Nursing School Acceptance Policies

  1. I am SO very frustrated everyone... I've got to do a little venting. Okay, I have applied for a nursing program at the local community college, but when I met with the director of the program she told me I probably wouldn't get in because I was applying straight out of high school. They go by a point system, and anyone who has completed any college hours gets points, and anyone who attends that school gets points. Now, I understand the points for those who attend that college, but I'm frustrated by the fact that anyone who has taken a college course will have a better chance than me. I have a 27 on my ACT and a 3.5 GPA, and the community college has given me a 2-year academic scholarship, but if I don't get into the program (Associate's Degree program) right away, I'll end up paying for either an extra semester or an extra year of school.. sorry again, about the rant.. just felt the need to vent! Thanks for listening!

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  3. by   nursbee04
    I'm a little confused...does your school not require you to complete prereqs like Anatomy & Physiology before you are accepted into the program or even allowed to apply? My first year of college was spent completing prereqs. We use the points too, but you aren't even allowed to apply until you have completed A&P II at my school...and it is also common for many people not to get in on the first it different at your community college? I'm sorry you're disappointed but I can see why those /c completed prereqs would get in ahead of you...good luck, though

    Did the director of the program not explain any of this with you in detail or do they really not require prerequisite classes?
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  4. by   sassynurse78
    Have you checked other schools? I went to nursing school right from highschool, I checked into the local college and I would have had to take alot of prereq's, making me have to go a whole extra year. I found a school about forty miles away where I could start immediatly and take no pre-req's I figured the drive would be worth it in the end, I used more gas that year but I also was out to work alot sooner. Best of Luck!
  5. by   fairyprincess2003
    Hey there
    I am sure you can have nursing as your intended major, and then start the actual nursing program after your pre-reqs. Even if you get accepted right from HS, you cannot start the nursing material itself before you complete the pre-reqs. That's how it is/was at my school, but it's a 4 year program. I would think a 2 or 3 year worked the same. Good luck, but remember you need those foundation courses before you can start nursing courses.
  6. by   fairyprincess2003
    BTW just remember nursing is a very demanding program, you have to have scientific foundation because nursing is mostly composed of anatomy, physiology, patho, etc.
    My program is supposed to be a 4 year BSN, but I can tell you I was there for 5, and all of my friends(except like 2) were there for 5, even 6 years because of the pre-reqs. It's may be frustrating, but they make us do it.
    Good luck and you can do it, it just takes some time.
    Oh I was just thinking about the pre-reqs again, not only did we need a foundation in sciences, we also took many psychology courses, sociology, nutrition, etc. It it imperative that you have this kind of knowledge before entering the nursing program, as you will be expected to already know the basics. Your mind will recall info you don't even remember learning. With patients you will have to deal with their conditions(medically, scientifically) you will have to deal with their psychological state, their economic background and family environment, etc.
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  7. by   PennyLane
    How about taking a class or two at that school this fall, on a very part-time basis. Then next year you will have a couple of college-level classes under your belt and your points will improve. I assume you'll be able to use the scholarship next year once you start full-time, hopefully. Maybe you could make another appt. with the director and ask her what you can do to improve your chances of getting in next year.

    Don't get discouraged. The competition at community colleges seems to be particularly high. I know a few people from my A&P courses that weren't accepted for this fall. Some places even have waitlists that are 2 or 3 years long! So if you have a chance to get in next year, I would focus on that and use this time to earn some money.
  8. by   RNIAM
    Check out a few other schools. The one I attend is a full-time program. You take all your co-req's with your nursing . You may elect to take the co-req's with or without the nursing program. It just depends on the school.
  9. by   Donna Klohn
    My school works on the point system as well, we must complete English 1301, General psychology, and A&P 1 before you can even apply and if you do not have at least 20-23 hrs. chances are you will not get in.
  10. by   sr moore
    I was told by our nursing director is that the beauty of a community college is that gpa are not included. First you have to complete the prereqs. After all are done then as in this year we h ad 79 applications for 59 slots. A lottery was held. 59 got in and the rest are guaranteed a spot for next year. Our school will accept applications if your class will be completed by the end of spring semester. Check all the schools you want to apply to because not all have the same reqs. Some have 4 unit micro and A/P and some have five units. And last if a counselor tells you something ask and ask again. As I have found out It is ultimately your responsibilty to know what is what and not the counselor! Go figure!!!! Good luck don't get frustrated because i have been there and at 41 i am trying not to be a 45 year old EMT/MED Asst.
  11. by   marilynmom
    Our school goes by the point system as well (it seems a lot of the community colleges do). But don't get discouraged...I know you are disapointed but dont give up. Look at all the different colleges that offer nursing in your area...they will all be different as you will see. At my school in order to get into the nursing program you need to have A&P, Nutrition, Microbiology, etc. And even then they only accept 20 nursing students a semester so a *lot* of students do not get in, even those with a lot of points, its just how it is! Its very hard to get in here! Most dont care about your high school GPA or ACT/SAT scores cause those dont have anything to do with how good you will do in Nursing school.

  12. by   sjoe
    1) Every school gets to make its own rules in this regard. As it should.
    2) If your major goal is to complete a nursing school, there is no point in bemoaning the rules of any particular school, but instead, use your time to get accepted to another school that provides what you are looking for.
    3) If your major goal is to complete a nursing school, you will probably have to make some decisions that don't permit you to reach some of your other, lesser, goals at the same time. You might have to relocate, get in debt, delay having children, or whatever.
    4) All this is good training for you in terms of learning to evaluate and prioritize your goals and values. If you are not willing to relocate, for example, then staying where you are geographically has a higher value for you than entering a nursing school in the very near future (which you might be able to do were you willing to move). And so forth.
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