Oh My Goodness!!!

  1. to my allnurses buddies

    i just want to let you all know how special you have all become to me these last seveal days in particular.

    las vegas, your idea of sending actual (not email) christmas cards has been a true mood-lifter for me. you are an angel! :angel2:

    i counted over 60 cards! (i wonder what my mail carrier thinks ??haha) i have them taped to my bookcase and closet door with good-ole 3m transpore tape! (hmmmm...how did that get into my nurses' bag???) most of these cards are from allnurses friends. at 1st, hubby didn't like the idea of sharing my addy w you...then i reminded him that the telephone book lists our adress too, and it's not exactly top secret stuff! now he thinks it's really cool and he looked forward to the cards each day as much as i did. he usually opened them before i even got home!!

    here is why these holiday cards really have become special christmas love messages to me.

    in the last two weeks:
    1. i found out i have a really bad problem with my feet and ankles, especially the right one. it will probably need surgery and means a lot of down-time. i wonder what it will mean w my job, because i work 3-12 hr shifts a week on med-surg. i haven't talked to my super about it yet. and i have post-poned the treatment until after the holidays.

    2. i got the flu. geezy-pete...how can the human body produce so much...ummmmmm..."fluid" when there is nothing going in??? i lost 6.5 pounds in two days. yuck.

    3. most important, we have found out my fil has ca again. he had colon ca 4 yrs ago and had a colostomy and chemo/radiation. one year ago got prostate ca and had a supr-pubic cath put in b/c of the prob w flow, had a turp and orchidectomy. now he has bladder ca and a tumor in his colon again. the ct also stated something about bilateral sacral probs. (explains his hip pain.) we are all going w him to the james center at ohio state university (cancer treatment and study center) the day after christmas. we will know the whole picture then. he also has heart probs and dm, so surgery is out of the question. (77 yrs old) he is in great spirits! i don't know how he does it.

    so ya'll see why these cards have brought some pleasure and happiness to me ... they were something i looked forward to seeing every day!

    i am not "boo-hoo'ing" i know many many people have it harder than i do. i have a very loving family and that is what matters.

    but *you* have all made my days brighter and happier. i am blessed to have you as friends and comrades with whom i can share my problems. i love you guys!!! :kiss

    merry christmas!!!!
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  3. by   LasVegasRN
    My front hallway is covered with over 80 Christmas cards. Friends, family, and mostly ALLNURSES!!!!

    I look at all the different cards (amazed at how not ONE was duplicated) and think of how this could be a testimony of human compassion and love. Think about it - so many of us took the time to write messages, send little tokens, buy stamps and pay international postage just to say, "Hi, I am thinking of you and am wishing you a great holiday!".

    It IS very touching. I am so thankful for everyone who participated and even those who wanted to participate but couldn't.

    The people we "talk" to across phone, cable and DSL lines are REAL. I'm proud and feel fortunate to be one of you.
    Oh man.... I'm getting all misty! And my make-up looks holiday-perfect!

    I got 7 cards today! Too cool! It really has been what has kept me in the holiday mood when everything else was going crazy!

  5. by   Tweety
    Didn't do the cards this year. But wishing you the best.
  6. by   MissdonditaBsn
    I have gotten so many cards and I really wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. I just joined this bb and I haven't developed the "relationships" with all of you that I see happening, yet so many of you still sent me cards. I am just amazed. LasVegas, I got yours first and I was so excited. I am so glad that I happened upon this place and I look forward to getting to know all of you.

    Have a joyous Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!
  7. by   kids
    ...to every one who added me to your Christmas card lists this year too. I had the greatest intentions from day one but never got them done. For the past 5 years we have sent out close to 100 cards to both sides of our family, this year we were remembered by 6 of them.

    I used to be a big fan of Christmas with all of the decorations and lights and while I hate to shop I love to give presents. This year the spirit just hasn't been here for us...good grief, we didn't bother to get a tree or decorate until a couple of days ago.

    My husband and I have both felt that things have seemed so hectic and forced this season. My family's stuff is nothing compared to what many member of the board are going thru so I haven't said much...we have had to face the sad truth that my Mom won't be with us next year and the possibility that my MIL will be gone also.

    There are a lot of other things weighing heavy on us. We are both miserable in our jobs. The boys are going no-where (future wise). We worry about my daughter being so young, with no education and what her and the baby's future will be like. My neurosurgeon(s) think the best 'fix' for me is good old fashoned Herrington rods. My 12 yo stepson (in OKC) is spending Christmas in an inpatient psych unit and all that is wrong with him is lack of discipline, labels and a histronic bio-Mom. Last and least, my husband and I have 'always' planned to relocate to Witicha, KS (closer to his family, but not to close) when my Mom passed, now we don't see our ever being able to leave this area. My kids grew up in this area and their lives are rooted here, we are all so close, neither of us can see me being able to leave my kids behind. My husband is as committed to my kids as I am but I feel like I have let him down on this.

    So again, thank you to every one who remembered me and my family with a card, each and every one of them has been enjoyed and proudly displayed.

    (and I may send my Christmas cards out yet!)

    love you guys, even those of you I don't much like sometimes

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  8. by   semstr
    Merry Christmas!

    Hey, Nancy, a card in January would be very nice too you know!
    I hate that month anyway, sooo long and dark and cold and wet and bbblllllll!
    Thinking of all of you today, couldn't wait to write a few words and to thank you again for all the cards and wishes.
    It feels great to be part of this international nurses-clan!

    And for those, not feeling or not doing well, remember the old wise words of an old Dutch woman (my greatgranny):
    The weak human-beings don't have to go through tough experiences, but the strong ones have to make these experiences, so they can give them to their offspring, so these kids can be even stronger people.

    Take care, Renee
  9. by   spineCNOR
    to semstr,
    thanks for the words of wisdom from your greatgranny - sounds like she is a wise woman indeed!

    To all my Allnurses friends,
    I wish you the best for the holidays! May each one of you going through difficult times now have better days ahead. :kiss

    To everyone who sent me a Christmas card,
    I love them all - as Vegas noted, there were no duplications-pretty amazing! I tend to be rather down at the holidays, but not this year. I imagine this is because I was so busy either addressing cards or opening cards. My bookcase looks very cheery with all the cards adorning it. Thanks you all, especially our "Class Secretary" Vegas who came up with such a brilliant idea for making our holiday more special. I hope this will be an annual Allnurses tradition - what do you think, guys?

    Love you all! Happy Holidays!!!
  10. by   semstr
    well, yes she was- she died years ago, very blessed in her high 90! (well she was pretty demented in her last years, I remember her as a very, very old, petite woman with the brightest eyes you ever saw)
  11. by   cargal
    Originally posted by 3rdShiftGuy
    Didn't do the cards this year. But wishing you the best.
    Same here! This IS a very special place. Had to come see what was happening on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day too! Part of the family gathering, what else!

    Feliz Navidad,