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I keep reading all the messages posted by everyone in this forum and I have to just keep asking myself... how much of the nursing shortage problems are being caused by nurses themselves?? I feel... Read More

  1. by   frustratedRN
    tim...and i just have to ask...what do you think of YOUR superiors?
    just curious and wondering if it goes on all the way to the top.
  2. by   MaineNurse67
    Sadly, I get along well with my superiors... sure they do things that I don't always agree with, but I do try to see their side. I am fortunate to be able to speak my mind and be listened to... in this job, anyways. In my previous job as DON, I worked for a total idiot... that would be why I am not working there any longer. He and I NEVER saw eye to eye... his opinion of the staff was "they will work for a price" and "we will NOT hire agency staff"... no matter how I begged, he would not budge... even when my staff were burned out and injured.... that part I could not tolerate... so I left. Now, I have a much more supportive upper management, who listen and support my ideas. I am well aware this is not true everywhere... so I know I am lucky.

    And... a small reply for P_RN... I laughed when I read your last post... thank you. You were right, I do like it here... and have been checking out other posts and even replying! Appropriately, I must add... and with a VERY open mind.

    Thanks to all... Have a great weekend... TGIF!!!!
  3. by   craff1
    Well, I don't know if Tim's still reading, but I for one am glad that you are all here and are so honest about the day to day grind. I am waiting to get into the RN/BSN program and the things I read here do concern me as far as dealing with the "eat the young" type nurses who await me on my rotations and first job. However, I am encouraged by the many helpful and supportive nurses I read here. You go to bat for people and help them know when to negotiate, and when to get the hell out of dodge. You give us information to help us succeed in our classes and our careers. You've given us a place to meet other student nurses, and you've provided mentorship. I am not scared away from the profession because of "negative" things I read here, I am better prepared to face the real world upon graduation. Tim is off base and out of line for the caustic second post. If someone visits my house and starts being rude to me I ask them to leave. Why does he think he can drop in on this BB and criticize what happens here. When a new person starts a job do they come in and start trying to change everything immediately? (Yes, if they are MANAGEMENT trying to make their mark by sitting behind their mahogony desks spending their time dreaming up ways to make other peoples' lives miserable.) I have never been a company "yes" man, and I never will be. I support the unions of this country and the blue collar workers who make the world go around. Tim may think he's a good manager, but he could use some brushing up on his tact and diplomacy.

    Gotta say it like it is sometimes.
  4. by   nur20
    originally posted by realnursealso/lpn
    this is the place for nurses to come and vent when they have had a bad day. we all encourage and support each other here. i will make no apologies for myself or other nurses who come here to get it off their chests. we disagree here alot, but when tragedy strikes one of our own we rally round them, as we all have around our collegues from nyc and washington,dc. it is a far better thing to come here and tell it to another nurse than to take it out on a patient or our families. so sorry, but this bulletin board serves it's purpose and serves it well.
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  5. by   Nebby Nurse
    I work with a guy who was once one of my peers. He was a lousy nurse without an ounce of compassion. He was and is a butt-kisser and snitched his way into a supervisor position and is now my boss. He speaks in terms of "us" meaning administration and "you cry-babies" meaning the nurses. He has completely forgotten the hardships and daily humiliations of being a staff nurse. He sits at the nurses station with his feet on the counter and hands behind his head watching us go nuts with an overwhelming workload with never an offer to help. We call him "Golden Boy". Tim, I'm not suggesting that you are like the above mentioned guy. If you aren't listening to your staff, if you have separated yourself from their needs and concerns it might be a good time to come down to their level. Take a BP once in a while, call a doctor. Lend a hand!
  6. by   Jenny P
    Nebby Nurse, there are good managers and bad managers, just as there are good nurses and bad nurses. I've had plenty of each of those in my many years of nursing. I've had the most exceptional nurse-manager-leader-mentor not just once; but twice in my career (at different hospitals!); and I've had the nerdyest "Manager" you've ever seen. I know that if someone is out on the floors, they probably fall into the better manager catagory.
    Tim, I've read all the way through this whole thread, and I'm still trying to figure out where the heck you were coming from on your second posting here? If you were female, I'd chalk it up to PMS (sorry, girls, but there are times when some of us do become totally illogical ).
    In the grand scheme of things; yes, we DO hurt ourselves when we b*@#$@ and complain about nursing and portray all of the negative aspects of it. But people come here and vent, and we do so feeling very safe here because we think that we are only being read and understood by only those in this profession. However, anyone can come here and read these postings and that has made me stop and think about what and how I say things here. We are nurses, and we look to our peers for support and encouragement here; but there are others that have access to this site too.
  7. by   MaineNurse67
    Hey, maybe it WAS PMS! Am I not entitled to a bad day?? Geesh. Anyways... I am a great manager... I promise. To those of you who have responded negatively to this posting... you obviously have not read it all the way through. Read my other postings, too... I am not a bad guy.

