they are deducting $25 from my first or second paycheck for the drug screen. Im not on anything and have nothing to hide. They are the ones who want the drug screen. so why am I paying for it??? Its only $25 and I don't mind but I was just curious.
  11. by   mario_ragucci
    Originally posted by sphinx
    is depression and meds for depression so common now that no one would blink an eye?
    Lol ! I blink and sometimes rub my eyes. I may need glasses! Lol!
  12. by   micro
    Originally posted by mario_ragucci
    Lol ! I blink and sometimes rub my eyes. I may need glasses! Lol!

    crack me up, Mario...........

    hey, on the preemployment physical thing.....
    just be factual.....list any regular medications that you are on, list any major diagnosis that you have.........
    depression, didn't blink an eye to my _____ Rx
    but I did have to prove out my vision, when I listed my glaucoma,
    go figure

    shouldn't be a problem.........
    (you also have the right to privacy and you can be a wise person, unto yourself and list what and only what needs to be listed)

    just micro's no wisdom
  13. by   traumaRUs
    Where do you guys all live??? Here in Illinois (large teaching hospital) the physical was a joke...pulmonary function test to be allowed to wear full-face respirator, urine drug screen and breathalyzer. No BP, no bending, twisting, lifting and when I had it done 6 1/2 years ago - that was it.

    Our place does do drug screens for cause though and we have lost RNs to this due to drug use.