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So, with nurses week coming up, I was fondly remembering all the neat swag my employer has offered me as a token of their appreciation. Over the last four years as a nurse I have received - A... Read More

  1. by   WayneRN
    Our local hospital (which I do not work at) had a full page ad declaring how special nurses are, and they tagged on this line,
    "...after all, it's not just a career, it's a calling."
    I almost regurgitated my breakfast.
  2. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Our hospital usually has a bunch of Nurses' Week events, but they are always only during the 0800-1600 part of the day, and the team I'm on is always on nights... There is a silent auction, with some pretty decent packages including a week off with pay (but the tickets aren't free and are only available during the aforementioned 8-16h time frame), mini-conferences, and this year, a cocktail party (cash bar, all they're paying for are the hors d'oeuvres) to which neither the 12 hour day shift nor the 12 hour night shift will be able to attend... roughly 40% of the front line staff. Last year they gave out pens with the hospital logo on them, you know, the kind that you can buy in bulk, 500 for $50... that either never work or run out of ink after ten lines. When I worked for an agency they gave us all Nurses' Week Survival Kits containing a pad of paper (8 sheets), a pencil, a safety pin, a Band-Aid and a quarter for a pay phone. Too generous by far!:roll
  3. by   ubcnme
    We just got a special nurse's day gift from our nurse manager and team of our staff nurse's is quitting! Yep, the team leader is new...came back from the county jail because the health dept lost their contract with the jail so they had to place all the nurses from the jail at the health dept. This team leader has been here before and was my supervisor when I was first hired before they talked her into going to the jail to try to dig them out; I think she made things worse over there. The staff nurse quitting has been here for over 7 years as a communicable disease/immunization nurse and knows her stuff like the back of her hand. She has been extensively trained in bio-terrorism and emergency management. She just had her evaluation last week and our new team leader took it upon herself to make it personal. So the nurse wrote a rebuttal on her evaluation and turned it back in. The program mgr and team leader requested a meeting with her today and told her how she wasn't being supportive and changes were being made, blah, blah, blah and the team leader DENIED saying any of the things that were said during her evaluation; basically LIED her a$$ off in front of the program mgr and she bought it! We are already short-staffed and they don't it's going to be worse. THEY don't care because THEY don't have to deal with it! We do! The starting pay is lower here than in the hospitals and it makes it difficult for them to recruit AND retain nurses...but they don't care! Neither the program mgr NOR the team leader are able to step in and even do our jobs! They don't even have any idea of what our jobs entail on a daily basis! We have a union meeting on Wednesday night and I'm joining....I told the other girls they had better think seriously on it as well. There have been way too many underhanded things going on and there is only strength in numbers.....Happy Nurses Day!
  4. by   janetrnc
    :kiss Why wait for adminstration to do something for you? At our hospital we show appreciation for each other. This year is the best ever with the help of our marketing committee. Today kicked off with a brunch at the hospital and gifts from Nursing service and individual nurse managers for their unit. Each unit, inclduing non nursing departments fixed up gift baskets and some will be given away every day. On Friday, the grand prize is a cruise for two, which will be given away during a nurses appreciation fair. Merchants will be coming in to do makeovers, free portaits, discounted uniforms, jewelry, etc. Our DON put a hand signed note of appreciation inside each gift bag.
  5. by   Huganurse
    Why does secretaries day get recognized but not nurses day? Last week the secretaries received flowers, brunch, and gifts for their day at work. This week is for nurses right? Nobody even knows that it is nurses week where I work. I got nothing today and expect nothing this week. ZERO, NADA, ZILCH. What a bummer! I see how I rate now. I even told the secretaries how lucky they were. They asked why and I told them what I usually get for nurses day. (Although last year I worked in a hospital that did try hard and treat us pretty good.) They shared their brunch with me and we laughed about it but somewhere deep inside I do feel a bit slighted.
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  6. by   Huganurse
    Here is last years thread about what we got for nurses week:
  7. by   stevierae
    Ooooooh, KlareRN. You really know how to get us going. You sound EXACTLY like my old manager; because of her I said "The H*** with this nonsense," and went into business for myself. I could not be happier.

    You seem to have bought into all the "managementspeak" and guilt trips you manager types all seem to be masters of.

