Please, I need your expert advice!

  1. i need your help, please!

    i have been offered a new job as a health care tech, which is one step below a rn intern. (i can't become a rn intern, yet, because i have not completed adult health i.) i am completely torn about what to do, that is why i need your help. i will list the advantages & disadvantages of each below.

    current job:
    1) get to study while at work
    2) low to no stress
    3) good hours (guaranteed full-time mon - fri 7a - 4p)

    1) have to work with the most stupidest people on the earth! (i am questioned on a daily basis on how to lose 20lbs in 2 days! ugh!!!!)
    2) have not had a raise in over a year, because they say that i since i will be a nurse a couple of years, i don't need it!
    3) even though i have the time to study at work, i very seldom do study at work (i hope that makes sense!)
    4) has nothing to do with the medical field (i am a manager of a corporate wellness facility.)
    5) absolutely no benefits (health insurance, retirement)

    new job:
    1) on-the-job training
    2) i get my foot in the door in the hospital that is very difficult to get into as a new grad nurse
    3) the hospital is about 1/4 of a mile from my house
    4) 7a - 3p shift
    5) benefits

    1) cut in pay (~$2/hr)
    2) no more studying at work
    3) only guaranteed part-time hours (but with possibility of more)

    please any advice and/or suggestion would be greatly appreciated! i have "the meeting" tomorrow.

    thank you!!
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  3. by   Tiiki
    You are in quite the situation. Your current job doesn't seem so appealing. You say you don't study at work anyway, so that is neither an advantage or disadvantage for either. I think utmost it's your job satisfaction that counts. Can you afford the cut in pay? If so, then head for something new, somewhere where you will be happy and may reward you with a positon once you've achieved your RN status. The part-time hours may be a bonus, extra studying time!!! If I were in your shoes, and could afford the pay cut, I'd be so outta that dead end job.

    Good Luck With Your Decision!
  4. by   MPHkatie

    I guess I would cross off a few things on your list. If you aren't studying at your present job, the ability to do it, really isn't a benefit.
    What i would look at is: Can you afford a cut in hours and pay? That sounds like a fairly big cut.... other than that, do what you want to do and enjoy it. Best Wishes
  5. by   moni rn
    thank you, jo-anne & katie for your responses!

    in regards to studying: i usually don't utilize that advantage, unless it is a day of a big test & then i take full advantage of that. to be completely honest, that is usually just last minute cramming.

    in regards to the pay cut: i can't really afford it right now. we are 3 months (sept) from paying off our credit cards. what i plan on doing is to continue working at my job now one day a week, so that way i know i have those hours guaranteed. the nurse mgr says that she can't guarantee me hours, but she says that the hours more than likely will be there if i want them. she also said as i get further into school i may not want to work as much. basically, it will be pretty tight around the house for a while, but we can make it through. what i am wondering is will it be worth it?

    again, thank you for your quick responses!
  6. by   slinkeecat
    changing jobs is a very big stressor and financial woes really cause alot of stress too..... think about it and do not trade one set of problems for a big pile of new and improved problems from hell..... I would reallly let your purse be your guide.... In school, etra expenses always come up so I would caution you to really think this thru......I am no help huh??????
  7. by   hoolahan
    Sounds like the worst thing about your present job is the stupid questions. Finish the course you need to become a tech, which I assume pays more. Don't take a pay cut to go into no guarnatee of hours and less money, along with no time to study. If I had time to study while at work, I'd be a perpetual student!

    Best of luck w your decision.
  8. by   CATHYW
    The $$$value of the benefits and the foot in the door, plus the location would make me jump on the new job, in a heartbeat!
    Promise yourself a time to study, after work, and stick to it. You may have to adjust it sometimes, but it will become a part of your day.
  9. by   colleen10
    Hi Moni,

    Geeze, we could be twins. I am stuck in a dead end job right now and am looking for an entry level job as a PCT, etc.

    You said in your second post that you are planning on working at your current job at the least 1 day a week when you are in school and then take the part-time hospital position. That sounds like a plan to me. Then, I would hurry up and take that Adult Health class to get the Nurse Intern position.

    I do think the Hospital position has a lot of benefits. I think you will learn a whole lot working there and have a lot of educational experiences that would be worth the jump.

    I'm currently looking for such a position even though I know I will make less than I do now and will have to switch from a cushy 9-5, Mon. -Fri. job. But I really think it will benefit me and hopefully I can find a place that will help me pay for my classes. Right there that would probably offset the decrease in pay.

    You have to be careful though. Example, I totally can't stand where I work and it is really depressing for me to be here because I am an active person and in my current job I literally don't do anything all day. I was offered a position as a care giver for adults with mental retardation. It was decent money and a step into the health field but they could only offer me 16 hours a week and said that eventually I should get more. Even though I was tempted to take it and would absolutely run from where I am working now I just couldn't do it because I really need a full time position. In the end I still feel that I made the right choice.

    So moral of the story - how does that saying go? Don't jump from the something into the frying pan?

    Hope this helps a little.

  10. by   CEN35
    to me studying was everything! however, if you don't do that now at work it's no loss? in your shoes....i would say it would have to depend on your financial situation.

    Wish I could help ya moni, but the other posters have already given all the good advice!

    Goodluck to you whatever you decide

  12. by   ChemoRN
    Moni -

    I was in your situation a few years back. I chose to go to the "tech" position. Never regretted it a minute!!

    I don't remember actually studying at work, but I learned things I could apply in my classes. It really gave me a heads up when I started doing actual nursing.

    The cut in pay hurt, but we made it through. Our credit cards didn't get paid off until after I graduated, but they were the first thing to go.

    A lot of hospitals are really jipping orientation periods for new nurses. As a new grad, it's really hard to grasp everything you need to know in orientation. (You will learn how little nursing school has prepared you for real world) I consider my year as a tech as nursing orientation - I learned the ins and outs of my area. I also learned who I could go for for advice and who would give me wrong answers!! This is only a benefit if you plan to work as an RN in the same area.

    Good luck!
  13. by   canoehead
    New job! New job!

    The foot in the door is a big plus if that is where you want to be, and you WILL learn on this new position whether you "study " or not, it will give you practical experience and confidence.

    With the shortage and financial crunches, it is very likely that you will get more hours than you will use, although the benefits won't be available as a PT staffer. But I would bet that hours will be there, just inconvienent not being able to plan a schedule in advance. Ask the boss if the extra hours are last minute calls or scheduled, and ask about extra money for working more than your scheduled time.