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  1. chichimel

    Question & Concern

    My Unit Exams are 60% : 1. (12% of total grade) 52 ques. Your Result ____________ X .12 2. (11% of total grade) 50 ques. Your Result ____________ X .11 3 (17% of total grade) 64 ques. Your Result ____________ X .17 4. (15% of total grade) 62 ques. Your Result ____________ X .15 5. (5% of total grade) Capstone Your Result X.05 Can someone please help me figure this out. For my nursing program we need a C+ to pass the course. I butchered my first exam ( extremely bad ) like 48% What would I need to get on the other exams to pass the course or is all hope lost ? Keep in mind that we don't have a final but " capstone " makes the final.
  2. chichimel

    Nursing Tutor

    We had something called SI but we no longer have it anymore . Usually the previous graduates do it but no one did it for us .
  3. chichimel

    Nursing Tutor

    I am in my final semester of nursing and I wanted to ask does anyone know where I can obtain a tutor for this semester ? I just need someone to keep me on track and breaking the big subjects down for me. Thank you so much and let me know.
  4. chichimel

    Help Needed

    Yes I would be committed to that unit or I pay back the sign on Bonus.
  5. chichimel

    Help Needed

    Hey everyone ! So I will be graduating in May 2021 and I have a couple positions that are willing to be offered to me . Do these work in my favor ( keep in mind I will be finishing BSN classes online ) “ The pay rate would be the same , however the work schedule is different. It is a full-time flex, 28 hours per week, 56 hours in a bi-weekly pay period, but the ability to work up to 40 hours per week, 80 hours in a bi-weekly pay period. You would be eligible for all benefits” BOTH ARE TWO YEAR COMMITMENTS The second offer is on a Neuro Unit “ 12 hrs ( 3x a week ) . - possibly night shift .
  6. chichimel

    Application Process

    I am proud to say that I am officially halfway done with nursing school. I am moving unto my last Semester of nursing school and starting the application process for new graduate nurses residency programs that I am interested in. I truly want to do NICU nurses, butdon't know where to find facilities hiring new graduates nurses.Most of the advertisement on indeed leads me nowhere of value.Any ideas on what to do from here and when the residency will be avaible to apply too. Thank you guys so much.
  7. chichimel

    Decisions , Decisions

    Hey everyone I wanted to get some opinions on somethings. First off has I am finishing up this semester and about to start my final semester of nursing school I have so many things to figure out. I do not want to work on Med-Surg but of course, they always recommend it. I want to do neonatal but I know most hospitals do not take new grads and that is discouraging. I am at this point trying to figure out is that just NY or all hospitals in general. Are there any hospitals that are willing to train a new grad in the NICU. Furthermore, I don't want to work in NY once I start but is it a smart decision to move upon graduation? Lastly, what is your opinion on working at a clinic vs a hospital?
  8. Hey everyone first please excuse my grammar in advance. So I am repeating a semester of nursing school and so far everything has been going quite well since the materials didn't change. We are currently on week 9 and we have a new professor teaching mental health ( not the same professor that taught me last year ) she's terrible !! I took my mental health quiz and got a 70 and I am so incredibly at lost for words. I can't figure out how to study for this professor for the upcoming exam that we have in two weeks. Any suggestions on how to break and master mental health by next week ??? I am in desperate help right now.
  9. Hello, everyone, I need help and motivation with something. I am currently in a nursing program and I literally study every single day and spend most of my nights in the library but my grades aren't matching my studying. I constantly am bringing myself down because some students are doing so well with no effort whatsoever and I want to succeed so bad. The select all questions and the math values are a struggle for me especially since English is my second language I need to try twice as hard. I feel students feel like they are better than others because they are getting good grades without trying. What do I do I've reached out to my professors, went to counseling, speak to my advisor and I am getting frustrated and I want this so bad. Any tips and encouragement would be helpful right now. Also , sorry if my grammar is all over the place.
  10. chichimel


    I am a pre-nursing student and I just wanted to know does anyone have any idea on where I can purchase nursing textbooks for a reasonable price or even rent the textbooks. I am at a huge financial constraints and can't afford to pay 300 dollars for a book at the moment. Thank you and have a great one.
  11. chichimel

    Alfred State Fall 2018

    Hello, Everyone, I got accepted to Alfred States Nursing program. First off I wanted to know is there anyone attending this program fall 2018 also I would appreciate if we can connect and room together. Second off did anyone previously attend Alfreds Nursing program? How was it?
  12. chichimel

    D'youville Nursing Fall 2018

    II got accepted !!!!I am excited and Scared at the same time. We should all definitely meet up and chat.
  13. chichimel

    PMY- Intro to Pharmacology

    Oh my goodness !!! I will be taking Pharmacology soon and the horror stories that I've heard about the class being extremely difficult is freaking me out. I just wanted to know what the game plan for you guys was to pass this class with a great grade. I am not talking about the typical study hard ( I know that already) I mean like little cheats and tips to get through and process the class and do great !! Thank you guys so much and have a great one.
  14. chichimel

    I sent my nursing application in!!!

  15. chichimel

    I sent my nursing application in!!!

    Thank you soooooo much and I hope you get in also .
  16. I am screaming at the top of my lungs writing this !! Alright so I sent in my nursing application today .. I've been working on it since they posted it and eventhough the deadline is throughout february I got an early head start by making a bunch of people proof read and check . I just wanted go get someones perspective on how they received their decision whether they were accepted or not and how long it took . Also this semester was when I had to really find a way to strive and I am extremely proud my hard work paid off in my classes :) literally only two pre-reqs left actually 1 since one pre-re isn't required for all programs . Please let me know how the process of waiting was and approximately how long did you guys recieve the big decision and what to do from there ?