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  1. by   ursulanursula
    i love this post!! i have 3 tattoos... absolutely huge turtle on my right back/butt/leg; skull with halo & angel wings on my left upper arm; and the words faith, hope, love on my left foot.
    they are all covered up by my scrubs. i would love to get more tattoos but i don't think i will ever get ones that can't be covered up. unfortunately innocent looking little blonde haired nurses & tattoos don't mix in many patients/coworkers' minds.
  2. by   lisabeth
    You are braver than I am. I think the navel and tongue would hurt like Hell.

    Quote from Marie_LPN
    I got the navel pierced yesterday. After the butterfly and daisy tattoo, that's as far as i'm going.
  3. by   lisabeth
    Only a man would read it like that.

    Quote from Corvette Guy
    OMG, you had your ears removed? Well, I suppose if you use to wear glasses the option exist to wear eye contacts.

  4. by   JenSICU_CCRN
    I have 5 tats...all covered when in scrubs.

    large sun on my lower back
    2 big Chinese Symbols on my spine in between my shoulder blades
    Shamrock with Celtic KNots on my hip on the right down by my belt line
    Huge firedancer with reds, oranges, yellows and a song quote around it on the top of my foot.

    I have plans for one more but have run out of discreet places to put it-LOL. I'm also one that when people know I have tattoos, they don't believe it.

  5. by   muffie
    ladybug right ankle
    butterfly left ankle
    rights of passage
    when i turned 39 and 40
    my presents to me
    you only live once
    i love jewelry and body art as self expression
    and this impacts on nursing how??????
  6. by   kccarr56
    I have two. I have to say, Im not sure I would have gotten them if I wasnt young at the time. I find that most of the older patients dont understand a woman with a tatoo and are a little taken back by it. I just transitioned from LVN to RN after 26 years as a LVN and kept them covered thru school. One is on my arm. My hospital just issused a new dress code that stated they must be covered. They dont think it looks "professional", and I have to agree, but then Ive changed a bit as Ive grown older. :wink2:
  7. by   Nurse`Chief~Chickie
    Quote from typicalfish
    that shows how everyone sees things differently; when i see ink on an older person, it reminds me not to see this person as "a cutie old guy" or "a cranky old man/woman"-it helps to remind me of the life the person led; that they were young person once-like when i see "uss indiannpolis" on an 85 year old alzheimer pts arm, i see the young strong healthy vibrant sailor that once was...just like meeting a patients family reminds you that it's a person, not just a patient....

    that is incredibly insightful. i will always remember that, great statement!
  8. by   Nurse`Chief~Chickie
    i have 4, newest one just on wednesday, a heart on rt of neck just below hairline.
    a frog on rt ankle, chinese symbol on spine 1/2 way up my back i want to cover now. and my favorite, a partial ring of ivy above the chinese. it was freehanded, and i've had more compliments on it than anything. i got that one and so did my friends after we passed our grueling i.v. therapy course.
  9. by   nurse4theplanet
    I think bare skin is the sexiest thing! So, no tatoos for me! Hubby has three (one is actually covered by another.) I don't mind them but he has agreed to no more.
  10. by   Rachel937LPN
    i have a beautiful audrey hepburn black and white portrait on my upper arm thats covered by scrubs! i love my tattoo!!!
  11. by   ortess1971
    Quote from TexasAngel
    You are braver than I am. I think the navel and tongue would hurt like Hell.
    Navel hurt like crazy, nipples were UNBELIEVABLY painful, tongue actually was not that bad. You just have to sit absolutely still so they don't get the artery. All of my piercings(except for ears) are gone now, although I'm thinking of getting the tongue redone.
  12. by   TAMIRN89
    I have 2 on my ankle and covered by my scrubs
  13. by   AMR21
    i have a small lizard on my right hip. i was thinking of getting a pink ribbon on my wrist, but it isn't very professional.