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  1. by   lee1
    Also be careful what state you work in. For example in NJ there is state mandated protection for ICUs, telemtry, pediatrics but nothing for med/surg
    Telemtry in NJ is 1Rn:6pt at max any shift
    ICU adult can be up to 1:3
    At every shift though acuity must be accounted for by state regs. Problem is that hospitals have a terrible record on how to account for acuity
  2. by   Nemhain
    The first place I did my Med/Surg clinicals (i'm still a student) the day shift had 4:1 about 70% of the time and 3:1 30% of the joke...and they even had 1 CNA for every 12 pts. The nurses do have to start their own IVs now (the hospital just took the IV team away). Guess what? The yearly employee turnover rate is about 4%. They don't need travel nurses 'cause every nursing position is filled. See what happens when nurses have good working conditions?
  3. by   DutchgirlRN
    Quote from Loribabble
    Limited stay / observation (med-surg, no tele)
    Nocs=max 4:1 but usually 2-3:1
    with a MA until 2300
    Wow that sounds like music to my ears. Acute Med/Surg Telemetry floor 6:1 :angryfire on days and 7:1 on nights.
  4. by   busyrninva
    WOW ! That is SO unbelievable ! It must be great practicing nursing there. Are they (hospital) not-for-profit?