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I nearly had a meltdown last night. You don't have to read this, I'm just venting, but by talking about it now I can let go and move on. I'm off for two days. I'm moving to my new unit on Sunday... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    Originally posted by renerian
    What a horrible experience! I hope your new floor is better. What floor are you going to?

    Enjoy your two days off my friend.


    You and passingthru were asking what unit I'm moving too. I'm gong from neuro/neuro step down to Telemetry. Our hospital had a few tele beds scattered throughout med-surg, and a PCU, but not a medical-Telemetry floor. That's where I'm going. There's no way I can get out of doing charge. But I'm hoping a change of scenery will work out.

    The best thing is that there will be a telemetry tech to answer the blasted phone.

    Still going to be all of the same drama I'm afraid. So I'm going to give it a chance. If I'm still unhappy and not liking myself. I'm going to consider something else. Half the battle for me is working with a positive team and people I enjoy being with. When you're on a sinking ship and people are throwing you off, rather than offering a life preserver it gets tough.

    Thanks for your support everyone. It helps to talk it out. Keeps things in perspective.
  2. by   baseline
    Honey......I hope your new unit will be an improvement. In the meantime.....invest in a massage and some time off. You deserve it!!!
  3. by   hapeewendy
    adrie I think you are my long lost older sister
    heh the exact same scenario is going on at my workplace right now and I am also quite vocal about it, we have notices up all over telling us not to replace sick calls and that under no circumstances are we to call an agency...
    this is "an initiative to get back on track"
    uhhhhhh no it isnt, its an initiative to run away your nurses who are so tired from working shortstaffed all the time that they feel as though patient safety is most definitely compromised...
    so yeah, I am also being appluaded by my fellow nurses for being vocal and standing up for what is right for the patients and the nurses, however I have recieved the title of "troublemaker" from my unit administrator
    which is the determining factor in my decision to start looking elsewhere for employment...
    management and u/a's can make it very difficult on those of us who speak up ,and for the first time ever I feel caught up in all the politics and drama, and its weighing heavily on my brain and my heart...
  4. by   researchrabbit
    I am so sorry things are so stressful for so many. Hugs to all of you!
  5. by   renerian
    3rd shift guy I agree the right team makes all the difference!

  6. by   sjoe
    wendy writes: "I still think we should all band together and form our own hospital ala patch adams style , we could rock the free world"

    Sounds fine to me, so long as it is in a warm climate.
  7. by   alwaysthere
    3rd...take some time off asap!......and make sure when you do it is OFF...none of this oh ive got to do this and that and fix this or that cuz im off.....just focus on healing your self....and know your family here cares for you
  8. by   Jenny P
    3rdShiftGuy, THAT was not only an awful shift; that would be totally unacceptable in my book! The idea that there was no unit secretary or anyone else to answer that blasted phone; PLUS the other garbage of riled nurses AND working charge!
    I'd write it up and send it up through HR and management; I would also DEMAND a secretary or CNA strictly for phone calls and visitors. This is NO WAY to have a neuro/neuro stepdown unit function: encourage the patients who were involved to write up their interpretation of it!
    You were stressed beyond belief; thank goodness you are OUT of there tonight! The fact that your co-workers have been undermining you and disrespectful of you recently also played into your short fuse.
    You are as human as the rest of us; you are just as breakable as each of us is. I'd love to work with you because what I know of you through this BB is that you are a caring contientious person who chose to be a nurse for some of the same reasons I did.
    It takes a special courage to go over to PACU and apologize to the person you blew up at. It doesn't matter that you blew up; what matters is what a big heart you have.
    Twelve hour shifts are killers after a while, and 3/week IS full time. Do NOT work more than that. Your mental and emotional health is at risk right now and maybe full time is too much. I am starting to believe that the stuff we are going through as nurses right now is extremely toxic to our own survival. I wonder what would happen if we would band together and say that we just can't do it anymore.

    In 1900-1910, the average lifetime of a nurse AFTER they became nurses was about 10 years. They DIED after dedicating their short lives to their profession. I wonder if we are much better 100 years later-- maybe we don't DIE from being nurses, but I suspect we have shorter lifespans and we certainly BURN OUT fast enough these days.
  9. by   Sleepyeyes
    Awesome post, Jenny! I agree with you wholeheartedly!!!
  10. by   itsme
    Get a professional massage, have a cup of cocoa with tons of marshmellows, and plan a vacation for when you are able to take one! With all you have been through lately, you have soooo much stress! Take time for you! I know that is easier said than done, but even taking 15 minutes and reading or listening to soft music may help! I hope things get better for you!
  11. by   Agnus
    Originally posted by sjoe
    wendy writes: "I still think we should all band together and form our own hospital ala patch adams style , we could rock the free world"

    Sounds fine to me, so long as it is in a warm climate.
    Hear Hear
  12. by   Agnus
    My love to you, third shift.
  13. by   Tweety
    Thanks again everyone for your support.

    Jenny P, that was an uplifting post. Thanks. I've written up my concerns before when they got my transfer request. I'll leave it at that. Believe you me, it won't do any good, but it did cause a stir. Everyone from phlebotomy to housekeeping knows I'm leaving neuro. I only hope tonight I don't go out with too much of a bang. Saturdays aren't too bad.

    I fully believe the long-term stress is quite detrimental to nurses. Day and after day of it just can't be good for the old body.

    I'm also hoping we don't get too many sick calls as our hometeam plays in the Superbowl tomorrow.