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Discussion overheard at lunch today: ER RN (white female) "discussing" her opinion with Respiratory Therapist (white, male) and EMT (black, male) that within 10-years white women will no longer be... Read More

  1. by   moonshadeau
    Here we go again beating the dead horse.

    I want more nurses to be in the profession period. So many in my generation are only driven by the money that can be earned and fail to see the benefits of such a great career. I accept that I won't make the millions of dollars in this profession as some of the more lucrative careers that my classmates choose.

    My dream for nursing would be that there would be willing, capable and competent nurses wanting to come into work everyday to see impact that we have on our patients. I don't care what color, age, race, experience you are as long as you meet my aforementioned requirements.
  2. by   night owl
    Intelligent and sensible minds shouldn't be concerned with this kind of issue. Diversity is interesting. I love working with people of all ethnic backgrounds and learning about their cultures and religions. Life would be boring if I worked with just "white women"...they can be very catty and I don't find that with other nationalities. We need to learn to appreciate each other no matter what we are.
  3. by   SharonH, RN
    For sure, I've never thought about it and I certainly don't care.
    I'm not threatened by the influx of foreign nurses like some although I hate the fact that instead of addressing what's wrong with the profession, TPTB are "going around it" by taking this path. Of course, I don't really expect the suits to act any differently as their only goal is to protect the bottom line and if there is any nurse out there who doesn't realize this yet(and there are some), I pity them.
  4. by   jayna
    What color is nursing, is it white, black, brown, yellow, red?

    Nursing is for everyone who cares. Do anyone here have their nursing pledge?
  5. by   prn nurse
    Look around at who is doing the sh*t work of American society. Who is out there building the highways, building the subdivisions, digging the underground pipelines, doing the landscaping, harvesting this summers' vegetables, washing the dishes in your local restaurant, cleaning the skyscrapers at night. It is minorities.

    And bedside nursing is sh*twork. It is puke, feces, urine, mucus, viruses, bacterial infections, blood, and humanity at its' worst. About a year ago, your administration chose profits over TLC, caring and yes, competence.

    Minorities will be dominate in five years. And, per usual, your tax dollars are funding those foreign nursing schools.

    The foreign nurses who come here are not some poor little immigrant who worked her way to the top in her country to immigrate here. In India, the worlds second most populous country, those nurses are of a high class of people. With their caste system, lower class women do not attend the university. And , of course, being a former English colony, they learn English as a second language as small children.

    In the Philipines, the U.S. has contracted with their schools, with U.S. aid to their nursing schools enabling thousands to become BSN R.N.'s, and to immigrate here annually. Immigration quotas =none for qualified R.N.'s. They want to come here and they too learn English as a second language in elementary school.
  6. by   live4today
    Originally posted by joyrochelle
    ...................... In fact when i don't have some *mean* "50's- something" nurse standing over my shoudler just waiting for me to do something wrong, I LOVE being a nurse.....

    HEY....lay off the 50 somethings. I'm sen-si-tive about that age group since I just arrived at the bottom number.
  7. by   Furball
    Jesus Christ! THIS again???? I'm with Rusty........
  8. by   live4today
    Originally posted by jayna
    What color is nursing, is it white, black, brown, yellow, red?
    The 'COLOR' of nursing should be RED since we all bleed RED blood, and it is RED blood that flows through our heart to keep us all alive. If that RED blood weren't there, guess where each of us would be? DEAD...WITHOUT THE RED!!! On that note..........I am soooooooo glad that I have good memories of working as a nurse. It's good to get paid the color GREEN, but it's even better to remember the color of RED that keeps us all from being TOO DEAD TO NURSE, EARN MONEY, LOVE ONE ANOTHER, CARE FOR ONE ANOTHER, SHOW COMPASSION FOR ONE ANOTHER. The color of racism is dark and evil, so let's color the love between us RED. :kiss
  9. by   Aussienurse2
    In Australia they took nursing training out of the hospital system and put it into university. As soon as they did this the number of student nurses dropped. If you're going to uni you want a job that pays a little more in order to pay off the HECS debt you accumulate. We have three major types of nurses, Assistants in Nursin, Enrolled Nurses and R.N.s
    Ains train at Tech college paying about $800 for a one year course(Aged care workers), E.N.s train at Tech for eighteen months at an up front cost of about$1200. R.N.s train at Uni and accumulate about $25000 in HECS(Higher Education Contribution Scheme).
    The average Aussie wage is about $35 000, The average cost of a house is about $250 000(just to put all this into perspective).
    Yes we import some nurses but they need to have money in the bank, a job to go to and they need to upgrade their qualifications so we don't get many. We have a massive shortage of nurses and no end in sight. Some nurses in Victoria are getting a grand a shift( five hundred A$) in order to encourage them to work in Aged care. I just hope the Gov't here makes the connection and makes the job a little more attractive to new grads so there's someone left to take care of me!! Back, white or purple!!
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  10. by   OrthoNutter
    Hahaha....a HECS debt of only 25 grand???? Sheesh...I want that HECS debt...especially now I've gone back! lol I'm going to be paying HECS for the term of my natural life and then some!

    But agree...the numbers have dropped since the system change over. But they also sucker us in by having no clinical (well my uni didn't) in the first year and very little in the second year - one to two week blocks four times a year - not too much when you think about it. By the time you get to third year, where you get mass clinical time (3 months in one hit), it's really a little too late to be making a change. That was my thinking....I might as well finish the degree now that I'm nine months away from graduating.

    So now I'm back at uni, doing the hard yards all over again. But at least this time, I know it's something that will not only pay more in the future than it costs to get the degree, plus it's something that I naturally enjoy doing. Much happier Jan now.
  11. by   jayna
    Hey Renee. Nice pic .

    Nursing color red? I thought it's like a rainbow, many colors.
    I love purple color, I love green trees, and I love blue seas.
  12. by   Maula, RN
    The fact is that for so long nursing was a white woman's profession. And that was the color of nursing. Today many nurses find it hard to believe I am one of them because I am not a white female. The automatic assumption is that I am a nursing assistant at best. So I understand what Gomer is saying and I sympathize with those who feel threatened although I don't understand it. We are in a severe nursing shortage and our patients are suffering. I don't care what color a nurse is if he, she, or he/she is competent. But many patients still have the perception that nursing is a white woman's profession and take some time to warm up to anybody not fitting that profile.
    It's up to nurses to open up our minds and hearts to those different from us and join the common accord of providing high quality care for our increasingly ill patients.
  13. by   Jenny P
    Lots of interesting comments here; I was not impressed with the original posters' reasons for nursing to "no longer be a white woman's job" as though white women were: 1) the ONLY ones who do this job; and 2) nursing is a menial job!

    My feelings are that nursing is highly complex and is becoming even more skilled every year! I welcome EVERYONE who can do it; no matter what color or creed they are as long as they are able to give highly skilled quality care to the sick person lying in that bed and emotional support to the family. Today our patients are so much sicker than they were 10 years ago, they are older, require more teaching in a shorter length of time, and our job at the bedside is much more difficult than we could have imagined it would ever be. Add to that the problems in nursing (short staffing, poor pay, job dissatisfation, etc.)-- why we should thnk our lucky stars that WE are still here doing this job and that minorities are also interested in doing it too!

    If this thread is offensive to anyone; it does not need to be read by them. We all know how to pick and choose the topics here. Maybe some of the nay-sayers are not white women and that may be why they are offended-- I ask your forgiveness and tolerance and a more gentle handling of the direction of the thread.

    Thank you.
    Jenny P