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Heya!!, wow, Im a british male student nurse, and firstly, hi! secondly do all nurse in the US, austraila, everywhere infact wear scrubs? I dont, I wish I did, "surgical blues" (scrubs) are so... Read More

  1. by   fergus51
    Love wearing my own scrubs when I work in postpartum. Problem comes when I work L&D and have to wear the ugly hospital scrubs. It's also very confusing because all the other health care workers wear the same ones (med students, residents, doctors, midwives, nurses, etc.).
  2. by   BritishStudent
    In britian now, or at least soon enough, trained nurses will be able to prescribe!, only from a limited range of about 40 drugs that in truth couldnt kill a dog if you fed them all to him at the same time. but still, nurse prescribing!, wooo!, yey (yes its assignment writing time again hence I'm avoing it)

    Is there anything like this in the colonies?
  3. by   EmeraldNYL
    In the states, nurse practioners can prescribe drugs, but they have a master's degree. I agree with rncountry that when everyone wears scrubs, patients have a difficult time knowing who their nurse is. Maybe this is a ploy by administration to make patients think that all assistive personnell are nurses so they don't realize how bad nurse staffing really is??
  4. by   BritishStudent
    When you say "their nurse" do you mean that all wards use a primary "named nurse" nursing model?
  5. by   EmeraldNYL
    Hmm, well it depends on the hospital/unit. LTC still uses team nursing-- you have a CNA to do the baths, an LPN to mass meds, a treatment nurse, etc. The ICU's are primary nursing, but I really don't know what the hospitals in everyone else's areas are doing.
  6. by   karenG
    well- I am a nurse practitioner in london ( and hope your spelling is better in your homework than on here, British nurse!!) and I can prescribe! and remember that paracetomol can kill if you take enough of it!!! think 12 is the lethal dose!

    I sometimes wear uniform- its a blue dress and sometimes wear a suit! depends what sort of patients I expect to see. hanged if I am doing dressings in my suit!!

  7. by   ayemmeff
    Thank-you,Karen! Well said!

    (and alot of us have been allowed to wear trousers for quite a while now!)
  8. by   Mimi2RN
    I work in a level II nursery, always wear scrubs. We have to buy our own (as of last year) but if we have a barf, blood etc etc. we can change into the hospital scrubs.

    Karen, I'm still trying to figure out what paracetomol is over here! Any ideas?

    I'm from England originally, trained as RN in the US.
  9. by   RNonsense
    Great White North here, eh...

    At my hospital we all wear scrubs on my unit. Each ward is different I have noticed, depends on the PCM I suppose. Anyway, Hospital Issue ID is mandatory, it has our pic ( aka mug shot ) which clearly shows RN/LPN etc.
  10. by   Stargazer
    Originally posted by Mimi2RN
    Karen, I'm still trying to figure out what paracetomol is over here! Any ideas?
  11. by   BadBird
    Interesting, can you tell me what theatre means? and why you can wear scrubs there, is that the operating room? Just curious. I love my scrubs, mostly ceil blue but I also have dusty pink and maroon, then of course jackets for every holiday and season, brightens up the dull units. When I work the burn unit I have to wear their scrubs which are also blue but not nearly as soft as mine. I can't imagine working in a dress, OMG this isn't the 60's, do your nurses wear caps too? Wow, wouldn't that be awful.
  12. by   karenG
    glad you know what it is stargazer- paracetemol is the generic name- also called panadol. its a non opioid anagesic and just checked- the fatal dose is 20-30 taken over 24hrs.. and I can prescibe it! can also buy it over the counter so dont feel so bad! and if someone wants to die of liver failure........well ok, their choice. wouldnt be mine!

  13. by   ayemmeff
    Originally posted by BadBird
    I can't imagine working in a dress, OMG this isn't the 60's, do your nurses wear caps too? Wow, wouldn't that be awful.

    We DON'T all wear dresses!And we DON'T wear caps! It is 2003 here too,you know!!!!!!!
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