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I am a 29 yr old LPN, and I have a 9 month old son. My boyfriend and I are getting married in the spring and going to try for our second child next summer. My family and being a mother is the most... Read More

  1. by   brendamyheart
    Always be prepaid as if it was you are alone. One never knows what will happen.:wink2:
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  2. by   Sandi0302
    Thank you again for your opinons/advice.
    The "deal" that I thought was being pitched wasnt what I thought it was. They require you to work 24 hrs a week while going to school full time, which isnt going to work with my family obligations. However, the local college offers a "one -day a week" program for RN's to accomodate those in situations like mine. I will be applying most likely for the Jan 2009.
    Thanks again
  3. by   nurse4theplanet
    When you post such a strong statement of your 'embarassment' of being an LPN, you should not be shocked that others become offended and defensive.

    I agree with those who say that you should not rely on your boyfriend's income when deciding personal educational goals. One must always be prepared for the worst, while expecting the best. Especially if there are children involved.

    I encourage you to continue to advance your nursing knowledge, if in fact, it is a nurse that you wish to remain. However, only you know what will make you happy. Good luck in your program beginning in January.

    And, IMO, if you are as confident as you claim, then other's opinions about LPNs vs. RNs would be irrelevant to your worth as a nurse and not cause 'embarassment'.
  4. by   slou!
    I am not an LPN (I am a pre-nursing student working to get my RN), but I have to agree that you can't expect people not to get offended what you say you are embarassed of what so many people here are! There are so many LPNs here, should they all be embarassed of themselves too? They ARE real nurses, and YOU are a real nurse too! I think you should try and feel good about your own title before becoming an RN. If you want to do it, go for it! But remember that you already are a real nurse, don't do it for everyone who says you aren't, do it for yourself..
  5. by   GooeyRN
    First of all... There is nothing to be ashamed about by being an LPN. But I do understand your feelings. Some people make you feel like you are "only" an LPN. I was there once, too. I went back to school to be an RN so I didn't feel that way, and so I could get more $. I was happy with the work I did as an LPN. Please don't be ashamed. LPN's are very important, ESPECIALLY in LTC.

    You seem to be financially secure right now. You have a 9 month old baby. You are soon getting married. I am no expert, but I too am a mom. My dd is now 11.5 months old. We are not as well off as you are, but we our bills are paid and we have some extra's. I choose to stay home until my dd is over a year old, then I will return VERY part time, most likely night shift so she will not know I am gone. Our children will only be very young for a small amount of time.

    I think its great that you want to go to school and work, but I think your little one needs their mom right now more than anything. It would be very difficult to work full-time, go to school, keep your house in order, AND be a mom. Yes, it can be done. Many do it. But I would assume that most are not financially comfortable, and they are doing it to give their children a decent lifestyle, meaning healthy food, good shelter, heat, and clothing that aren't rags. And when the little one wakes during the night after you just got to sleep after being awake for 20 hours and you need to get up in 4 hours to repeat the cycle..... Will you be able to get up to care for them?

    I think it would be great for you to go back to school to teach your children the value of education. But... a 9 month old baby isn't going to understand that education is important. All they will know is mama is not home, and when she is, she is busy doing housework, cooking, studying, or sleeping.

    I saw your last post about going to school in 2009. And you have to work 24 hours, and only go to school one day a week? I think that sounds MUCH better for your family. Your kids will be a bit older by then, and less dependant on YOU. It doesn't sound like a huge commitment, either. It sounds much more family friendly. I think that you are making a very wise decision.
  6. by   HappyLass
    I have to be honest here reading many posts with this persons SANDI0302's comments.You are very arrogant and who cares how much your man makes.Are you that insecure girl?Do you really think thats alot of money? How do you fell about INFIDELITY?
  7. by   AprilRNhere
    Quote from HappyLass
    I have to be honest here reading many posts with this persons SANDI0302's comments.You are very arrogant and who cares how much your man makes.Are you that insecure girl?Do you really think thats alot of money? How do you fell about INFIDELITY?
    First..I want to specify I accidentally hit "thanks" instead of "quote"...and did not by ANY means mean to thank that post.

    THis was your first post? To go off on someone you've never met..from a thread that is 2years old?? Why bother?
  8. by   Katie82
    You didn't say what kind of commitment you would owe the facility after you graduate. I have always told my girls (have 3) to secure their own future before they have children. You can't count on the future where relationships are concerned, I have too many friends who are divorced or widowed. By the same token, if you need to return to work 5 years down the road, you would probably still be able to find an employer who will pay for you to continue your education. Word of advice, even if you have to work one day a week, don't let your license slide....