Poll - what's important to you?

  1. Recently there has been a lot of complaints about nursing, money etc. I want to know what is important to you as nurses, and rank them in order from #1 most important to least important. (if there is any input on additions to the following list let me know and I'll change it a bit)

    Job Security


    Benefits (i.e. PTO, health care, isurance, etc.)


    Management - that listens to your needs and tries to help push, for things the staf wants or feels they need.

    Hours that fit your needs......(self scheduling)

    Thanks CEN

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  3. by   Enright
    When I was a new grad (1987) I wanted cash and a strong orientation program. That would have been # 1. Now at 45, my priorities are very different. My # 1 priority with my current job was getting the best possible pension plan. That is something that really didn't even occur to me as a new nurse at 32. So I guess I am saying it depends on where you are in life.

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  4. by   mustangsheba
    1. Staffing, 2. scheduling (but that's why I'm an agency nurse), 3. money, 4.management, 5. benefits. You would think at my age I would be more interested in benefits, but I have more than once been accused of living on the edge. An instructor this term asked the question: "What would you give up for security?" What a great question! I'm still thinking about it, but so far my response has been "Not much of anything I value."
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  7. by   ERICUEMS
    Excellent question--Been at the bedside now 27 years ER,+ 5 years ICU,--single, self supporting, with a mortgage, 15 y/o son, and a dog.....I believe that like everything else, priorities change depending on where you are in life.....When I was younger, #2 was the $$$$--I have finally reached an acceptable salary,(Nurses will NEVER be paid what they are actually worth!!) so the retirement plans and benes are #2...ways to invest for my kid's college...we have self sceduling in my ICU, & job security won't be problem for me, because the shortage will still be on when I retire. And management?..... Trust me kiddo, they are management for a reason, and will never be any different no matter where you go. They will always be "THEM", and we will always be "US". But the #1 priority for me,young and old is and always has been, the ability to give good bedside care. So I guess that would mean having enough staff. It frightens me a bit to know that after all of these years caring for others, by the time I need it, there may not be anyone to care for me! So I'd really like to see staffing improve over the next few years!

  8. by   Navy Nurse
    1. Job I want to do (position, hours, place)
    2. Benefits (retirement, stock options, PTO)
    3. Money
    4. Money
    5. Money

    I figure if all of these are met then the other parts of the organization will meet my needs.
  9. by   CEN35
    Thanks for the replies up to this point.

  10. by   MD_Rn
    1. Staffing... adequate staffing for safe pt care and to avoid nurse burn out

    2. Supportive Mgt... goes with the adequate staff

    3. Hours

    4. Benefits

    5. Money

    6. Job security (only last because I feel very secure in my current position)

    Would love to see the stats on the end results of this survey
  11. by   CEN35
    Well thanks for the input. ASpparently with only 8 posts in a month, nobody really cares or knows what they want in their job. I thank all of you that did respond though....

    Rick (CEN35)
  12. by   LaurieCRNP2002
    Hello all
    Right now, because I am in grad school (going for my NP), flexible scheduling is number one (and I have that b/c I went per diem). Adequate staffing and strong management support are next--our current VP of patient services gives us lip service and tries to act like she cares about our issues. Money and benefits follow--I'm planning to try agency over the next few months so I can save for a house to move into when I finish school!
  13. by   Q.
    Let's see...
    1. Staffing
    2. Scheduling (I self schedule now, but went that route only after staffing became an issue and I was getting burned out. In order to self schedule, I dropped my benefits).
    3. Money
    4. Job security (I figure money's more important than job security - if it came down to it I could work anywhere for some income - I'm not an idiot)
    5. Benefits (luckily my husband has AWESOME benefits, so I am on his plan)
  14. by   RNforLongTime
    1. Staffing
    2. Money
    3. Benefits(the ones I have now stink!!!)
    4. Management
    5. Hours that fit my needs
    6. Job security-I really don't think that I have to worry about this one.