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I collect antique medical items such as old metal syringes, books, diagnostic equipment, etc. I also collect very old medical journals. I just won this auction on ebay. It's a medical... Read More

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    [QUOTE=showmegirl]Go for it I bet theres more out here that would love to read that than you think I know I do. Now i am going tohave to go on ebay and start looking. But for anyone that has any and would like to donate remember the hospitals around your area love that stuff also or you can show them what you have so they can display it ( in glass cases) we have a hospital here that did that loved walking down that long hall.

    I believe that was deaconess hospital. I used to go there when i was little and just loved to see all the old medical stuff.
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    Quote from Bipley
    I have a book that tells if your son is doing the dirty deed... masturbation.
    Maturbating is a very good way to find out functions, limitations and strengths. I wonder if in a 100 years will males look back and laugh at vibrating contraptions. And a little alkaline is bound to be good for your prostate after passing acidic urine.
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    Quote from Bipley
    All my books with the exception of two are 1800s or earlier.

    I don't know about the Guttenberg project, can you tell me more about it?
    I'd love to! (First, my apologies, I misspelled it - it's Gutenberg) It's a totally free source for public domain books. It's a totally volunteer-run organization that makes *no* money at all off the project except what people donate to them out of kindness. It's a *huge* effort by *lots* of volunteers to put old great books in electronic text format so anyone anywhere can get it and read it for free.

    There's a similar project to do this with great children's books, and I've volunteered for that project as a typist in the past, but that was back in the days before nursing school. I haven't typed any since then! (Wonder why???) I hope to get back into it when I have more time.

    Here's the website:

    And here's how to contact them if you would be willing to share your books, or photocopies of them, with the project:
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    I have enjoyed this thread

    A returning student,

    "Footsteps In The Sand"
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    Yeah, it's a good thread....but I glanced at the above posts and saw posting pics & masturbation. I had to actually read, not skim them then! :chuckle
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    I got one of my ebay gems in the mail today!!!! It's not one of the journals I've been writing about but instead it is some nursing notes on a single patient from 6/16/1889. It doesn't give a dx but it does give ALL nursing notes. I have to admit, I purchased so much stuff over the last few weeks I totally forgot about this one! It does not give a patient name or dx.

    6/16/1889 11:30AM Pulse: 120 Temp: 104.4 Notes: Bathed patient in alcohol, gave douche (vaginal) plain boiled water cooled down to the temp 115, gave powdered Quinine.

    1:30PM Pulse 120 Temp: 103.8 Notes: Gave milk, pt has had some sleep and has been very quiet.

    3:30PM Notes: Gave milk and stimulant

    (Pinned with safety pin to nursing notes) MD orders (Dr. JJ Moore): Give teas every three hours in a warm glass of water. Give the capsules at the same time.

    4:00PM Casules with meals, passed urine, gave milk.

    6:00PM Pulse: 120 Temp: 103.8 Gave milk.

    7:00PM Gave milk.

    9:00PM Gave capsules

    12:00AM Gave capsules and milk, gave douche and enema, good results.

    1:30AM Gave milk and stimulant.

    3:00AM (can't read, pencil writing is too light)

    4:00AM Pulse 130 Temp 104.2 Resp 36 Notes: Gave capsules, alcohol bath, skin feels cooler, moist.

    4:30AM Pulse 120

    5:00AM Rubbed breasts with liniment, drew off about (???) by breast pump, gave milk, fed baby. (Yikes)

    6:30AM Pulse 120 Temp: 104.8 Resp 36 Gave quieting powder and stimulant

    9:00AM Pulse 120 Temp 104.6 Notes: Gave 4 capsules and milk. Gave stimulant. Pt slept quietly for 1 1/2 hours after douche. Appears better, pulse not too quick, gave 1 quieting powder.


    Nothing until 12AM Pulse 120 Temp 104.6 Notes: Gave 2 capsules medicine, pt has slept for 2 hours.

    3AM Gave milk and stimulant, passed urine dark with strong odor. Gave more milk.

    4:30AM Pulse 120 Temp 103.6 Notes: Gave milk and Whiskey

    8:30AM Gave milk, bathed and rubbed with alcohol, gave two capsules, patient seems much better, no odor to flow, used douche of hot water.

    12:30PM Pulse 114 Temp 103.4 Gave milk and Whiskey

    3:15PM Notes: Milk and Whiskey

    3:30PM Notes: Patient vomited yellow fluid and curdled milk

    4:40PM Notes: Gave capsules and vaginal douche

    5:30PM Patient has vomited 5 times, greenish yellow fluid, gave Whiskey in water. 15 minutes after milk. Vomited after about 20 minutes. (geez, I wonder why?)

    Next page is more of the same, each time the patient was given milk and whiskey she would vomit, pulse down to 80, temp 96.

    Next day she was given more milk and whiskey, breasts pumped with breast pump, baby fed.

    Patient ended up eating milk toast and champagne. She was given champagne instead of Whiskey and didn't vomit anymore.

