Prayer for my son - page 3

Hi everyone, I would like to request prayers and positive energy for my 8 year old son. Sunday night he let me know that he was feelilng dizzy every time he bent over. I thought, Hmmm, thats odd. ... Read More

  1. by   BORI-BSNRN
    good thoughts and prayers are with you...god bless you both. hope its benign...please let us know what the doctors said...
  2. by   RGN1
    Prayers for you & your family xxxx
  3. by   CityKat
    OH. I will say a prayer for him for sure!! I hope he is ok and that it's benign.
  4. by   SCmomof3
    Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way!!
  5. by   gymjunkie
    May the God that you believe in answer your prayers. May God grant the medics involved in your son's care the knowledge, wisdom and understanding to direct his care. In the name of Jesus, your son will be healed. I wish you and your family well. God bless.