    First of all: STAFFING is a MANAGEMENT dilemma. THAT is why YOU get the big bucks. YOU are responsible for replacing staff who have called in sick, are on vacation, ed leave, disability, or WHATEVER. It is YOUR job to call registry or the per diem pool in the MORNING so that you will not run short at 3 P.M. and start trying to bully people into staying overtime; or, worse yet, laying guilt trips on them like "What if that was YOUR mother in there? "
    PLEASE. My mother is dead. Even if she was not, I would never recommend she go to a hospital where the staff nurses were treated so badly (and insultingly) by management.

    We are contracted, 8 hour employees (well. some are 10 or 12 hour employees.) We are under absolutely no obligation to stay one minute past our contracted time. We may have other jobs to go to; we may have children to pick up from day care and take to sports, WE MAY JUST WANT TO GO HOME AND VEGETATE ON THE COUCH AND HAVE A DRINK OR TWO OR TEN!!!! The point is, what we do after our contracted shift is none of your business, and we should not have to make excuses or apologies as to why we can't help you out of your staffing dilemma. HANDLE IT. That is your JOB.

    People don't deserve to be chastised by their peers for calling in sick. My old boss used to put the names of the people who called in sick on the board, and then say at report, after a big sigh, "Well, there won't be any morning breaks, and lunches will be late. Maybe you should let your colleagues who called in sick how you feel aboout that..." How unprofessional of her!!

    Another thing she did was put a written message on the board for you to get whenever you got out of your room (I am an O.R. nurse) whenever the school called and said your child was sick. She would not tell you verbally, or transfer the call to your room.

    One time I was scrubbed on a case for over 6 hours. When I came out, there were THREE increasingly urgent messages (wirtten over the course of the entire 6 hours) on the board for me, informing me of my 4 year old's rapidly increasing fever and lethargy. Each said "Child needs to be picked up NOW!" When I came out, and saw the 3 messages, and said I needed to go, her response was "Don't you have a neighbor or someone who can pick him up?" When I got there, he had a fever of 104 and had broken out in chicken pox.

    I could go on and on, but you get my drift. It seems you management types JUST DON'T GET IT. I have noticed that they (management) BLATANTLY (they don't even make excuses; it's public knowledge) take off all the time they want for (supposed) crises involving their GROWN children, or for any other reason WE (staff RNs) would NEVER get away with. (I have noticed that the grown children of management types always seem to be dysfunctional and unable to cope with routine adult situations; a lot of them are still living at home, well into their 20s...)

    One last comment: There is no such word as "overceeded." The word I believe you were looking for is "exceeded." That's another thing: ever notice that management types, despite their advanced degrees, always seem to make terrible grammar and spelling errors?
  8. by   ryaninmtv
    Our local hospital (which I do not work at) had a full page ad declaring how special nurses are, and they tagged on this line,
    "...after all, it's not just a career, it's a calling."
    I almost regurgitated my breakfast.

    OMG!!! FOFLMAO!!!!!
  9. by   meandragonbrett
    At my hospital they are giving the nurses popcorn and DIET coke. I know one nurse that was asked what she thought about it, she told administration to stick it somewhere. This hospital has almost 2000 beds too

  10. by   Stargazer
    This is so timely. It ain't just nurses, folks. On one of the other BBs I frequent, there is an active topic called "Morale Boosters That Failed Horribly." Posters from every walk of life--retail, corporate, technogeeks--all have the same complaints about managers who attempt to placate their employees with gestures rather than with something they might actually value, like money, respect, or time. Lurid tales abound re: The Mandatory Picnic of 1998, or The Time Management Gave Us Pet Goldfish Instead of Bonuses.

    As one poster put it, "Give me money. Give me comp time. Or leave me the hell alone."
  11. by   prn nurse
    In our hospital, for Nurses' Week, they came around with a cart and gave us each an ice cream flavor, vanilla.
    Bet you're all envious!
  12. by   Q.
    Nurse's Day came and went at my employer without a peep. The silence was deafening.

    But... my fellow nurses and I enjoyed a delicious catered lunch from Olive Garden that we bought and coordinated ourselves, and my husband sent me a bouquet of flowers.

    For secretaries day a couple weeks ago the clinic went out and had a full lunch catered for all the receptionists.

    I don't get it.
  13. by   NancyRN
    Cake...we got cake. In the cafeteria. As if we had time to go get it!