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UGGGHHH , I have had one of those nights!! I am interested in finding something away from bedside nursing! Any advice??... Read More

  1. by   llg
    I think the replies in this thread have offered some very good advice. While there are a few lucky people who just seem to fall easily into jobs they love ... most people who have those highly desired jobs in nursing have them because they worked hard to get them and beat out a lot of competition.

    Sometimes it takes additional education. Other times it takes switching specialties, or hospitals, or geographic location. Sometimes, opportunities open up because administrators know you personally from having worked with you on committees or special projects.

    Someone interested in exploring local opportunities in your hospital and/or home town might begin by interviewing local nursing leaders. Ask them to assess your particular situation and the status of the job market in your area. What will you need to do to get the types of attractive opportunities available?

    Just a thought,
  2. by   ceecel.dee
    Have a good idea for a program that is needed at your current hospital?
    The more graduate classes I took, the more programs I identified as our hospital being in need of.
    Spoke frequently to my DON about ideas, and soon she was asking for the input... then, if I would be willing to implement them (well, some of them anyway ).
    Now, the new program, policy ideas come to me (from Dr.'s and nurses) faster than I can implement them (I have maintained a strict part-time status), and if we had any nurses to spare, could use the help of another doer.

    Is there a position you can create for yourself (if you like your hospital enough to want to stay there)?

    Good Luck!
  3. by   nursejenrad
    I work for a managed care company and I review car accidents and recommend (or not) treatment. I have only been here about three months but I really like it. I am a full time BSN student and it was too much on my plate to have the stress of agency nursing and school..kids..so on and so on. I do not make the $ that the agency paid me, but its worth the trade off right now. I also have great benefits. I put my resume on monster.com and I was bombarded with calls. My current employer interviewed me and I started the next week.
    Good luck! I am going to look for a unique position when I graduate. I have been in too many situations that I felt unsafe and overworked (16 hours shifts) along with never getting to even have some lunch or run to the bathroom. You will find something you like, just put your name out and they will come.
  4. by   disher
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by llg
    [B]most people who have those highly desired jobs in nursing have them because they worked hard to get them and beat out a lot of competition.

    I completely agree with llg. Life is choices and chances, Luvlife put your best effort into to finding a different job, the worst that can happen is you will gain a new experience.
  5. by   CseMgr1
    Try Case Management: http://www.ccmcertification.org/
  6. by   mattsmom81
    I think we all dream of leaving the bedside, but it still remains a rewarding experience for me so I'm still hanging in there.

    All I can ask of those who bail, PLEASE don't forget what it's like...and how difficult it is for those who remain. Too many quickly get into power trips once they leave and 'move on up'.
  7. by   LuvLife
    That is the problem Mattsmom, there are parts of bedside nursing I absolutely love. I adore my patients and love sitting to talk with them. (seems like there is never enough time though!)