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As requested in another thread here is a poll to find out where people are located in the US, or the great big world...the poll is general..you will need to reply to get it closer. bob... Read More

    originally from Coushatta, Louisiana (40 miles south of Shreveport), now in St. Louis Missouri (for the past 14 years)--thinking about moving to Texas in the next few years
  2. by   pezzy68
    Midwest baby!!I live in a small town in Indiana,about 70 mi east of Chicago Ill
  3. by   Fonenurse
    OK Guys, I know the UK seems like a small place, but to lump us with the Middle East - please, it's thousands of miles away... if you haven't guessed I'm from the UK - living in the north but my heart is in the south west of the UK
  4. by   Brittany, RN
    Southeastern New York here. A little over an hour North of NYC. But i'll be moving to Albany in late fall.

    - Brittany
  5. by   CA_LVN
    Southern CA
  6. by   BabyNurse_PJN
    From Oklahoma-currently live in Kansas about 60 miles from the border of OK. We will be moving back to Oklahoma (Tulsa) beginning 2010.
  7. by   calebsmom0822
    Being a military brat, I'm from all over..LOL Born in Missouri but raised in San Diego.
  8. by   XB9S
    As many of you will know, most definately from the UK
    (hope you don't mind I've edited the poll to include UK in that one
  9. by   ngbaseball
    Yay for the southeastern US!
  10. by   NewNurse626
  11. by   Laurinq
    Florida- West coast nbch:
  12. by   diane227
    From Houston, Texas, now living in Seattle Washington. I miss Texas but I don't miss the heat.
  13. by   Sydangle2