Nurses On Amphetamines.. What do you think about this???

  1. I have an interesting thought that crossed my mind for some crazy reason.... Whatcha Think of this......

    In our community there is a weight loss clinic that has literally hundreds of people who go there.
    Been around for 20 years!!!

    This clinic is doctor supervised, and the person is monitored medically and gets labs done through out. The person can go here and the doctor will see the patient on every fourth visit, ( once a month) You see, the patient goes once a week to be weighed and pick up the prescription of amphetamine, ( type and dose varies according to patient) This clinic gives out only 7 pills at a time, so the patient can come back every week for the "checkup and weighing...."

    Ok, here is the deal... This is a popular clinic.... I know many many coworkers from several places who go here. They are technically "under the influence of a controlled substance" but have no problems in job performance or otherwise, ( They claim it gets them through a busy 12 hour shift though.. QUICKLY.. )
    ... I am sure it does....(Hummm...)

    Any one subjected to a random drug test would be cleared on the bases it is legally prescribed by a local doctor.

    Now my thought, what do you think about nurses working under the influence of amphetamines????

    Concern?? or no big deal since it is legal.......

    Thanks for reading.............
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  3. by   fourbirds4me
    Have wondered the same thing for those on Ritalin etc...
  4. by   debralynn
    If they are taking these to lose weight, I don't have a problem with this. What about all the cigs people have to smoke while at work; or the coffee they are addicted to; or the sodas? What about the sugar highs? I am on anti depressants, does that make me questionable?
  5. by   Monica RN,BSN
    No.. Not judging any one, Just a thought ..that's all.. I personally am not against any of this as long as it does not interfer with a person's work capability....

    You are not questionable at all... Many of us ae on some kind of meds, not a bad thing at all

    ..... Just a question To see what others think...
  6. by   passing thru
    What's the name of the diet pills? I could use some speed ing up ! I'll ask our local fat doc to give me a scrip.
  7. by   debralynn
    I didn't mean to sound like such a snot with my comments! Its just I would rather work with someone on diet pills than always having to do a smokers work because they are forever outside taking a "smoke" break!
  8. by   Louie18
    Has anyone worked with anyone on Methadone?
  9. by   VickyRN
    The notorious Ephedra (ephedrine alkaloids--"ma huang") found in Metabolife and scores of other OTC supplements (to relieve asthma and allergy symptoms; increase energy and enhance athletic performance; and, of course, to lose weight) is a METAMPHETAMINE-type substance capable of causing great damage in the body (hypertension, tachycardia, dysrhyrhmias, sudden cardiac death, myocardial infarction, strokes, seizures).
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  10. by   glascow
    As long as the person can perform their job duties and doesn't display any behavioral changes, I don't see a problem.
  11. by   ucandoit
    I am on Adderall(amphetamine hydrochloride) for ADHD, had it since age 8, and it is a little stronger than Ritalin. I really don't see what the big deal is! I have always functioned at my full capability and I think that it makes me more attentive than when I haved missed a dose. I never run into the drug testing problem, because it isn't considered an illegal drug (if you can show proof of a Dr. ordered Prescription), and neither are diet pills if they were prescribed to the person taking them! You would be suprised at the number of people who come to work on something worse than the everyday prescription meds(even if it is amphetamines).
  12. by   night owl
    We have a CNA now who had been steadily going down hill with his job performance. Was an excellant worker then something started to go wrong. He would do all but two residents, then he left three undone. He started to come in an hour late and leave residents udone, then would come in late and have to leave two hours early sleeping the whole time he was there and not touching a resident at all. Now he hasn't been to work for three weeks, no call no show. Everyone that knows him can't get in touch with him, and his family hasn't seen him and have no idea where he is. Prior to getting this job he had come out of heroine drug rehab. I'm not one to judge, but I'd say it affected his job performance. I hope he's ok wherever his is. He was a nice guy when he had it together. It's a shame.
    What happens to those nurses when they're finally done losing their extra weight? No more amphetamines. Then what are they going to do? Go through withdrawal after not having their steady dose of "speed" and then get fat again! Maybe they'll need drug rehab. It's a vicious cycle. Too bad they just couldn't keep their mouths closed to begin with. That stuff is great to lose wt. and increase your job performance, but it doesn't last forever. Eventually they're going to have to face reality. I'd say they are the "unchampions" Vicki...great sig line by the way.
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  13. by   sphinx
    I used to take one of these weight lose drugs. It didn't affect me in any way, in my opinion. It certainly didn't "speed me up", either. When I came off it, I didn't go into withdrawal either. It was a small dose, and I stopped gradually and had no problem. I eventually gained weight, but it was quite a bit later, and was mostly due to other medications I was on that are well known to cause weight gain. I have since lost 100 lbs without any pharmaceutical assistance at in a way, my opinion is neutral in that I don't think it is bad for these nurses to take these diet pills as long as they take them properly and under the guidance of an MD. However, I firmly believe that you can lose weight by eating right and exercising.

    As for a medication like Ritalin and it's bretheren, these meds are given for a condition that can be disabling without them. The ritalin can really help......I've seen it with my son (both my kids have ADD, one has benefitted from meds, one has not). If taken properly it too, should not be a problem, in my opinion.

    While diet drugs and drugs such as ritalin can undeed be abused, it doesn't seem fair to compare the people who take these meds as ordered to someone who is a heroine addict. (just my thoughts on the subject at hand)............
  14. by   night owl
    The need for more is what I'm saying. After awhile, one pill won't cut it, Doc may increase the dose. I've seen this happen to someone dear I worked with. Eventually she had to go to rehab. She became a psychotic mess! She's ok today thank God.

    Sorry, but I wasn't comparing apple to oranges. The CNA was just a story and how drugs affected his work performance, heroine being his drug of choice. Amphetamine use on the other hand can get out of hand if one isn't careful. This nurse went to other doctors and other pharmacies to fill her prescriptions, but the only person she fooled was herself.
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