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  1. Okay everyone, need an opinion on if I am an overreacting Mommy or not.....

    Last week (week ago this past Sat), our 4 yo daughter got sick, running fever, c/o sore throat. I gave her Tylenol and all the usuals all weekend. By Mon, she was throwing up even water and throat looked horrible, so I called Ped. They were full and had me take her to Urgent Care. UC did a swab, came back and said she had Strep, gave me a scrip for amoxicillin and sent us home. Tues, she gets up, back covered in tiny (I mean pen tip size) red bumps, complaining of being itchy, but fever gone and no vomiting. I call Ped who still can't get her in and tell me to call UC. Call UC, DR there calls me back (I am thinking allergy, since she has never had antibiotics before) He said it is a Scarletina rash, she has a slight bit of it on chest when he examined her, common with strep, not contagious after 24hrs on antibiotic, next day(wed) she looked better and by Sat no trace of rash.

    Now, TODAY, daycare calls, tells me I have to come get her, she is COVERED in rash, looks like mosquito bites, on face, scalp, feet, hands, everywhere...and says it itches. She is still on the amoxicillin (3 doses left), no fever, not sick, just bumpy and itchy.

    So, I am in a quandry, what to do. Anyone had experience with this type of thing? Is it normal for Scarletina to go away and come back with a vengance? I am going to call UC again (I may page ped, I am not so sure I feel comfortable with UC after all this)

    Thanks in advance from a Mommy in a pinch!
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Go to the doctor. My son had scarlet fever, despite antibiotics. We needed something stronger, apparently. It's nothing at all to play with. If it is not Scarlet Fever, then you may have a drug reaction on your hands. Either way, time to get a doctor's look at it asap. good luck!!!!
  4. by   smk1
    not a nurse yet but LOTS of experience with strep and i am also allergic to pennicilin. The first rash could be the scarletina rash (i always got them and my daughter just had strep recently and also had it) the week later rash could DEFINITELY be allergy-related. I would take her in immediately and withold the next dose until exam by a doctor/np/pa. You are not overreacting you are being prudent.
  5. by   kat911
    Go to the doc, since the scarletina rash was gone on Saturday it is probably an allergic reaction. They can happen anytime with any dose (after the first dose usually) Since it is all over and itchy sounds like allergic reaction. Hello benadryl!
  6. by   meownsmile
    Any chicken pox at the daycare? Tis the season. Kids dont necissarily get sick/fever with pox. Just curious.
    If it was an allergic reaction to the antibiotic it probly would have shown itself earlier than a week and a half into treatment.
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  7. by   Jolie
    I respectfully disagree that an allergic rash would have necessarily shown up sooner than a week and a half into treatment. My daughter was on Augmentin, which she had safely taken before, and broke out in hives on day 8 of treatment.

    So, it certainly is possible that your daughter has an allergic rash. If it were my child, I would hold the antibiotic, take a photo of the rash, and insist on her being seen ASAP to have the rash evaluated. Expert eyes need to evaluate it to determine whether or not it is allergic. The photo will be valuable should the rash disappear before you can get her into the office or UC.

    Scarlet fever rashes often peel, like a bad sunburn, starting a few days after they first appear. Could that be what your daughter is experiencing now? This is accompanied by itching, which may be intense.

    Again, insist on having your child examined!

    Good luck.
  8. by   WickedRedRN
    Thanks everyone!! I paged her Pediatrician, he had me look in her mouth, she had bumps on the insides her cheeks, he said he suspected allergy and told me to bring her in right away/ By the time we got to ER, her nose was swollen and purplish, eyelids were starting to swell, and rash was just getting worse. Benedryl, Prednisone right away and she has turned around. I just got her to bed, have been at ER almost 4 hours, but glad we went.

    No more penicillin for that little girl!! I have to call the Pediatrician's office in the AM to make appt for fup.

  9. by   weetziebat
    Quote from LoriRN2B
    / By the time we got to ER, her nose was swollen and purplish, eyelids were starting to swell, and rash was just getting worse. Benedryl, Prednisone right away and she has turned around.
    Phew! sounds like that could have been a close call. Good for you, mom! and hope your little one is feeling better.