Plantar Warts

  1. My daughter has a plantar wart that is very painful for her and she needs to get it removed. I am not sure what method they will use to remove it, but it brought to mind a question that I thought someone here might be able to answer.

    Don't think I am crazy...

    When I was her age (early 1980's) I had a plantar wart that my doctor removed. I believe it was removed by ultrasonography, but I am not sure. I went to his office for a series of visits (weekly, I think). I had to soak my foot in a basin of warm water and his nurse took a wand-type device, placed it under the water, and moved it back and forth over the wart without ever touching the wart. It went away and never came back. My sister also had one removed this way around the same time period by the same doctor.

    I am wondering if anyone else has ever heard of this type of treatment, or if anyone knows why it is not common practice. My sister and I have never heard of it since we received that treatment. If I mention it to anyone, they think it is bizarre. But it worked, and it was absolutely pain-free. It was actually quite relaxing.
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  3. by   Quickbeam
    I'm not in any way an expert but have had plantar warts forever. They do tend to come and go on their own timetable which makes tx difficult to verify. I've never heard of the tx you describe. I can vouch for Compound W foot pads but will tell you that you must be religious about it or will not get the whole wart. This past winter I waged war on a 10 year old plantar wart that I'd lost a few rounds with. Finally won....I hadn't been staying with it long enough. Some of them go quite deep.
  4. by   colleen10
    Hi Melissa,

    That sounds a lot nicer than the way I had a group of three removed from my palm also back in the '80's. I don't know the correct medical term but they "froze it off". It didn't hurt too bad when they did it but is was quite sore for a few days afterward and none too pretty.

    On the plus side they never came back and I don't have a scar of any sort.
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    My oldest son had a planter wart on his heel that the acids didn't touch. After 10 months podiatrist finally surgically removed without further problems.

    Two good articles:
  6. by   purplemania
    freezing is called cryotherapy. Another option is electrodessication, but that is kinda old-fashioned. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO IT YOURSELF. Also, this is not the time to get vaccinations as warts are a "weak" area in your skin and you could get the disease you are being vaccinated against. Especially smallpox.
  7. by   melissa24
    Quickbeam...10 years?! That is a long time! I would have gone to a doctor for more aggressive treatment!

    Good advice from all, especially about the vaccinations. I am taking her to the doctor today. I'm not sure if he'll do something there or refer her out to a podiatrist....we'll see.

    I sure wish she could have it removed the pain-free way as I did way back when. I swear it worked, whatever it was. She dances 6 days a week and it is causing her much pain.
  8. by   karenG
    leave them alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are virus's- thus live in nerve endings- you never clear them totally!! if they dont hurt- dont treat!! studies show that the best treatment is to leave well alone!!

  9. by   luvbug
    I heard that pregnant women who have them should be leery of some of the treatments available, and had a friend who put a piece of gray duct tape on them, and it seemed to help her. Wonder if it is some type of chemical in the adhesive?? in our clinic, the Cryotherapy is the most common, but we also use Novicaine and sterile blades to trim them off, Canthacur-PS, or sometimes Bichloracetic acid. All of these methods are to be used by physcian only!! Lots of people who take the cryotherapy option have to come back 3-4 times before the warts are gone.
  10. by   gingerzoe
    My son, daughter and husband had plantar warts. They all had the cryotherapy. It worked well for all of them. Only my husband had to have a return visit. They never came back for my daughter or my son
  11. by   5150dx

    My hubby had one that was under the arch of his foot and getting really large and tender. I spoke to a podiatrist's office and asked about cost (we have no insurance). The receptionist (nurse?) recommended using the acid and shrinking it down before coming in for treatment - much cheaper and less painful.

    So, after each day's bath/soak, I used an exacto blade to scrape the dead skin off it and then put the acid on it. After a few days a "layer would peel off" and we kept at it for about 1 month. A few times the surrounding skin would get the acid on it and get red so I would skip a day or so. Before long, the wart was gone. It has been about 6 months with no sign of a comeback - if it does I will not hesitate to do this again. Of course I was careful to be sanitary about the scraping and "scrapings". My hubby said it was not very painful at all and likely much less so than surgery. Worked for us

    Good luck!