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  1. by   CEN35
    ok yes while kewlnurse is headed in the right direction, it gets much better than that!
    ok now into a few corona's (sorry kewl i know that disgraces you), it's time to let loose!
    first just maybe i am a little arrogant in the fact that i am damn, damn good at my job!
    the fact that the er docs i work with love me to death, and have all the confidence in the world in me!
    the fact that when nobody else has the answers, i do!

    well tonight, it goes to extremes, to opposites! let's se here? ok i got it, go on diversion that will help! not!
    while on diversion it doesn't help the fact that, all the rooms are full already, and that the halls look like a disaster drill, with patients scattered about!
    to top things off, dr. jones sends his mother in law in by private car with a broken hip. she broke this hip, trying to climb way up into the son-in-laws van or pick up truck. so the answer to her paryers, was for dr. jones to send his daughter with her car, to load her up and drive her to the er. we would not want to call 911, so they could board her and stabilize the hip? why not? because we are on divert, and the good dr. jones promised his mother in law, he would make arrangements at our fine facility. the same facility that is currently being slammed and overinundated with tragedy! :imbar
    upon arrival, mrs. fx hip, the mother inlaw of dr. jones, insists, she cannot get out of the car, because of the pain. this is the same car they got her into, just minutes before?
    they then request, we give her pain medecine, and let her sit in the ambulance bay, until the medicine takes effect. at which time, they will allow us to move her! instead, i have to explain that, we must get her inside on a gurney, while the family looks at me like i am henry the viii?
    after getting mrs broken hip, into the er and apeasing dr. jones (mrs broken hips son in law), the next call comes.
    it is dr. smith, upset because his mother in law, is still in the waiting room after 5 hours. dr. smith wants to know when we can get his mother in law (mrs constipation), into the er? while the er physician claims, and i quote "we'll take care of it right now", i bring to attention the fact that an acute cva, mi and tripple a, all take priority of mrs constipation for 5 days.
    now going on hour 6 for mrs constipation, dr. smith calls back up wanting to know the prognosis on his mother in law is doing. (mrs constipation).
    telling him, that mrs constipation has yet to make it to the examining area, he is unpleasantly upset! while i try once again to bring up a point, cva's, mi's, gib's, high pottasuims, and inr's > 10, all rank above constipation, he clearly does not seem to understand this concept?
    at this point i come very near to asking him if, the md after his name stands for "mentally deficient".
    then proceed to ask, and then biting my tongue and saying nothing..........."is the er physicians digit, more productive than his own? you know when it comes to throwing on the glove and doing the freaking dirty work? you know brownie digging........with or without nuts?"
    like after 120 hours of alleged constipation, these last 7 hours in the waiting room, is now the difference between life or death? ok let me guess? the freaking fleets tip was clogged? oh better yet.....the mag citrate was to expensive for the son in law to foot the bill? ducolox what's that?
    so now.......another patient with rectal pain is pissed off, because of a 5 hour wait. the son-in-law (who is not a physician for god's least for once tonight), comes in all irriated because she had to wait for 6 hours also. he wants to know why so long of a wait?
    he stands there, while again i try to tell him in basic terms, the lifethreatening stuff gets first dibs!
    he then proceeds to tell me, "you don't have to tell me that, do yuo think i am an idiot or something!" (ummmmmm no comment......yet! :chuckle he then proceeds to explain, thet she is a diabetic (always the number one reason why they are right), and that she is just recently "post op". i said "ok?" wondering what his point was? he proceeded to complain that, this rectal pain could be a serious post op complication. i stood there and thought? ***** 173/68, 74 nsr no hx of beta blockers, a&ox3
    i really wanted to ask him, how he correlated recent rotator cuff surgery to a new onset of rectal pain? ( i thought back, he did want to know if i thought he was an idiot right? nawwwww!! i thought maybe she is (i.e. clogged, backed up, nova, needs draino, fos or any of the above) also? that would make it another emergency!!! giving up.....i walked away and ignored this lunatic.
    the while the full er, and full waiting room, with labs pending and tests ordered, dr. brown calls in with a question? "how busy are you guys tonight?"
    ok dr. brown, the place is wall to wall patients, some are waiting 6 hours to be seen, 19 people in the wr yet and it's basically out of control.
    dr. brown then proceeds to say, "so is it ok to bring my daughter in law in ahead of the rest, so we can blow her in and out? well sure bring her right in not!!!!
    she too is a r/o dvt, because she had a fx leg, and gets swelling that goes down over night (all after surgery).
    well botom line the whole day/night went like this, from 11am until i lfet at 11;30pm to go get some stress relief! what a day.............shewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


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  2. by   Nittlebug
  3. by   CATHYW
    i forgot how much fun the er used to be! most days/nights it was jump in and start paddling, don't dare look back, don't look too far ahead, be ready to sh** beds if you're the charge, keep going, try to remember to breathe; 7p/a will eventually come. that, however, does not mean that you get to go home!

