NUrsing research topics please!

  1. guys i need ur help, can i please have some good research topic, ones that will have a lot of articles that will support its study...thank you!...i have some topics, i just want your oppinions,thank you!!..^^
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  3. by   GingerSue
    what areas interest you?

    are you interested in wound care?
  4. by   fleur-de-lis
    smoking cessation, believe me, I just did a huge assignment on it
  5. by   bargainhound
    New innovations for diabetes like the new implantable chip that will
    allow blood sugar testing by just scanning the chip----works by radio
    frequency........look up ADSX company news on money websites.....will
    give you info....

    Will be wonderful for diabetics to not have to bring blood to get result!
  6. by   Multicollinearity
    Magnet status and the real-life results on outcomes? Hint...a PhD dissertation was just done on this at the University of Arizona. I watched the dissertation defense online and it was quite interesting. You'd have to search for the video section. Actually, scanning those nursing PhD dissertation videos might give you some good ideas of topics to explore.
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  7. by   bargainhound
    Did you already pick something?

    Do you still need suggestions?
  8. by   augigi
    You really need to list your suggestions and get feedback, or provide areas of interest to you for input. There is not much point suggesting ideas which hold no interest for you.
  9. by   Christie RN2006
    Caregiver stress syndrome, lead poisoning, SIDS... I did research reports/presentations on all of those.

    What class is it for?
  10. by   henryross
    Guys im sorry for not replying for a long time, i got sic of ATP, anyway thanks for all of your suggestions, i must say i am impressed but overwhelmed as well,im just a nursing student, third year, having my first nursing research subject. well to tell you the truth, since im inexperienced in doing a research study, im trying to pick your brains to fiel me of what nursing research topics are all about..and maybe then from there i can make my own...well again thank you all so much for being so helpful...^^
    i think i'm gonna like it here^^..
  11. by   henryross
    oh and by the way what do you think of alcohol drinking and abuse? i read one of the studies in harvard university saying that people who drinks alcohol daily(not in abusive quantities of course) are less prone to heart attack than those who dont drink at all. whats shoking is that all of the people involved, drinkers and nondrinkers,have healthy sounds nice but is it a feasible study? i mean is it easy?...^^
  12. by   augigi
    Do you have to actually do the research, or just a research question and proposal?
  13. by   henryross
    well, for starters we will give only up to research question proposal, that's what they've said, but there will be 'defending' as well, they say its like a thesis or sumthing where the study you have to defend the study conducted...well could there be 'defending' if you havent conducted a research? i mean, what if you just picked a topic already researched by other people, say a dissertation, and defend it? im sorry, you see we were grouped in nursing research subject according to location and they say the rationale for this is so that our study population for the study would come from where we are geographically located, and so i thought we were expected to actually conduct a research study...thanks 4 ur reply!..^^
  14. by   augigi
    If it's just coming up with the proposal, you can still defend it - why you chose it, why it's valid research, how the results will be used, why you chose the study design you did, the data collection you did etc etc.