Nursing alternatives

  1. Does anyone have any suggestions as to types of jobs that are available for R.N.'s who do not want to work the hospital floors/nursing home floors/medical office floors? I was in nursing school and had to drop out due to my son becoming ill. I am set to go back next year and am examining my options that are out there for someone that is a R.N. My son is immunocompromised and I am hesitant to put myself in situations that could put him in harms way or myself for that matter since I have to care for him.

    I am really interested in becoming a Diabetes Educator and wonder if anybody has any experience with this area and could share your ideas with me as to how to get into this role out of nursing school.

    Thank you so much for your help.
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  3. by   zambezi
    There are all kinds of RN jobs...though I am not sure what is offered in your area...your could look into research coordinating, any type of education, performance improvement type of jobs, school nursing...sorry I have no experience in diabetes education but if you are interested in research you can pm me...good luck with your decision...
  4. by   traumaRUs
    My son was on high-dose steroids for many years for asthma which made him immunocompromised. I still worked in hospital: ER and Med/Surg and ICU, but was very careful that I left shoes in garage, washed my uniforms separately and I never had any issues. (At the time, I couldn't change jobs, because he was ill and I carried insurance.)
  5. by   purplemania
    Call Diabetes Ed. in your area. Most facilities have only a few (limits opportunity) and you have to have several years in the field before getting certified. Hard nut to crack but if you fit in, would be ideal.
  6. by   sjoe
    You might look through the long list of specialty forums on this BB and ask questions in those that seem like good prospects.
  7. by   Dayray
    Most of the educators here are promoted from the floor. It may be possible in your area to get a position right out of school but I know it would be hard in my area. I would also worry about picking up buggs in this postion diabetics are at risk for everything including nasty infections.

    You might look into home health or medical supply/pharmacuticle sales.

    There are allot of small home health places and Ive heard of new grads geting positions in quality control, administration, marketing and other desk type jobs.

    being that you are a mom you probebly woudlent want to travel but check into local med equip companies and drug companies if you have a BSN you could prolly find somethign there and its good money.

    Good luck and best wishes to your son I hope it turns out well.
  8. by   moonshadeau
    I could be wrong but I believe that most places employing a Diabetic ed are BSN prepared. If I am wrong, anyone feel free to let me know.

    I agree with Traumarus, Most hospital facilities have showers in which you could use after your shift. Leave your shoes at work if you can. Some hospitals provide scrubs, ours doesn't so we have to wash our own. But scrubs should be taken off as well.

    You could also look into insurance adjusting, or occupational nursing or pharmaceutical nursing. There are many options out there. Don't give up.

    Good luck.