Patient's Demanding Family *Vent* - page 3

I came on shift yesterday afternoon, got my paperwork together, and was heading down my assigned hall when an RN stopped me and asked me to check on a patient on the other wing. When I get there, of... Read More

  1. by   Haunted
    I'm sorry this happened to you. What makes me kinda smile is that these folks seem to watch too much TV. A little air in a peripheral IV line isn't going to kill anyone, that's what those fancy ports are for. Can you just imagine the frantic fear as they watch the dreaded "death bubble" gobble up IV line closer, closer, closer....
  2. by   Jo Dirt
    Some people are just NASTY. No, wait, A LOT of people are just NASTY!
  3. by   caliotter3

    Could you please explain the term "code black". Haven't heard of it.

    When I start getting abused verbally or otherwise, I walk away too. In home health, I will call my agency, arrange for the care of the patient if possible, and leave. If the patient can't be left alone for some reason, I will finish the shift, then I don't go back to the case. Unfortunately, my past agencies have not always supported my decisions to leave a case. But if you have to go, you have to go. I won't jeopardize my license or my safety and well-being for anyone, even if it means I end up unemployed.
  4. by   Scrubby
    A code black at my HCF is for for aggression. I have only called it a few times when i have felt that i have been at risk of violence.

    I've reread some of my past posts and i hope i don't sound uncaring. I don't mind if a family member wishes to vent some frustration out on me if it's not personal. If they want to cry on my shoulder that's ok i'm here for them. If they want to ***** about waiting for too long for anything that's fine as well . It's when your treated like it's all you fault when i just get fed up.
  5. by   Ms Kylee
    Thanks again everyone.... I told the nurse that had them on Friday night what was going on to give her a heads up. Last night, I was lucky enough to draw them... the two differences being they didn't give the nurse any crap on Friday night (but then she's very good at NOT taking patient's/family's crap), and last night I only worked half a shift because of low census. Wife wasn't there, and when I went in to get vitals, straighten the room, etc. Patient apologized to me for wife's previous behaviors. (Odd because he has dementia, must have had a lucid moment.) I told him I accepted the apology. I won't stoop to wife's level. Guess I have to wait and see what tonight brings.....