Ok am I cracking up or what

  1. I've been thinking about this all morning, and while I don't really want to post about this, I value everyone's opinion so much, and this freaked me out so severely, I think the benefits will outweigh the risk, so to speak.
    I really hope you all don't think I'm a nutjob.
    Let me preface this by saying I have a history of dysthymic disorder and major depression and am currently on an SSRI (unlike many psych patients I actually do take my meds).
    Anyway, this morning I heard a voice in my head. Not voices, but one single voice. I was laying in bed, not sleeping, I had my big dog in the bed beside me and my little dog (Mercedes the beagle I've been talking about) laying on the floor beside the bed. All of a sudden I heard this gruff, obviously male voice abruptly say "Lady", as if to get my attention.
    Now, in this part of the country I regularly greet my female friends with "Hey lady" or something like that. But this sounded as if this person was annoyed with me.
    It was SO REAL I sat up and looked around, thinking I might not be alone in my house. I actually looked for the source of this voice, of course I couldn't find it.
    So... what do you think?
    I remember that schizophrenia usually affects women primarily in their 30s, but I also remember that it has a gradual onset. I hate to think worst case scenario, but that's what I thought of when I realized the voice was in my head.
    I still have a good sense of reality vs non-reality, but I have new empathy for psych patients who hear voices.... this has me really freaked the f*ck out.
    I'd appreciate any input.
    My tag line now seems eerily appropriate.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Gosh how difficult for you, Rebecca. I am so sorry. I would see a doctor PDQ about this......to get a diagnosis and treatment, if needed. It is POSSIBLE you are "hearing things" w/o being schizophrenic, too,you know. It may be a mind working overtime, over work, tired. It has happened to me....and I am not schizophrenic, as far as I know! I would look for answers and get it all checked out. I wish you well. I would love to hear an update to see how you are doing! Hang in there and take care of yourself!
  4. by   delirium
    Thanks Debbie.
    I may be overreacting, after all, it was an isolated incident. Its just that it scared the bejesus out of me.
    Thanks for your input.
  5. by   dawngloves
    WoW! I would'nt know what to make of that! Maybe you were half sleep/dreaming and heard it. Maybe it was one of the dogs with bad gas. I'm not trying to be funny, but you never know.
    I'd let it slide. It's not like overnight you're going to hear a voice telling you to take a gun up to the bell tower.
  6. by   delirium
    You're probably right.... I probably shouldn't have even mentioned it, except it was so weird and unsettling.
    Hopefully I was dreaming, or maybe I'm just overtired or something.
  7. by   JeannieM
    MsPurp, I know how you feel. I have a history of mental illness in my family, and I'm currently on tricyclics (for trigeminal neuralgia, not depression, thank God). I'm always watching myself for "signs" that I'm losing it! (Some people would argue that I've already lost it, but that's another matter ) Get checked and get reassurance. Thoughts and prayers.
  8. by   meownsmile
    I'm not trying to discount what you heard or your fear of anything here but is it possible that you could have been on the edge of sleep and didnt realize it. I know i have had times when i hear loud pops in my head, ears or wherever they come from or your muscles have that release and you have that jerk in your legs just before falling off to sleep,usually when you are overtired. Could it be that your perception of something like that could have been what you heard. Just because you feel you heard it as a word doesnt mean you are losing anything. It maybe was just the perception you had at the moment. I think I would catch up on any sleep I needed and hold out for any more symptoms before i went back and saw the doc. If it continues or becomes more frequent then absolutely get in and see the doc.
  9. by   dharma143
    MsPurp, please don't be sorry that you posted this! i agree totally /c meownsmile! makes alot of sense to me. i have mental illness in my family & very much want to work to take away the stigma attatched to this!!! when i can afford to not work for $$$s, this will be where i'll spend time advocating! openness is a key! i feel most people have a form of it or another- also there is such a spectrum of degrees of it. in either my emt-s or paramedic class- there was a presentation of quircks & mi s/s that bring us into this insane line of work! love, dharma
  10. by   l.rae
    MsPurp...all good advice here...this has happened to me before...usually l think l heard a child's voice...l've even called back and answered.."what?" then realize it was no one...it hasnn't happened often...l have always written it off as some wierd noise in my house..see a MD if it will make u feel better..or especially if it continues.....keep us posted........LR
  11. by   Zee_RN
    I think it is entirely possible that you were sleeping or half-asleep and didn't realize it. It was, most likely, a dream. And I think I read the schizophrenia usually strikes late teens, early twenties.

    One night as I was laying awake in bed, I hear a crinkling noise in the hallway. All senses went on alert and then I saw two individuals and dog walk down my hallway toward my children's room. TERROR struck me. I was awake and knew what I saw. Got out of bed and looked down hall...nothing. Check kids' room...nothing. There was no one there, never was. The thing is, I would have SWORN that I was awake when I heard and saw this. Obviously, I was asleep when I saw and heard the images and woke up without realizing it, never interrupting the dream. One of the scariest things of my life. I'm betting the same thing happened to you.
    Oh Rebecca! I really wouldn't worry about it. Sweet thing, you've had so much going on, and lordy knows us nurses sit a little higher on the stress scale. You could have been half asleep, in that in-between state of consciousness. I don't doubt what you heard or how real it was to you, but I believe it was an isolated incidence that shows exactly how our minds can play tricks on us.

    I commend you for sharing here, and being so open with your history. There is too much of a stigma associated with these disorders, I'm glad to see you're so open about yourself.

    I'd be interested in knowing though, when a schizophrenic hears voices, if they are typically of the same gender or not. I have no research to base it on, but it shocked me that the voice you heard was male for some reason.

  13. by   delirium
    It shocked you? Ha!
    That's probably what made me think I was off my rocker... my life is so woman-centered, I have relatively little male influence in any aspect of my life, with the possible exception of my father.
    That's why I thought it was so strange.
    I'm sure all you wise people are right, and there's no reason for me to voluntarily commit myself anywhere, I was just extremely freaked out by the whole experience.
    I'm feeling better about it now, and its sort of like a distant memory, not at all like it just happened this morning. Perhaps more evidence that I really was dreaming?
    Too weird for America.
  14. by   CATHYW
    Rebecca, I am with the group that thinks you may have been in twilight sleep. Unless you hear this voice again, I would write it off as one of those things we just can't esssplain!