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So, with nurses week coming up, I was fondly remembering all the neat swag my employer has offered me as a token of their appreciation. Over the last four years as a nurse I have received - A... Read More

  1. by   CseMgr1
    At one hospital I worked at years ago, we got a set of (supposedly nice) glassware with the hospital's logo on it. They lasted about as long as a snowball in hell, for when I brought them home and put them in the dishwaher, every last one of them shattered. You should have seen me picking the glass out of that machine.........#*%$!!
  2. by   CseMgr1
    P.S.---By the way, we were all given a dinky little pedometer by the higher-ups today following a meeting. I clipped it on my purse, and after I had ridden the train 20 miles and drove the remaining 35 miles home, it said I had burned 40 calories and had walked 4 miles (that'll be the day!).
  3. by   gizzy76
    Last year, the hospital I was doing my practicum at didn't get the staff anything, but the doctors brought loads of candy and goodies for the nurses and left it in a drawer for "snacking on". I thought that was a terribly nice gesture. It's not often that I've heard of doctors really thanking their nursing counterparts!
  4. by   ernurse728
    One year we got nail clippers....need I say more!
  5. by   CapeCodMermaid
    One year we all got tote bags, water bottles, and beach towels with the company logo. I held mine up and told my boss, "the next time I call out to go to the beach...I'll hold up my towel and you can consider it marketing."
  6. by   Euskadi1946
    The Nurses at the facility where I work were quite lucky this year.
    Administration treated us to a lovely dinner in the cafeteria and gave us a bag full of goodies with a coupon for a movie rental. Our department manager gave us a lovely little note pad holder with lots of notes and some very nice pens.
  7. by   cab631
    At my hospital we have received portable fold up carry-around chairs, great umbrellas, duffle bag totes, lunch bags to name a few. Plus the administration serves the nurses breakfast twice during the week, at our stations, and we have a reception with cake and awards, free pizzas delivered to our nurse's stations, plus drawings for things like Mary Kay, movie tickets, free CEUs, free attendance at seminars of interest. They really treat us pretty well that way. Of course, we still have short staffing, no lunch breaks at times, etc... But overall, they treat us pretty well.
    I think it has EVERYTHING to do with the nurses who are administrators.
  8. by   pwp1289
    we have weeklong festivities-award ceremony,heroes delivered to the units,50/50 raffle etc--usually very nice but this years "week" was postponed til sept due to the untimely accidental death of one of our popular nurses-no one was in the mood to celebrate anything!
  9. by   LoriAlabamaRN
    With nurse's week coming up again, I thought I'd see what "loot" of the cheapo variety has been given out before... I once got a coupon for a free lunch at the cafeteria... which is not open during night shift. Can ya see how much thought went into that one?

    This year, all I know so far is that for one of our lovely gifts, we have the opportunity to purchase Tshirts with our facility logo on it AT COST... OOOOOOOOOHHH!!! So instead of $12.00 it is only $8.16!!! *faints with delerious gratitude*
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  10. by   nightnurse47
    Last Year we got a gold colored key chain with a star on it. Color wore off and chain broke with 2 weeks.
  11. by   weekend warrior
    It's nurses week???? I heard something about that in our hospital weekly flyer .
    That was about it. I'd take even a free pen, which I think they should be providing.
  12. by   DusktilDawn
    Quote from Elle Driver
    It's nurses week???? I heard something about that in our hospital weekly flyer .
    That was about it. I'd take even a free pen, which I think they should be providing.
    Just curious if anyone knows the answer: what is up with hospitals not providing pens for staff, especially nurses when documentation is of the utmost importance?

    I've noticed this in Canada and the US where hospitals are concerned. I've been nursing for 14 years and have always had to supply my own pens.
  13. by   Tony35NYC
    Last year they gave out scrub shirts with the nurses' week logo and slogan on it. Considering the pitiful and pathetic gifts I've heard were given out to the nurses here in previous years I very surprised at the high quality of the shirts, but that pales in comparison to the expensive bash they're putting together for Physician's Day.