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advice needed on continuing education+ career change

hi all :)

i have two questions i was hoping someone would like to give me some advice on...

firstly, im working in saudi arabia currently as a staff nurse on the medical unit, and with our 44hr/wk -12 hour shifts i have alot of free time on my hands -which is SOO BORING (cuz im living in saudi)...

and i was wondering if i took any of those continuing education courses online, if they would be beneficial to me in any way, and how would i get recognition that ive taken those courses? for example does anyone know if this site: http://www.nurseceu.com/is any good? though i do attend some inservice education classes at the hospital i find that it doesnt always suit my schedule, i am btw a licensed RN from california in case thats a criteria...

ok second question which is not totally off topic but you might find extreme:

ive only been working as a nurse for one yr now, and although i dont have complaints about the job.. it does have its rewards, but i just feel that nursing doesnt really suit my personality - what i like about the job is that everyday is a new day, new suprises, i get to work with all kinds of ppl,i enjoy trying to make a difference in ppls lives by helping them with whatever they need yet and i feel like i should change my career- not sure to what... but what can i do with a nursing degree and how does one go about changing their career anyway? i have thought about doing a masters but im really a bit confused as to what kind of jobs i can get into...

any advice? opinions? help?

thanks for your help :)

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