Nurses are heros

  1. Wow guys. Anyone see Jag tonight (Tuesday)? The very beginning of it started with a young girl sitting on a grave at a military cemetery. An older man walks up and ask "Do you know that you are sitting on the grave of a hero?" Their conversation continues and the hero is a Navy nurse. And the older gentleman says something to the affect that all of them (the soldiers) are heros, especially the nurses. TOO COOL. Anyway going to finish watching the show. Will update you later if the show is any good.
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  3. by   atownsendrn
    Great show. It really did a good job at honoring nurses. Tell us about your nurse hero.
  4. by   Gator,SN
    My nurse hero is my mom! SHe was a CCU nurse for 30years. Ever since I was little, we cannot go anywhere, people stop and thank her for treating them or a loved one with such TLC. \
    SHe is a pretty special mom too! I can only hope to gain as much knowledge and respect as her. I worked in CSS at the same hospital and her co workers and friends would always stop me and tell me what a great nurse she is. When I started nursing school, one of the cardiologists said to me, "you have very big shoes to fill and an excellent example to follow!"

    yep she's my hero!

  5. by   Agnus
    My big sister. Among other virtues she has NEVER been afraid to advocate for other nurses. Nursing brought the very best out in her.
  6. by   pickledpepperRN
    Almost all nurses are heros to me.
    Too many to name. This thread may get me started sometime.
  7. by   oramar
    That show was a repeat. I missed it last time it was on and was so glad I caught it last night. I went around feeling good for the rest of the evening.
  8. by   nursenoelle
    Sorry I missed it. Does anybody remember the scene in Patch Adams when he gives this powerful speech, and said something like " and for the nurses-who wade through blood and **** all day.." anyway he goes on about how nurses rock. Made me wanna salute the TV.
  9. by   purplemania
    Mine is an black RN who was graduated from a BSN program many years ago when VERY FEW blacks were in that school. She is smart and a great teacher. She precepted me years ago and I have never forgotten her manner and methods of practice. A great role model.
  10. by   live4today
    Who's my greatest nurse hero? ME of course. If I don't think I'm the greatest, who will? Thinking I'm the greatest nurse hero makes me focus on being the greatest nurse hero. Other people's opinions of how I am as a nurse are great to hear, but it's more important for me to believe I am that wonderfully great nurse. If I don't see myself as a great nurse hero, I should be thinking........why not???......and what can I do to arrive at that level of nursing?
  11. by   ggfifirn05
    I had missed that episode the first time too, so I was thrilled I finally got to see it last night. I was in tears by the end of the show, and feel so proud that I will member of that magnificent group in a few years. I haven't felt this sense of belonging since before my husband retired from the Navy.

    I've never known a nurse personally, but I've been hospitalized a number of times in my life, and each time, there was a nurse (or two or three) who calmed my fears and made me feel well again. That caring and nurturing had a big impact on my life, and I'm so excited that I've finally decided that's what I want to be when I grow up...and I'm 47 years old! Nurses are definitely my heros!
  12. by   mark_LD_RN
    besides my self
    my nurses heros would be 3 of my instructors from college. they are great examples of what nurses should be. never back down from anything or anyone when it comes to being a patient advocate! i work everyday just to be like them