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Wow, you learn new stuff everyday! I recently hurt my back, and am on some pretty darn high doses of oxycodone while waiting for my neurosurgeons appt. Enough so I actually took the prescription... Read More

  1. by   Almabella
    unisom for morning sickness. I was pretty surprised the first time I heard that one!
  2. by   SeychelleRN
    Bethanechol used for urinary retention can also be used for GERD.
  3. by   morte
    when glucophage is being taken in the context of infertility, it is prob being used to treat poly cystic ovary disease, which has an insulin resistance not really off label...
  4. by   pagandeva2000
    Quote from nghtfltguy
    if you are not a gambler... and you have some restless legs
    take a boatload of mirapex
    and go to vegas!!

    I am REALLY trying to comprehend that one. When I first heard it, I looked in my drug guide and saw nothing about gambling. But, yeah, if the feeling were to hit, I would take the first thing smoking to see if it works...
  5. by   pagandeva2000
    Quote from liliana1219
    Let's not forget the best one ever...Viagra for Pulmonary HTN!!!!

    I love it!
    Yes, I heard that for the first time here on this board. I totally flipped out on that one. And, when I checked my nursing drug guide, it says nothing about this off label use. I assume they make more money for treating impotence.
  6. by   ZippyGBR
    Quote from crissrn27
    Never heard of the mucinex as a fertility med thing, but we have several docs that order glucophage as a fertility med.
    in the uk IIRC metformin ins now 'on label' for Polycystic overay syndrome treatment
  7. by   megananne7
    Here is an article about the Glucophage being used to prevent miscarriage: