One bad apple

  1. I have a question yall, okay here it goes, we have a certain charge nurse at the hospital where I wk, who prefers to keep her head buried in the sand, if we have a code or an emergency sit. she is nowhere to be found. We have complained and complained to the powers that be and still nothing is being done. When we get there at 7p she does an opening assessment on the pts then sits for the next 11 and 1/2 hrs, well I take that back she gets up to smoke at least every 30 mins. or so. It is to the point that even the MDs call one the LPNs or even the CNA(when census allows us to have one) rather than call her. So my question is what on earth are we to do??????? Take tonight for instance I was on call and got called out about 3am not a big deal used to that, I go into the ICU, and every one else leaves except me, air life and the OB RN!! HELLO am I the only one who sees the danger in this, the ICU RN is new just got her license two weeks ago, My supposed CHARGE nurse gets out of there so fast she left skid marks. so sorry to vent but in desprate need of in put here. I wk in a small facility so we all have to float. it was so bad tonight that air life said they had never been so glad to see me in their life. Talk about scary. anyway thanks gotta go back to wk now its about 0530 and I wk all day. oh and almost forgot she called me out around 2300-0100 to do VITALS because she was "just to busy" she was reading a romance novel at the station
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  3. by   Mkue
    omg, that is terrible... it would be so frustrating to work with someone like that. i think something should be done, as patients come first.

    i hope things change very soon for you !

  4. by   Rustyhammer
    You could let the air out of one of her tires. That way she would have to do SOMETHING that day.
    Or you could post her name, address and home phone number all over the dominatrix bullitin board (there MUST be one on the net somewhere). Other than that looks like you are going through the right channels.
  5. by   hoolahan
    OK, she called you to do vitals b/c she was reading a book....and you did it???? I would have told her in no uncertain terms to get up off her lazy a$$ or I would call the supervisor to do her vitals. (When this post went through and I re-read, I am sorry, I forgot your signature said you are an LPN, so I can understand a little more why you felt you have to take her "directions." BUT, the truth is, you do not. She is responsible for her own pt's, and you can't be afraid to be "insubordinate" to tell her so, or she will continue to walk all over you. You all need to start standing up to her and refusing to pick up her slack, unless a pt is going to be immediately compromised, then you act and call the super.)

    What you guys need to do is put it in writing!!! You need to compose a factual letter, no emotions. Write down exactly what you observe her doing for several shifts. Get the MD's, LPN's,CNA's airlife, anyone you can to sign it and add their own observations, and cc to the state board of nursing (even if you don't really send it, it will scare them.) That will get their attention. For a faster result, get a few docs to call the DON and c/o about how she doesn't take care of the pt's. Better yet, get the family's and/or pt's to call the DON and c/o her. Is she a charge w or w/o an assignment? Sounds like she has an assignment. This chick does not deserve a paycheck!
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  6. by   oramar
    It is a disgrace that upper level managment allows this to go on. However, they do it all the time don't they. She is an insult to all the supervisors that bust their buns and their are plenty of them. She is all so a danger to patients and yourself.
  7. by   rebelwaclause
    Originally posted by Rustyhammer
    You could let the air out of one of her tires. That way she would have to do SOMETHING that day.
    Or you could post her name, address and home phone number all over the dominatrix bullitin board (there MUST be one on the net somewhere). Other than that looks like you are going through the right channels.
    Tell me, Rustyhammer...What's your experience with the dominatrix bulletin boards? (hahahahahahaha....Smile).
  8. by   bandaidexpert
    I am with hoolahan on this one. However, rusty's idea has certain qualities...I was in a similar situation a few years back, never mind how many, and I finally got sick and tired of her crap and went to the top. She of course was given a choice, to quit or be demoted. I internalized this situation until it affected me physically. Do what you need to do. The patients come first.
    Good luck

  9. by   stressedlpn
    We all have done everything we can think of we went on "strike" once where she had no choice but to get up and help us. Another problem is, growing up she and my mom were best friends so maybe she is just taking advatage of me because of that. Her excuse for leaving last night was once I got there I had the sit. under control. We wondered if we threw her a "so sorry your leaving" party she would leave. or at least get a clue?????????I did talk to the manager AGAIN about it when she wondered why I had huge bags under my eyes, well I had not been asleep in about 36 or more hours, thanks again for all the support. I cant slit her tires but I think I will hide her cigs in whatever room we want her in, That way we would at least know she did go in that room that night. love to all kelli
  10. by   yazisizzit
    Not uncommon.

    If you have to work with this person, and you go to war with her as the only one, you will be out on a shaky limb.

    If you have a Nurses' Union, then speak to your union people, consider documenting all incidents and see redress via them.

    If you do not have a Nurses' Union, get one.

    Until then, if you want to keep your job, you best just try to get along and pick up the extra slack.

    Sadly, that is the way it is very often...
  11. by   RNIAM
    We had the same problem once. The facility that I work at is a Uniounized facility. The staff were tired of lack of backbone and generally inability to perform her duties. The union decided that enough was enough. We arranged a meeting with the DON with the intention to vote NO CONFIDENCE..She heard about what was going to happen prior to..she resigned and is now a staff nurse at another facility..
  12. by   Mattigan
    Rustyhammer had good suggestions for you.

    Tip- when letting the air out of tires I found it is best to put a small piece of gravel in the cap of the valve stem, screw it back on and leave- helps you not get caught. Getting caught is quite embarrassing.
  13. by   StrawberryBSN
    mayun...i hope that was learned from your youthfull menacing days! (hahahahahahahahaha.......)
  14. by   Mattigan
    Wel, yes I did learn it in my youthful, menacing days but to be honest the last time I did it was 2 years ago at 46 years of age .

    Before you start to think I'm really horrible- honestly, until 2 years ago I hadn't done it since I was a youthful and that's as menacing as I ever got if you don't count vaseline on the windshield wipers or mozarrela cheese over that thing in the engine.