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I keep reading all the messages posted by everyone in this forum and I have to just keep asking myself... how much of the nursing shortage problems are being caused by nurses themselves?? I feel... Read More

  1. by   bonster
    THANK YOU, Tim. I am going to be starting the nursing program in January and I have been coming to this site just to become familiar with nursing in general.
    I am dismayed at the level of arrogance I have seen by nurses at times and have questioned my choice to go farther with my career decision! I have to admit that I am new to the arena of nursing, and maybe the arrogance is somehow justifiable, but it makes it look like an ugly profession rather than what I was seeking which was an environment of caring, nuturing helpers. Am I naive for thinking such a thing?
  2. by   P_RN
    Bonster did I hear you say that you see arrogance on here?

    Or did you mean in the "real world" when you tell folks you are going to nursing school they give you an attitude?

  3. by   bonster
    Unfortunately.. many posts from here.

    When I began coming to this site, I expected to see nurses helping nurses with issues, or things they have never encountered on the job, support & encouragement. I have seen a good bit of arrogance. It makes me second guess my career choice because I would hate to encounter this type of attitude on a daily basis while I was trying to administer care to those in need. It would really mess me up. It's 2 opposing attitudes.
    I would love for you all to tell me that the nursing profession is peaceful and non-competitive nor back-stabbing and that most nurses don't feel they are loads smarter than other humans. Those are the things that would encourage me to go on with my goals and join the ranks of nursing.


  4. by   Doey
    The nurses on this BB do offer support on a professional level as well as a personal one. If anyone writes in with a clinical question re: meds, patient care, physiology, new procedures etc, someone is always out there to offer assistance. I'm not quite sure where you are seeing arrogance. But you have to realize that first and foremost we are human beings. Nursing is our profession. Nursing is not peaceful, it can be competitive and there can be backstabbing. Just like in any other profession. That's because nursing is made up of people, not saints. And people can be competitive and backstabbing. I think sometimes it is felt that because nursing is seen as a caring profession, we care for patients physically and emotionally as well as their families, we help people, we save lives, that we are all like this all the time 24/7. Not so. We are human just like everyone else. Caring and giving constantly, seeing tragedy and suffering constantly plus dealing with the ever present politics involved, expecting nursing to continually give in to everyone else (you know, if no one can do blank blank we'll give it to nursing to do and make it their resposibility) and abuses that nursing suffers from management, patients, families, physicians, alone all wear on you. If something doesn't get done or it doesn't get done correctly or in a timely fashion, it's nursings fault no matter who did it. We are not bottomless pits of caring. When someone gives out continually they need to get something back in order to keep giving and caring. So nurses come to this BB to vent to each other. To fellow nurses who understand exactly what we're talking about. We come here to help "refill" ourselves so we can give. As I said I don't know where you are seeing the arrogance, but then again I haven't read every single post on here and perhaps I interpret some of the postings differently because I am a nurse and I can relate to what is being said. But please don't feel that nurses or nursing feels superior but do realize that we are human and have the same emotions and thoughts as everyone else in the world.
  5. by   MaineNurse67
    Bonster... as you can see by my posts, I do agree with you... but as I have learned from my experience here... you do have to look at both sides... enough said?

    Take these experiences here and learn from them. If you are treated a certain way... learn from it... don't ever treat anyone else that way. If you hear things that are negative... learn from it... maintain a positive attitude... positive attitudes always win out.

    Just keep in mind, that no matter what anyone else says... it is all in the attitude. (My favorite saying)

    Good luck...

  6. by   bonster
    I'm learning, I'm learning.

    Thanks for your help.

  7. by   MaineNurse67

    Things could have gotten real ugly!

    I know from experience!

    Good luck, Bonster... I am sure you will make a fine nurse!

    Take care...

    Peace... Tim
  8. by   RN4peds
    Let's see. A nurse can be a LPN, RN, RN with BSN, or RN with MSN, etc. It's no wonder that nursing is not seen positively. Our expectation of what is considered competent varies. Many nurses tend to blame "management" for their problems. Instead of blaming, take a look at yourself in why you are not happy and continue to stay in that situation. Ask your self the following questions: Are you providing constructive input or are you whining (which is what I'm hearing here)? Are you happy with yourself? I find that most of the time nurses criticize when they are not. These nurses usually don't take care of themselves; overweight/obese, high dysfunction at home, and undereducated or close-minded individuals. I would like to nursing to be seen as true professionals and to do this we must start by expecting more educationally by having a minimum standard of a 4-year degree (with clinical/didatic covered thoroughly). Why should we expect less? Would we of physicians?

    I realize this BB is for venting, but please enought whining and be proactive.
  9. by   rdhdnrs
    Hi Tim,
    You have given us all a great deal to think about, and we welcome you. You sound like a thoughtful and insightful manager and I wish there were more of you!!
    As one of the members said, we're tired, we're worn out and many times it seems that no one in management cares or listens. I'm glad you are one who does.
  10. by   rjlrn95
    We can all talk/write until we're blue in the face and this guy Tim is not going to "get It". Too uptight and too mngmt already.
  11. by   rjlrn95
    I must quickly retract that last post, Tim is getting it!!!!
    This is a great place for support, venting and just whining some days. As for bonster, well, every field of work is full of back stabbing, etc........... But this is the only I've been happy in and want to keep doing.

    Kudo's to Slicone as well, don't let the world change you.
  12. by   P_RN
    Oh gosh I hate to say this...but RN4peds......are you a new RN or have you been out in the world awhile? I welcome you to this board.

    We don't need to get into another round of internal fighting about degrees.

    I don't see this at all as a discussion of competence based on "degree."

    What the initial discussion was (IMHO) was the stating of conditions in the profession that are becoming more and more unreasonable.

    Read this as bitc*ing or whatever, but how could SO MANY nurses from SO MANY different places and units all find they share the same conditions shown towards them?
  13. by   frustratedRN
    we DO help each other and we DO support each other. and we do vent.
    if there is arrogance here i dont see it...and if im guilty i dont mean to be.

    bonster do you really expect us to tell you those lies?
    you get the same kinds of attitudes in any job you take. the same "kinds" of people work everywhere.
    it doesnt matter what profession you choose, you will encounter them.

    the whole bsn/adn/diploma thing is retarded.
    if the bsn's think they are better nurses than the adns and the adns think they are better than the diplomas....all based on education, thats kinda short sighted.
    credit is given for life experience. not everything you learn is in a book.

    maybe entry level SHOULD be bsn but its not so just get over it.
    im an going to get my bsn to satisfy MYSELF. will it make me a better nurse? maybe, maybe not.

    im so tired of competition, especially on our unit. im not competing with anyone. im just doing what im supposed to and trying to learn the best way to help my patients.
    as far as im concerned anyone who wants to be queen nurse has my blessings.

    was that arrogant?