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  1. by   wtbcrna
    Quote from kmillersocal
    I'm not trying to offend anyone as I also have a tat, however, I also understand why it is against hospital policy to have them visible. My tattoo is personal and and for me has everything to do with whether or not I choose to make it visible. I know that tats are offensive to many individuals and is why mine is out of public view. I suppose for me personally, it is out of respect for those that do not like them or find them offensive.
    Tattoos are the new norm. We all have to adjust. I keep all mine concealed while at work, but I don't ask others to do the same.
  2. by   hmjensen
    I've got about 11 tattoos. I just tried counting but I always seem to miss one or two. A few of them are a heart with a keyhole and wings and a crown in black and grey on my right forearm (husband has the key somewhere on his arm), a pink ribbon the inside of my left wrist (I got it outlined in dark pink rather than black so it doesn't stand out. Most people think its a stamp), on my left upper arm I have vines with a cherry blossom for each of my children, my right upper arm I have a sugar skull and a cluster of stars on the back of my neck. They are all covered except for the pink ribbon and sometimes the forearm one. They have never been an issue and I'm currently working in the corporate office of a major healthcare system, sitting in contract negotiations. I even put hot pink highlights in my hair for Breast Cancer Awareness month and it was a nonissue. I don't plan on "pinking" my hair ever again though.

    I think tattoos are okay as long as they're tastefully done. The ejaculating penis someone mentioned several pages back is just not okay hahahaha! Sure there are some designs that I don't agree with or would never ever get (like names, religious symbols or any characters) but some people look at mine and say, "a skull?! Stupid girl." I try not to judge...but some people make that very difficult! (aforementioned penis)