    you went to er because you were a bright bulb that liked challenges, including being challenged to demonstrate in the blink of an eye your knowledge and competencies. it is fun to be able to have a meeting of the minds with good er docs, to brainstorm as a team, trying to see whose "diagnosis" will be the correct one. knowing lab values without looking them up, knowing who needs a non-rebreather or a nasal cannula. not panicking when the radio squawks that a bad trauma is coming in-you just mentally review who and what you need, and get going. it is almost like cooking without a cookbook, after a while. and, gasp, wheeze, when you and your swollen legs get to go home, you review the patients that you encountered during the day, doing one last eval of yourself and the circumstances to see what could be improved on next time. these are the reasons you do it, i'll bet! :d

    then, there is always the (sometimes grudging) respect that the rest of the hospital nurses have for er folks. we go in where angels (and a good many of them) fear to tread. when we come back out, we may be a little battered and worn, but someone is usually better because of what we do!

    hang tough, cen! we need experienced er folks. they are made, not born. nothing takes the place of experience!
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  4. by   codebluechic

    thanks for reminding me why I work ICU!:chuckle
  5. by   hoolahan
    And for reminding me why I do home health!! :kiss hope tomorrow is better! Think of it this way, instead of doctors relatives, it could have been lawyers!
  6. by   RiinaLiblik
    originally posted by cen35
    tell me why i work er? :imbar

    actually it`s a good question.this moment iwould ask the same thing about a moment i`m doing my night shift and people just coming and not evryone needs er,but ofcourse they think that they need help now.
    so i think we are in the same position.and i think that we are good in er.and sometimes we have a good days and sometimes bad days.maybe this day wasnt the best of your days.
    and again i have to pologise for my english.
  7. by   CEN35
    your right? hang in there for was much different. while on diversion, we were forced to open d/t the overide policy. that is when so many hospitals are overwhelmed, some lucky individual has to accept anything and matter what! lack of staff, lack of room, lack of beds. i even wondered if the hospital planned on providing sleeping bags and air mattreses?
    our er has 21 rooms, 4 of which are fast track. however, we had 18 admits, being held in er and 6 of which were unit admits. while many feel overhwlmed, i took 3 unit admits in the halls, on bp machines with junky monitors. this left us with 6 actual rooms to work with real er patients. i went in at 10am the past two days, and was out by midnight. only to go relief and vent over a few corona's. my guess is....with the admits being held tonight, tomorrow will be no better. the only bright spot is, we were not backed up 19 deep into the wr with the unkown, the critical. as they were mostly in back, and taken care of by someone.
    don't mean to complain......just have my bad everybody else does!

    see--------> :d :d

    just me
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  8. by   RoaminHankRN
    And floor nurses say ER holds patients until shift change?
    Did you CEN?
  9. by   aus nurse
    Hi guys,

    Just thought i'd tell you something I thought was funny. Working in the ER today (except we call it ED) a patient in the waiting room was complaining of the long wait. There's always someone to do that isn't there? Anyway this guy presented with the flu basically, nothing serious, had had it for days and basically using ED for a free consult. Had been waiting for about 3 hours only, under average in our place. We had a 3 person MVA (do you call it that ?) and an infarct. This is an ED with only four beds and one! and a GP oncall. Came to the desk and in the middle of a long and loud tirade said he was sick of waiting and was going to call an ambulance! We are the only hospital in the area. He felt if he arrived via the ambos he would get seen quicker. I had to leave him standing there because I could not stop laughing. All I could think of was the guys at ambulance co-ord getting a call from the hospital requesting transport to the hospital and wondered whether they'd give him a ride around the block to make it worth their while!! Some people are soooo ridiculous you just have to laugh or you scream.

    Anyway I hope it makes you all laugh too. Keep up the good work everybody, and when it gets too bad, do what I do, Think of the money.
  10. by   Tookie

    Hang in there - admire the work

    We only have the odd aged care resident who rings the 000 (emergency number) to report the fact that we dont answer the bell quickly enough for her to go to the toilet or what ever - l might add the police have to answer the call too!!! - then they ring us up to ask us to check it out :rolleyes;

    Well we do have some other hysterical things - like the red belly snake (poisonous) that was smaked on its head by the Director of Nursing on Monday - oh should have told you that its a protected species - but it was either whack it on its head - or the Deputy wouldnt have come out of the staff room. - She was on the table at the time - I might add it was probably about 3 and half ft long - l am not metric when it comes to snakes :roll

    l should say l guess, that our facility is in a rural area - lots of building happening so the snakes come out to get away from the noise - so they come to the nursing home !!

    - hope you have a better couple of days CEN - I'm too old for what you do now -

  11. by   Tookie
    Should have had the roll and the eyes after check it out - sorry
  12. by   Tookie
    Shouldnt have had the roll and the eyes after check it out - sorry
  13. by   CATHYW
    Yo, CEN! Only the strong survive! Glad to hear that yall are getting a handle on it! (-: