Nursing student reaching out to the OG's

  1. Hello, everyone, I need help and motivation with something. I am currently in a nursing program and I literally study every single day and spend most of my nights in the library but my grades aren't matching my studying. I constantly am bringing myself down because some students are doing so well with no effort whatsoever and I want to succeed so bad. The select all questions and the math values are a struggle for me especially since English is my second language I need to try twice as hard. I feel students feel like they are better than others because they are getting good grades without trying. What do I do I've reached out to my professors, went to counseling, speak to my advisor and I am getting frustrated and I want this so bad. Any tips and encouragement would be helpful right now. Also , sorry if my grammar is all over the place.
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  3. by   NightNerd
    I think the first thing to do is stop stressing about what other people are doing and how they feel about themselves. You don't necessarily see everything they are struggling with, and frankly it has nothing to do with your journey. Keep your focus on you; you're the one who matters here.

    Math and select all questions are certainly a common weakness; I know I struggled with those in school too. What did your professors suggest when you went to them? How are you currently preparing for exams; using any particular study guides or programs?
  4. by   cleback
    My hat is off to you... studying material in a second language is tough. Don't feel badly about needing to study longer than others.
  5. by   Wuzzie
    Quote from chichimel
    Also , sorry if my grammar is all over the place.
    Your grammar is better than some of the native speakers here
  6. by   KelRN215
    Does your school offer tutoring at all?
  7. by   canoehead
    I struggled as well with that stupid statistics course. Its important and useful, but I wanted to throw myself in the garbage at least weekly when I was taking it. My hat is off to you.
  8. by   Carrie_RN
    I would not have survived nursing school without a study group. If you have not done so, invite a group of 3-5 (ideally) classmates for regular study sessions. Have all group members study before meeting. All members can bring flash cards and quiz one another. We used to go to diners or other places that didn't care if we stayed a couple of hours.