nursing superstitutions.....any truth in???

  1. just thought about the next full moon coming up.........loonies.........

    and that they tend to happen in threes.......

    and any others out there.........

    getting ready for work.........
    gotta go.............

    have a great day all:stone
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  3. by   eltrip
    Every single time that I have brought a book or magazine to read when working on the floor, the place has gone nuts !

    Other superstitions:
    Never say the "Q" or "S" words (quiet or slow). You'll get a ton of admissions & every other patient will have major problems if these words are said during a shift.

    Never, ever, state (even if it's true) that you've never had a patient "code" on you. I was in the presence of a nurse, out of school less than a year, who was chatting up a fellow nurse (who happened to be QUITE attractive), & spoke of how he'd never had a patient "code" on him. The other nurse & I exchanged a "look" (oh my word, why did he say this OUT LOUD?!) This was at 2am. At 6am, this nurse had the experience of having his first patient to "code" on him.

    Peace ya'll,
  4. by   hapeewendy
    haha so true about the "its quiet" thing
    never ever ever say that outloud,hell dont even think it!

    what else, never ever say "wow I'm so glad that I dont have any empty beds , or thank god my patient load is full" cuz you better believe somethings gonna happen , ie- code or transfer or D/c home
    so that you can get the worst admissions from the ER possible

    vocalize to the least amount of ppl possible when you are going on your break, because the more ppl you tell, the more ppl who will want you to do something before you go.....

    I do think things happen in threes, for some reason that happens to me a lot
    bad karma?

    and that whole thing about a wave of deaths, I've seen that......for 2 months all of our patients were d/ced, transferred etc, then on the third month, we had 7 deaths in 7 days

  5. by   bagladyrn
    Don't mention that "frequent flyer's" name! You'll be seeing him/her by your next shift. (and will your co-workers be p.o'd!)
  6. by   judy ann
    In O/B, moms with twins come in threes, as do tiny premies and major anomolies. Full moons bring out the O/B patients. After all, if the moon can affect the oceans, it should be able to affect the bag of waters. One way to induce labor is to rupture the bag. Mother nature ruptures the bag at a full moon. Voila.

    In LTC, the Altzheimers get wackier at the full moon. They are more likely to wander, and more likely to talk to their parents.

    Also, residents usually die in threes. (or in sixes!) I always feel that they don't want to take a long trip alone.

    I always take a bag to work that contains a book, and some handiwork, knitting,etc. Since I always take it, it's not my fault if we get busy on any given night.:chuckle
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  7. by   JeannieM
    I've parked the crash cart outside of the door of a patient with "crump potential" many times! I've also done the "voodoo" of waving the syringe with Lidocaine (in the pre-Amiodorone days) over the patient having ectopy. No scientific research to see if it helped or not...
  8. by   rebel charm
    At our LTC facility our Alzheimer and "dementia" pts tend to see a little boy running up and down the halls - that none of us can see- and within 24 hours there is a death. And they all describe the little boy the same way (blond, 10 yro, wearing dungarees, etc). Maybe he's the "frequent flyer"???? :chuckle
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  9. by   moonrose2u
    tying a knot in the corner of a sheet of a pt. who looks like they are "circling the drain" will keep the pt. alive during your shift?

    told to me many years ago and i have always done it...and i never had a pt die on me who i've knotted their sheet!
  10. by   nursedawn67
    chaos: full moon and a nursing home!! Enough said!! LOL
  11. by   dawngloves
    I've got a thing about bathing a person who is, "looking at the light". Always sure to expire on your shift.
  12. by   traumaRUs
    People that say, "I'm going to die" will! A known fact in the ER.
  13. by   petiteflower
    I open the window just a crack when a patient is getting ready to die. It gives their spirit a place to go.
  14. by   blitz
    Yes! Open that window! I remember an ER doc, during a code, saying, " Is the window open?" Sort of a strange moment, but it fit the situation! That was one of the standard practices of that unit. Never heard of the one about the sheet corner. Will have to try that!
    Since then, I've worked other places that had no windows on the ICU. I swear the vibes were different. It would be interesting to get one of those paranormal teams in there with their special cameras, eh?