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tell me why i work er? :o :eek: :confused: :( :imbar :o me :confused:... Read More

  1. by   mamabear
    You're in recovery and you want 40 hours a week to practice patience, tolerance and acceptance.
  2. by   semstr
    guess you like wearing latex and being whipped too................ LOL
    Take it easier, Renee
  3. by   micro
    way late on this thread, but crackin'''''

    why, me!!!!!!!!!

    because as nurses we are masochists.....and we love body fluids!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   wrkoutgirl
    nursing is a beautiful carrer and we are privileged to be able to do this noble and rewaring job. the ER and CCU are the units that i wish to be woring at as soon as i become more experienced. i've only been a nurse for 6 months in a telemetry unit. ER and CCU offer magnificent experiences and the opportunity to learn about all areas of nursing. pts come to the ER or CCU with different medical problems and their nurses are very knowlegeable and experienced. i just love nursing and my pts. :chuckle :kiss monica
  5. by   CATHYW
    Monica, thank God for folks like you and CEN! Who is going to take care of old, worn-out ER nurses but the likes of you all?
    Working Tele is a great entryway for ER. Learn all yu can, and good luck!
  6. by   frann
    afraid of elevators?

    really like eating graham crackers and fruit juice?
  7. by   RNforLongTime

    WOW! You get the "Allnurses Nurse of the Year" award! I am glad that I don't work in the ER!

    Maybe you are a sadomasochist?

    Anyhow, take it easy! :kiss

    When are you due for another vacation?

  8. by   vablueyes
    I. too, am an ER nurse. During my most Dr. visit, my primary care doc asked if I would consider changing my specialty, being concerned about me possibly having "burnout." I gave it some long hard thought, and decided it was not an option. To do med-surg would be so boring. ICU with the same patients, doing the same thing, until they either got well, or passed on to glory, would not have the same "punch" that I get from the ER. Granted, there is a great amount of satisfaction knowing that you were the "shining angel" during the ICU stay, that still isn't enough to make me change. I get the rush from teaching the teenage moms how to take care of a new baby...helping a CHF'er start breathing better after the lasix and foley...smarting off the the drunk after they smart off to me...patting the little old man's head, after he tells me he sure wishes he had met me 60 years ago...holding the MI patients hand, assuring him that everything is being done to make him better...we don't want him to die, either...
    I could go on and on....each day is so similar, yet so very different. You never know what will come throught that door...and you have to be ready for it, no matter what. I just don't think any other field of nursing would give me the jolt that ER nursing does...and, that Corona or two at the end of the day just solidifies our love of our specialty...I mean, where else can you run through a shift, emptying bed pans in one hand, and chomping on a piece of pizza in the other?..Makes you think, huh?
  9. by   SICU Queen
    I was pulled to ER for one shift (from ICU) and will NEVER go back. OMG!! You look at some of the creatures that wander in the door and wonder what the hell they do during the day. Every low-life piece of crap that the greater New Orleans area had to offer rolled through the night I worked...

    I'll keep my fresh hearts and other critical surgical-type patients, thank you very much. Any of you that work ER, I admire you immensely. I'd lose my mind...
  10. by   mother/babyRN
    Seems to me CEN35, that you are there because thats where God wants the best to be....
  11. by   mother/babyRN
    Hi there,
    You can probably tell I am an OB nurse, but I used to work PCU and then and now we get floated to the illustrious ER. Ours is a moderate sized community hospital so definitely NOT 21 rooms, however, we have our share of crap (no constipation pun intended, by the way ). First float down there some years ago I was interviewing some pleasant old lady and asked her what had brought her to the er. She looked at me, smiled, and said "Fireballs of the Universe." I thought I had misheard her but she said the same thing not two seconds later at my next query...
    I went to the desk and confronted the charge nurse as I figured they were probably playing some prank with me ( I would be the good natured one they would do that to) and she checked the chart..It was fibroids of the uterus...That same evening I had another woman tell me she was on Latex and rabbit pills (lasix and verapamil..) THEN they send me to triage and a drunk came in, starting to be combative. I said "Hey, You listen to me!" Put the damn bandage on that cut and sit the hell down!" (Still don't know WHERE that came from). He looked up at me through his hazy eyes with blood dropping down his face and answered, "My, you are a good looking woman," and passed out...(entire staff is cracking up at this point.)....Those ER nurses drive me nuts when they are bugging me to do a FH "right now", since we are also, in effect, an er of sorts, and I don't profess to understand how the same people who save lives amazingly all the time can not or will not get comfortable with maternity patients...Still, I love them and there are no better nurses out there...As much as they bug me at times, they are a great group and I HOPE if I come to the ER it is their nurses who get to me first ( the good ones, of course..) I applaud all you do...Come help ME in delivery sometime!
  12. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    From deep in the heart of texas
    shuckins if I know why you work Er. I think all of us Er nurses are a little nuts. We gotta be. We go from holding somebdies hand while they are getting sutured to wading in blood,puke,excrement,etc to trying to calm down a hyperventilating anxious patient who thinks they are dying. Its always the same while at the same time its always different. Dont ask me to explain that one. I never even applied for the Er where Im at, I just ended uo there, and have been there 14 to 15 years now in charge. You get a lot of verbal abuse and the occasional physical abuse, you get the patient who apologizes for passing flatus while you are inserting a foley or an IV and your stuck in there. Meal break and potty breaks are infrequent at best. You go from start to finish. Personally I wouldnt have it anyother way
    Keep it in the short grass,yall