    For those of you who feel the need to know this... on Saturday, my wife took the day off from work because we had plans... I got a call at 6am that the day supervisor had called out sick... well, guess what?? I was in there within the hour... helping out on the floor, passing trays at mealtimes, passing meds, etc. That is the way I am... sorry... And do you think that anyone cared that it was my sixth day straight? No. Do you think anyone said "Thank You"? No. Do you think that anyone cared that I am salaried and was not even getting paid for being there? No. But, I was there just the same, helping out in what ever way I could. I am NOT one who sits back and lets everyone else do the work. I am out there on the floor daily. I am certainly not "above" lending a hand where it is needed. I spend a lot of time with residents and enjoy doing so. I view that as one of the major "percs" of my job! Trust me, I am not the "typical" manager. I am told that time and time again by co-workers. So, I really have nothing to apologize for... like I said in an earlier posting, none of you REALLY know me...

    Cut me some slack, would ya? I am NOT the monster that some of you would like to portray me as...

    Have a great day.... Tim
  8. by   Thunderkat
    I cannot think of anything to say, because Silicone's reply was very well said!!!!!

    Welcome to the jungle. For the record, I cannot think of anything I would rather be..... I love Nursing, despite all of the ups and downs.....there are days where I would rather flip hamburgers, but then there are days where I make a difference that make me glad I am who I am
  9. by   MaineNurse67
    I have to agree... Silicone does rock...

    Don't tell... but she is my favorite responder, thus far. Not to mention that she took all that time to write out such an elaborate response.

    And, with a name like that... who could complain??

    You guys are a wonderful bunch... I appreciate (most) of you for your honesty and integrity. I am truly enjoying these boards. Although, I am finding myself getting addicted!!

    Good night all!

  10. by   OneChattyNurse
    First...I must say that this thread is one of the best I have read.
    Second...Silicone DEFINATELY rocks!!! You will be a great nurse. Talk about attention to detail!!! I was not sure how to take Tim in the begining either. However after reading the whole thread, I think he is all right!! It is rare that you find a DON that cares about anything, let alone being a nurse. It seems that all too often a management position is viewed as their ticket off the floor. It is refreshing to see/read a DON's perspective. I am looking forward to hearing from you more in the future. Hopefully we can all learn some new and innovative perspectives...afterall...that is one of the purposes of this site. I still think that the whining and complaining is the best reason for this site though!!! (sorry Tim!!) I have by far been here the longest...but it has become one of my daily stops on the WWW and one where I tend to spend alot of time!!! Again, welcome Tim!

    Thanks to all of you for the GREAT conversation!!!

  11. by   NRSKarenRN

    Glad you found us, post away. Couldn't have answered you better than Silicone ( Welcome Too!). Seems to me that you are HEARING what is being said by staff folks.....very much MISSING in 99% managers.

    This site is very addicting...2 hrs my average daily visit. Husband threating to take away my internet privileges so I can complete overdue college paper. LOL

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  12. by   eventsnyc
    As a student, I want to know both the positive and the negative parts of what to come in this profession. The BB members are very helpful & never selfish when it comes to sharing their knowledge.

    I joined this BB in January this year, as a junior member of course. I was not once being wrongly treated just because I was a newbie. I received friendly and helful answers to my questions that I would not have received from any where else.

    It's wrong to think that nurses should only talk about how good this profession is. That'd be deceiving. Nurses come here to write about what is "real" at work & in their lives. All valuable info.

    To be honest, it is scary for this future newbie to read about how nurses eat their young. But on this board we get also the chance to read about how some youngs do things that make the experienced nurses want to bite.

    This board offers me the opportunity to see things from both sides. Like many on this board, I intend to obtain a higher education after RN. But what I am learning on this board is something I may never learn from my school books: To take good care of the nurses is good business. Long term. Nurses need lots of cooperation from the mgts so they can concentrate on doing what they want to do most & what they can do best: to care for the patients. And if the new economy wants to classify patients as customers, it makes even more sense to take better care of the nurses who are so directly involved in the well being of the customers.

    Tim, Welcome to the board. It looks like the intentions of the posters are to clarify, not meant to attack you as a person. Keep posting.

    Best wishes,

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  13. by   MaineNurse67
    Thanks, Christina...

    I will keep posting...

    I have grown quite addicted to the folks on here!

    Peace.... Tim