PLEASE give me your opinion of these schools

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Are you already an RN? If not - I would look at their NCLEX pass rates, tuition, availability of clinicals, things like that. I see you have Indiana University on your list. I lived in Indy for four years and loved the city. I went to Marian College in Indy for my ADN, but they do have a BSN program too. They are private and quite expensive, but it was the only bridge program I could get into quickly to go from LPN to RN.

    I have worked a couple of shifts at Loyola Hosp in Chicago and at least the ER seemed okay. Don't know about the school though. I wish you luck. Another thing to look at is where you plan to work. A lof of hospital affiliated schools offer loan repayments and sign on bonuses to their own grads.

    Good luck...judi
  4. by   cargal
    Most state universities are cheaper for residents in that state. Look at your state first if this is an issue.

  5. by   Stargazer
    Well, it's been a long time, and everything could've changed by now--but Seattle U was a school from which I fled, screaming in horror, after only 2 years, to finish my degree elsewhere. At the time I attended, the school routinely took on about twice as many students as they could comfortably carry through senior year without hiring more clinical instructors, and then began a campaign of what one instructor admitted to me was an aggressive weed-out program. The relationship between the students and faculty was completely adversarial. It was miserable.

    After I left, there was a huge blow-up when one instructor tried to flunk a large group of students in her clinical rotation (Psych) in their senior year. They also went through a lot of deans in the next few years.

    Like I said, everything could've changed by now, but I would be very, very wary. Best of luck with your school search.
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  6. by   Q.
    I would not recommend UW Milwaukee for a BSN. They have poor clinical sites and not much variety, the instructors are notorious for dropping students into a clinical site and disappearing, and UWM has a highly community health focus which is where the majority of your clinicals are. Very few acute care, and then you'll have to fight for those spots. The nursing program there is highly political. Not very desirable. I myself ran out of that school to attend a private college, to obtain the opportunity for an L&D clinical rotation. It was the best decision I ever made.

    UWM also has a poor reputation in the community. When one of the other nursing schools had problems with accreditation, and students were pleading with other schools to accept some classes and allow them in, UWM had a very piss-poor attitude and would NOT accept these students or work with them. The other nursing schools were outraged at the horror stories these students were telling on how UWM treated them.

    With Milwaukee having 9 nursing schools to choose from, I wouldn't pick UWM. I would prefer UW Madison, UW Oshkosh, or the private schools such as Carroll College.
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  7. by   dawngloves
    MCP is kinda, ehh. They don't rank high in the area in board pass rates. I know they take just about anybody. Several people I know that didn't get into Community Colleges went there.
  8. by   Nurse Ratched
    Edinboro University - I didn't attend the nursing program there, but the business program. At the time, Edinboro was an early propenent of a nursing program that allowed a person who had a bachelor's degree in ANY field to go for another 12-15 months and be awarded a (if I recall rightly) a bachelor's in nursing. Early reports of this program were (and this was ten years ago) that the nurses turned out were of dubious quality (duh.) Popular opinion was divided as to whether it was due to the fact that that was an AWFUL lot of material to cram into a short period of time or the fact that the program was marketed to people who couldn't get jobs in their field of choice, and nursing was a "fall-back" and not something the grads were necessarily in love with as a profession.

    However, I do know several fine nurses who were grads of the "regular" BSN program and thought they got a darn good education at a very reasonable price.

    (Bias alert: my hometown is about 7 miles down the road from Edinboro and I have a very fond recollection of the years I spent there.)

    Indiana University (IUPUI) is my nursing alma mater. I believe the clinical instructors were by and large exceptional in their caring and knowledge. Psych was a bit shortchanged, but the opportunities in peds were fabulous with Riley Hospital for Children so close. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the school (notwithstanding the usual beaurocratic BS I found to be pretty normal regardless of where you go to school.)

    Good luck in your decision .
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  9. by   k123456
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  10. by   emily_mom
    I also agree with the comments about UW-Milwaukee. I would look at UW-Madison. Not only is it a wonderful school; Madison is a very diverse community. I lived there for 5 years and LOVED it!! Small town feel but LOTS going on. Good luck in whatever school you choose.