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  1. hi i am new to cath lab and was hoping someone could provide information on how they position and restrain pediatric patients for a cath lab procedure. in the hospital where i work, we usually place a small towel under the hips to elevate the groin area for better access but then we tape the legs down multiple times with regular tape! i just wanted to know if that is a standard across all cath labs (to use tape to strap down a baby) or if there is a better way of doing it! thanks for helping !
  2. hst01

    Full Circle, My First Year of Nursing

    i really enjoyed reading your post.. actually im almost thru with my one year and i totally feel the same way although im not in a critical area, i do work on a medical unit which is a bit easier, is still feel like im ready to change careers! but im torn between sticking it out and waiting to see whats in store in the nursing world or to just really leave this job and find out if anything better is out there.... your post has made me feel like maybe i shouldnt be so hasty...thanks for sharing...
  3. hst01

    Wound Care in LTC

    ive noticed where i work that sometimes nothing for sking sores will be ordered unless we the nurses inform the doctor that something should be ordered.. if the dr doesnt see a need that we just apply strict turning for those patients that you described in your first example to prevent further breakdown,,,
  4. workin nights is terrible!!i hate it! the first two or three shifts might be difficult because youll most likely get sleepy... what i do is stay up on my off duty before im scheduled for nights till around 4 or 5 am then i sleep in till around 12pm sometimes i can sleep 12 hours so i get up at 3/4pm- for some reason i sleep longer hours when i sleep during the day.. then you start getting used to it. you still need that cup of coffee at 2am esp if the unit is quite! but it just sucks the social life right out cuz you get home at 8am after ur shift and you just want to get to bed and you dont wake up till 5/or 6pm because you have yet another shift and then on your off days the routine kicks in and its hard for you to get to sleep earlier then 4 in the morning because you got used to it! so there goes that day off! dont worry too much about it... good luck!
  5. hst01

    Nursing International Experience

    hi, im an arab american im currently working in saudi arabia in jeddah. actually im a new grad and i chose to work in the middle east because the life is laid back and the experience is great.. plus there are alot of expats that come to work here because the pay for foriengers is great and you can save alot of money unless your a shopaholic however saudi does have some restrictions concerning the culture but its always great to have new experiences...and you can easily adabt. dubai is great but its very expensive to live there if you are planning to move to save some money and the traffic is crazy. you also have other countries in the gulf liek qatar or kuwait but i dont know how the system is there but pretty much the gulf is all the same regarding lifestyle... good luck! hope my input helped!
  6. hst01

    Question about ATI Testing and Kaplan. Please help me.......

    hey.. how are you? well i dont know how i can help you but i took an online course for 5 weeks before i did the NCLEX and i failed the NCLEX after i took it so now i registered for a four month course with kaplan... it starts in May i hope it helps.. maybe u should consider taking an interactive course instead of an oline or self study one.. anyway i hope we both pass this time..
  7. hst01

    NCLEX-got only 75 q's

    oh my GOD! everyone im sooo worried i jsut did my NCLEX today and i had 75 questions and i found it so tricky and hard and alot of delegation and types of medication questions im not used to..! i hope we all make it im so nervous.. i registered with board of new york does anyone know how soon i can get the result? best of luck to us all!
  8. hst01

    Prayer for my son

    my prayers are with you. In Gods will May He answer our prayers. i agree that healing happens through praying to God. i hope your son is ok.
  9. hst01

    Help Deciding for Nursing Schools

  10. hst01

    Help Deciding for Nursing Schools

    hi! well u posted a while ago, but if your still looking for a nursing school to apply to, and since it seems that the nursing schools in the US are so competitive, how about applying somewhere abroad? i just graduated from the American University of Beirut in lebanon, i know you must be thinking i must be crazy to suggest this since we just had a mini war and parts of lebanon were devasted but overall lebanon is doing quiet well and is stable now and many americans such as myself LOVE living here. plus the American University of Beirut would definelty accept you and furthermore, the nursing school here has a VERY good reputation and has been opened for 100 yrs. it is also accredited with the New York education department so you wont have problems with NCLEX at all. also youll have lots of fun while studying since beirut is definelty a hot spot for great fun like going to the beach skiing and clubbing! i worked really hard in the nursing school here its really tough. but worth it! so just a thouhgt, why dont you explore options abroad? anyway good luck and all!
  11. hi all! i just graduated from the American unirversity of beirut in lebanon, i am arab american origin and ive been trying to get a job but nobody wants me! i cant work in lebanon because i can not be part of the lebanese order of nurses and hence can not obtain a license to practice. and if i go back to the US ill have nothing there and i will have to apply for the NCLEX and wait to do it and i feel that i would lose alot of time and money and i cant afford that now. so im trying to get a job preferably in the gulf like saudi arabia (i lived there and am familiar with the area). i sent my cv to a few hospitals and i havent had a reply from them and i even contacted a few recruiterment agencies but they havent contacted me back yet! im new at this so if anyone can advise me id seriously appreciate that! how long do i wait for a response? should i just keep nagging and following it up with the hospital? will i get a job with only the one month internship that i did as a nursing student? thanks for helping me out
  12. hst01

    how do you introduce yourself to patients?

    hi! i just graduated from nursing school! so i im kind of nervous about working and how i would do things and if i would be good at my job, even though i think my school of nursing prepared me well, but i felt would like to voice my opinion when i read your post, i think that calling the nurse by her last name would kind of diminish the trust and rapport that the nurse tries to establish with the patient. i think that the nurse-patient relationship is on a totally different level then the Dr-patient relationship and for that reason, calling the nurse by her first name could make the patient feel more secure and befreinded.
  13. hi! i just graduated!even though i dont have a job yet and i dont really have a clear mind of what it really feels like to work as a full time RN, im proud and im really glad that i chose to be a nurse. actually i decided to be in this field because of several reasons. first i wanted to do something in the medical field and second i wanted a gauranteed job. also i felt that with a nursing degree it would allow me to provide something for my family, society and myself. nursing ffelt like the right choice to make! and thats why i became a nurse!
  14. hst01

    i hope someone can help!

    hi! i really hope some one can help me with this dilema, im originally lebanese but only hold the American nationality, and i graduate this june with a BSN degree from the american university of beirut in lebanon. my problem is that they wont issue me a license to practice because i am not lebanese which i cant work in ebanon,but no one here has any clue if that also disqualifies me to work anywhere else (like dubai), plus, no one even knows if i can just take the CGFNS and the NCLEX (being American) and then work where ever i please. ive emailed so many people who i thought could help but i havent recieved a response! i feel like time is running out and i wont be able to plan my future accordingly! if anyone has any idea i would deeply appreciate that! thanks so much by the way im new here and im still not so familiar with how to browse around and stuff but this site is great!