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So anyway, I attended a staff council meeting where we discussed plans for Nursing Week which is coming up in May. :rolleyes: So basically it was said that unless we nurses are willing plan and... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Originally posted by Julielpn
    Our facility doesn't do anything for Nurses Appreciation Week. We did however, have an employee appreciation day in which 1st shift was awarded lunch, games and prizes and flowers.
    My shift? Got 1/4 of a Subway Sub, and no gifts or flowers...
    From now on, I'll call it 1st shift appreciation day.
    Yea ain't that the truth. If you work eve/nights forget any of that. It is a fact of shiftwork huh. I know what you mean.
  2. by   Dr. Kate
    One place I worked gave different trinkets to the licensed and unlicensed nursing employees. I thought that was nasty. The worst I've seen in recent memory was a "gift" of a small box of candy that was 3 pieces of hard candy. Didn't bother to even pick it up--not worth the time to go after it.
  3. by   Geeg
    Why does anyone even bother to be shocked anymore. The administration's disdain for nurses has been obvious since the dawn of time. I believe the only way to fight back is to stop being employed by the hospital. At least agencies and travel co want to retain us, at least they have figured out that they can't make any money without us.
  4. by   Tweety
    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes
    sjoe sums it up. I personally don't look to the hospital or dr's or anyone else outside myself in order to see my intrinsic value as a nurse. I do what I do for selfish reasons mainly. I won't lie: I like the flexibility...the way I can build my schedule around my life--- not the other way around. The pay is not bad here where I live. I like the type nursing I do (OB) and take lots of satisfaction from that. If I get a cheapo pen or mug each May from the hospital to celebrate my value as a nurse, so be it. If I get nothing, so be it. I don' t care. Really.

    One thing I will tell ya: I don't let them use me up and spit me out....I make it work for me and my family life. If you want to make something great out of National Nurses' Week where you work, I say that is GREAT! However, You will have to get proactive and help make it happen (sadly)...or do like me and just take what you can from the situation and live your life. Sorry if this upsets anyone but I have ceased to waste my time getting upset over stuff like this anymore......too much going on in my life anymore to let stuff like this get me to boiling point.
    Couldn't have said it better Blueyes. As I said I get paid, benefits, vacation, etc. I don't need anything else to make me feel "appreicated", since I choose to work there. I find value in what I do. Not that I don't appreciate nurses week, but I don't stick my nose up at their efforts, feeble though some might think they are. (We usually get t-shirts, which every gripes about how cheap they are, how no one appreciates us, etc. but everyone wears them too.)

    Also, I would amend my post above to say that nurse techs and aides are definately part of the nursing staff and nurses week.

    To Greg, I think our hospital is just as concerned about retention and recruitment as the agencies are. They aren't sucessful yet, and they can't afford to pay us what agencies can pay, but it doesn't mean they aren't trying, or at least "looking into it" and I've seen some positive changes (especially in patient ratios!).
  5. by   Liann
    In our hospital, we have a committee of lab staff to organize activities for National Medical Laboratory Week in April. We make sure that all 3 shifts get the same food items and any vendor trinkets.

    We also have a competition of some sort each year to get people to interact in some way. Last year we had a Lab Olympics type thing, which was the theme for our display in the lobby and Cafeteria. Questions like : How many blood draws each day? How many units of blood transfused monthly? All with the goal of informing the public AND other lab folks of just what we do. We are a behind the scenes kind of department here in the lab, but perform vital services. I try to see each of the many recognition week as an opportunity to learn about some facet of health care.
  6. by   ceecel.dee
    So are you guys thinking that the secretaries are being given all expense paid trips, and firemen are getting certificates to visit the spa for as many massages as they can squeeze into a 2 week pass? Are teachers receiving big-screen TV's?

    Have you shown appreciation to your boss on bosses day? How?

    I think the trinkets are an attempt to show recognition. Are they awesome collectebles? No. But a meal is sneered at, sweets are sneered at, trinkets are sneered's no wonder they have given up even an attempt to show appreciation, above and beyond your pay and benefits, and maybe a banner in the hallway. It is a tough bunch to please and who love to sneer at anything the adminstration does as ridiculous, so it is really a no win for both of us.
  7. by   frannybee
    You get presents?!

    We get nowt. If we're lucky, a relative will read in the paper that it's Nurse's Day and bring in a packet of Hob Nobs for the staff.
  8. by   Liann
    "But a meal is sneered at, sweets are sneered at, trinkets are sneered's no wonder they have given up even an attempt to show appreciation, above and beyond your pay and benefits, and maybe a banner in the hallway. "

    Too true. Every year it gets harder to recruit members of the lab week committee. We are told to do more with less every day, and of course we cant say THAT on the banner, now can we??? Things have gotten so that a lot of people either dont have the time or the enthusiam to do such activities. Therefore, its the same few who slog on each year. I dont want to hear the hue and cry if we DONT honor Lab Week in some way....