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  1. by   nowplayingEDRN

    That pic was way too cool! I do not personally have one, but I have toyed a time or 2 with get one but like reg prolly never will cause hubby thinks they look trampy on both male and female alike....very conservative I guess. My g/f has a gorgeous rose on the calf of her right leg from her days when she rode bikes with a gang. She loves it still and so does her darling 3 y/o daughter.

    I am of a theory if it is really what you want and you can live with the knowledge that you can never (ceaply I might add) remove the ink then go for it. Like it was said before, they are not everyone's cup of tea and some are very ornate and beautiful. i would never hold it against anyone that had one or is getting one.

    Reg, love that lol lol lol
  2. by   boopchick
    I have 2 tattoos~one on my upper rt. thigh(pegagsus) and one on my left lower leg(female sun). I got the first in 1987 and just got the second one about 1 1/2 years ago. I've had my tongue pierced for the past 5 years. My tats are covered by my scrubs and I've never had any complaints about my barbell.

    My individual style does not impact on my professionalism as a nurse. : )
  3. by   bewbew
    PLEASE make sure you understand what is being tattooed onto you............see attachment!
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  4. by   boopchick
    That's terrible!!! Poor guy.
  5. by   whipping girl in 07
    I have a Taz on my right hip and a ying-yang with scrollwork on my lower back.

    I got the Taz when I was 19. My two best friends and I went and got tattoos together.

    A few years ago, I decided I wanted one in a place that I could show without being vulgar, so my husband and I went and got tattoos together.

    He has six: a bee and a gargoyle armband on one arm, a dragon and a crimson ghost armband on the other arm, my first name across his heart, and a lizard on his back. He wants to get the bee covered with something else (it was his first, in color and pretty small) and get bands around his calves.
  6. by   MelRN13
    Thanks for the pic Tabbey! That story about the kid with the chinese saying is awful!
  7. by   New CCU RN
    I don't mind em on other people...a few that is. Personally, I would never get one.... many reasons for that
    1) can't think of anything id permanently want on my body
    2) wouldn't want it in a place that would show day to day ... but then why would u get one if u cant ever show it
    3) painful
    4) risk of disease transmission
  8. by   realmean1
    8 tats for self, wife has 8. Our last ones were 1 mo. ago and we are 48. The last tattoo I will get will be D.N.R. across the chest.
  9. by   bungies
    Originally posted by realmean1
    The last tattoo I will get will be D.N.R. across the chest.
    LOL - I think we've all considered that one!
  10. by   inodou
    I have one on my right shoulder blade. It is a small purple butterfly. I would like to get another on my lower back oneday, I just haven't found one that I want yet. I also have my nipples pierced, I got them done about 5 years ago.
  11. by   maxinern
    I have five tattoos. All are covered by my scrubs. The only time you can see them is in the summer, when I am not at work. One of my friends, who is also a RN has about 15! They are ALL covered by his scrubs. :roll
  12. by   caduca
    I have a tribal caduceous at the small of my back. It was designed by a couple of corpsmen that I worked with in the US Navy. For that reason, it will forever remain priceless as a token of the bonds created in the armed forces.

    On another note, it almost cost me a job. I was reaching across the counter in a coffee shop and it could be partially seen above my drawstring pants. The hospital administrator happened to be there. He tried to stop my hire for the position he accepted me for the day before. I take pleasure in the fact that I eventually left that small, conservative town. The tattoo was definitely a better option than the town.
  13. by   privatedutynurs
    :kiss [size=3][b] hello all who read..... lol just thought i'd say i got 2 tats on my writs and i have had them every sience i was about 14-15 yrs. old. and now i hate them now that i have been doing nursing for past 10 years. when i work in hospital , i wear lab jackets so there not seen. and some people think becuse of them, iam not a good nurse. and just because someone has a tat. doesn't mean they don't know there job, as a nurse. iam very good at what i do, and nursing was a calling for me. not 2 many people say they like there jobs, well i do, i love to go to work every day, and some times even on my days off. nursing is a big part of my life, and my 14 year old daughter, is getting it in her blood 2. and when she becomes one she will be a very good one at that.

    its not in how you look or what you wear, its in how you care for, patients, residents, clients, ect......... and remember if your care is less then excellence , then you lump me in with you as a poor nurse. give the best care . make us all look good at what we do. and pass it on.............. have a great day and dont forget to :d
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