    This patient record is about the size of a check book. One page per day. Nurse had to write quite small to fit it on the page. It doesn't appear that the patient received her "capsules" every three hours as directed unless the nurse just didn't document it.

    Once her temp stayed at 98.6 or lower for 24 hours she was permitted to nurse her baby without the breast pump. Food increased to broiled steak and tea for lunch and dinner, poached eggs and tea for breakfast. Daily. Pt was weak but able to sleep, keeping Champagne and milk down, feeding her baby, eating well. She no longer needed 24 hour nursing after 6/25/1889.

    Something else interesting, it never says what the capsules are, just that the nurse should give them q3h. Everything by the doc is written out, no abbreviations but the nurse uses measurement abbreviations only.

    One other issue, it would appear the same nurse is caring for the patient 24/7, the handwriting is the same person for the full 9 days. Day and night. Wow.

    I have a cook book from 1886 and it is quite clear, if you don't have enough money for your food purchases then buy plenty of milk before buying meat. Milk is more important. A quart for each adult and a pint for each child daily. With leftover money buy meat. These nursing notes tend to show that was indeed the thinking.

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    ....and the thought process that "Cleanliness is next to Godliness"....poor girl had enough enemas and douches to last a lifetime. :chuckle

    Milk and Whiskey? .... No wonder she vomited curdled milk....OTHER THAN BECAUSE OF THE HIGH FEVER!

    I'm sure years from now, people will look back and laugh at our thinking, but man....this is too funny!

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Quote from Bipley
    I collect antique medical items such as old metal syringes, books, diagnostic equipment, etc. I also collect very old medical journals.

    I just won this auction on ebay. It's a medical journal from the late 1800's where a doc is apparently complaining that nurses made too much money.

    Question for staff... since this medical journal is well over 100 years old can I post the contents when I receive it?

    I just had to laugh, they've been complaining about this for over 100 years. You'd think they'd have a clue by now. :spin:

    Assuming staff are okay with my posting the article (can't be copyright issues now, can there??) is anyone interested? If folks aren't interested I don't want to take the time to copy/type.

    I also won another auction for a medical journal where it said that OB nurses were "stupid" and needed more training. Well, perhaps if they would have taught them more than how to make "oatmeal" while in school, they would have been better prepared to deliver babies!

    Some docs just don't get a lot smarter with time.
    :chuckle I read this title and thought, 'has this person lost their mind???' Lol....I need to go check out eBay for these items...that sounds so interesting. Thanks. :hatparty:
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    the story is too long to tell but when I was 14, I drank a glass of milk and whiskey - OMG, it was awful!!! yup, the milk is curdled when it comes back up!!!!! I'm all interested and going to look on e-bay for old medical stuff-sounds interesting - that old stuff is way too neat

    Canadian nurses, back me up on this - in Calgary Alberta Canada, there is a place called "Heritage Park" - it's old historical houses and businesses and such all put in one place - way cool to see - it has an old hospital to see and tour and the tour guide is dressed as a nurse from the 1800's or so - there are old instruments and equipment and a room set up with a guy in bed in Buck's traction (still looks the same) - they have a register that you are only allowed to sign if you are a nurse - I was the only one in our tour group of about 20 people or so! also, because I was a nurse, the tour guide let me go into the room and pretend to be doing something to the guy (actually a mannequin) in Buck's (the rooms were for looking in from the door only - they had ropes across to keep people out) - my husband took a picture - pretty funny!!

    also, one of my journals that I get have pictures in them from the Burns Collection (don't know if that's the right name) to illustrate the explanation of some disease or treatment from the past - the pictures really bring to life what is being discussed - the picture of the guy with full blown smallpox was just awful!!! has anyone else heard of/seen pictures from this collection? some of the stuff pictured just looks kooky although it was what was considered cutting edge at the time - can you imagine what people are going to think of pictures from now in 100 years or so??
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    Quote from MamaTheNurse
    can you imagine what people are going to think of pictures from now in 100 years or so??

    Yep..... "They got WHAT and stuck it WHERE?" :chuckle :chuckle

    Your story about the old hospital is really neat. There is a park in Dallas, Texas that has a reinactment of Pioneer days. It was really neat going there in a fieldtrip in elementary school.
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    Interesting post about Heritage Park in Canada, maybe I'll have to go there instead of Victoria for my summer trip north. Will just have to do a little research on touristy things in Calgary
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    Thanks for sharing that with us, Bipley! That was very interesting. Do you know what region the notes are from in addition to the time? And if it was home care as opposed to hospital, which I assumed from the 24-hour care for 9 days by same person?

    God save us all from douches. Oy.
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    Quote from ByTheLake

    God save us all from douches. Oy.
    I can't believe, with what we know now, that you can still buy douches in stores.............

    don't groan, but I remember as a kid in the '70s, finding my mom's rubber douche bag in a box tucked way back in the bathroom linen closet and actually having the guts to ask her what it was - I don't think I've ever seen her face as red as it was that day that she (sorta kinda) explained what is was for - poor mum!!

    gotta run and check out the e-bay listings.....................:hatparty: