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I just read one of my own posts & cringed when I discovered all of the misspelled words. Luckily we have an "edit" button. Yes, we're not in school. And yes, a post is not an essay. But the sloppy... Read More

  1. by   tonchitoRN
    sorry people but i am also a stickler for spelling. to me this is a basic skill such as reading and math. you are expected to know it at a certain level by the time you graduate. for me bb's are informal so i do not care too much for the typo's. what bothers me is when i see it consistently in newspapers, magazines, street signs, business signs. i have even written to webmasters to notify them of their typos on web pages. it just plain looks unprofessional. in charting i think it is of utmost importance. it shows you know what you are doing. can you imagine misspelling a drug on an order? this can lead to a medication error so everyone please be careful.
  2. by   KMLWA2003
    i don't worry about it too much
    spelling properly in charting and writing orders is one thing
    on here, we're just having fun
    it's not a legal document
  3. by   jnette
    Originally posted by Rustyhammer
    What really irks me is not spelling or even gramatical errors in everyday life (like here) but when my kids teachers send home notes or announcements that are FULL of spelling and gramatical errors. I mean these are the people who are suppose to be teaching our KIDS!
    I take a red pen and circle a comma not needed or put one in, correct spelling errors, indicate where a new paragraph should go and write notes like "run on sentence" with a little arrow.
    Then I sign it and have the kids return them to the principal.
    hmmm...funny I never get a response.
    You GO Rusty !!! Good for you ! But you're RIGHT, y'know? It's true, what you say. Perhaps they will get the message, even if they DONT respond.
  4. by   nimbex
    sorry in advance.... no couldn't and can't spell (apologizing) think it's right now, remain unsure. Yes it's not a skill I have, dont' plan on adding it..... just not a priority to me.

    but whoa, can I fudge the simplest of words.... so ... simply sorry.
  5. by   nessa1982
    I think I am very guilty of the above mentioned Gagging spelling errors. All I can say is, "sorry".

    But really I guess I make all the errors, not because I can't spell (shoot my spelling bee team won in 5th grade!!!), but because I am usually in a hurry and when I post I just hurry up and put in my 2 cents. When I do this I just sorta type and then post. I figure most people here are smart enough to read through a few errors and have enough of a life to not care.

    Spelling errors bug me when they are out on paper, but on a BB board I really DONT CARE. I have enough correct typeing to do in the real world of college. So those of you who make errors, carry on
  6. by   liberalrn
    You rock, rusthammer!

    I have a friend who, when she receives the local paper, reads it first for content, then for spelling errors. She circles these in red and sends the paper off to the publisher. She does this about twice/year. Has never heard back, and unfortunately, no improvement has been measured in those departments!

    I'm as much of a school marm as the rest of you re: correct spelling, grammar, punct. etc., just not here! Charting or resumes are a whole 'nother ball game.

    I HATE the mix up between well and good, too! It's all over TV--not just commercials, but newscasts! Surely life as we know it will end soon.............

    I make my kids look up the words, too! Thank you, Miss Masel, my 6th grade teacher.
  7. by   sedate_me_stat
    spelling was never my strong suit in school
    and it only got worse since becoming an RN
    We abbreviate everything and now I find that I cannot spell the easiest of words!

    I hope that my poor spelling does not make anyone upset.

    and I will NOT even start about the whole spelling check on word programs feature, it has contributed greatly to my poor spelling

  8. by   APMRN1997
    My dad used to tell me not to worry. He said I should work on getting into a career where I can hire a secretary.

  9. by   kimmicoobug
    I personally don't care about my spelling or perfect grammar on this board. I type fast and think fast and don't have a whole lot of time to think about what I would say in perfect English. I write how I talk. I can talk very professionally, but on this board, we don't just talk about professional things. We can talk about silly things too. However, when talking to my patients or other nurses in real life, I am very careful of proper English because I don't want to sound illiterate. Also, I put a lot of thought in my papers for school.
  10. by   P_RN
    I feel gooder too.

    Rusty, that should be I feel weller....also
  11. by   OrthoNutter
    Originally posted by tonchitoRN
    i have even written to webmasters to notify them of their typos on web pages. it just plain looks unprofessional.
    When do you get time to do that? I have trouble fitting everything I have to do in the hours that are in each day as it is, let alone writing to someone every time they posted something that annoyed me. :chuckle
  12. by   Eyenurse
    I am glad that somebody brought the subject of mispelling. My first language is not English therefore, I am guilty of mispelling myself. However, I am sometimes embarassed by some of the things that a minority of nurses mention in these discussions.

    Professionalism is part of nursing and if physicians were to talk about nurses the way some nurses describe them, nurses would sue physicians. We have to respect ourselves and others, if we want people to respect us. If a physician is having a bad day because he did not sleep all night, that is his problem, not mine. I just answer that I do not like to be spoken this way and then continue my business as if nothing happened. If I don't know the answer to a question, I will say that I don't know, not that I am not covering the patient...I will, however try to find the answer.

    One thing that I hear junior nurses say sometimes to physicians, and it burns me, is: I don't know, I'm just the nurse... Don't ever bring yourself or your profession down. Be proud of yourself and your profession. Nursing is not just a job, it is a choice you made for a career.

    And for those who only seem to complain about nursing, be proactive. Don't procrastinate. If something does not work in your job, try to work it out, or accept it, but stop complaining!! If everything is wrong at work, change job! Or find a new career!
  13. by   Jaydenc
    When I need to orient a new employee to a position, of course I take note of wether or not they can read, write or spell. Charting is a major part of nursing. If it wasn't charted it wasn't done.

    Think of a court of law!